At Risk Yoga Poses for the SI Joint

I have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the bodies of our 50+ aged Yoga students.  How?  Because I produce Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga DVDs and videos and I keep track of who is buying and viewing certain topic areas.  So, see if you can guess which Gentle Yoga Therapy DVD by Justine is the most popular?  Think it might be her Low Back DVD? Her Hips/Knees DVD? Nope!  It is her SI Joint DVD!

All these DVDs are included streaming in our YogaJP.TV Library!
So, that means people are experiencing pain or issues in this area of their body and they are looking for ways that Yoga can help.

Did you know that some of the most common Yoga poses can be the most risky for those with SI Joint problems? Want to know which ones?  Learn what standing Yoga poses you should avoid when the SI Joint is flared up and why certain seated poses can be the most detrimental of all.

At Risk Yoga Poses for the SI Joint with Justine Shelton, Viniyoga Therapist