FastTrack Mentor Program


The number one question we get about our Certification programs is …
“Is there a timeframe to start and a deadline to complete?”

Our online courses, workshops and certification programs were created to fit into your life! That means they are self-paced… start, stop, begin again. Take 2 months or two years! Remember the process of learning should not be rushed. Breathe, enjoy, embrace! But, if you want to “Get ‘er Done!”, then you might want to consider our FastTrack Mentor Program.


Our FastTrack Mentor Program is a one-on-one relationship with an Academy-Certified Yoga Teacher who will assist you in completing your Online certification in a virtual group setting. Our goal is to empower you with structure, support and accountability to put you on the FAST TRACK to completion of the course within six months. You will be on a virtual team with other teachers so that you can support each other towards your common goal!

You will be given the tools and guidance you need to successfully finish the course with the help of your Mentor. Your Mentor will help hold you accountable to yourself and your goals of completion.


Open to anyone who is currently enrolled in our Online Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Programs! (Get ‘er done!)


  • Course Syllabus with suggested monthly assignments and homework to help you reach your completion goal!
  • Bi-weekly (every two weeks) check in
  • Email access to your Mentor
  • Private Facebook Group page
  • Coursework Tips and Strategies
  • Final Teachback guidance and preparation tips
  • Monthly group calls
  • Access to the “Ask the Expert” Academy resource
  • BONUS Gift! upon Graduation!


Pittas – goal-setters and over-achievers who want to set a date for completion so you are motivated forward.
Vatas – those easily distracted by creative ideas and a variety of life events who may need more structure and accountability around your coursework
Kaphas – who are slow, thoughtful movers may need some help to “light a fire of motivation” toward completion of the course.

FastTrack Mentor Program

Accelerated Program to Graduation! Connecting in Cyberland!

Get Connected in Cyberland with other Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers from around the World!

June 15, 2018 – November 15, 2018

Meet Gerry Hurtig, Your Mentor Teacher

“Karma” introduced me to yoga or perhaps it was yoga to me. While sitting at a café in 2012 with my wife at the gym, we were talking about ways to help reduce my stress brought on by the daily demands of the corporate world. Literally, as I glanced over my shoulder I saw a sign advertising a yoga basics class starting later in the week. I signed up immediately and never looked back as I found my life changing into something bigger and deeper than I had known. I went on to deepen my practice thru reading and by attending workshops and regular classes. Looking for even more and a way to spread my knowledge to others, I became certified to teach in 2016 by graduating from 200-hour teacher training and immediately was hired as a teacher.

I furthered my teacher training later in 2016 and received my Chair Yoga Certification. I have been teaching to all age groups, but have a special focus on the 50+ community where I have the honor of meeting so many new friends as I share my passion of yoga with them. My journey continues with my personal belief that “we get to ourselves thru ourselves.

Benefits of the Mentor – Teacher Program

  • Complete course within 5-6 months
  • Feel connected to a community of Yoga Teachers that share your passion
  • Receive encouragement, support when you get stuck or off track
  • Access to Academy Staff and Teachers
  • Discuss challenges and/or brainstorm ideas in your Checkin Sessions


Judy R., Inverness, Illinois, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

I do love the course materials, You Tubes, newsletters, etc. but somehow I became, in Corey’s nice word, “stalled.” A few days after Corey emailed me, I finished the section on the spine and took the tests. Thank you for creating the mentor/cheerleader position. I feel I’m not alone now.

Renay Bayer, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

Your occasional personal emails were great for staying motivated and finishing the course. If you didn’t send me that final email checking in to see how I was and letting me know how close I was to finishing (just needed the final teach back), I would still have it hanging over my head. Your personal touch made it much more than an impersonal online course for yoga.

Rebecca Layne, Incline Village, Nevada, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I want to thank you for offering the mentoring program. I don’t know if I ever would have finished my program without the motivation, deadlines, and help offered in the program. I’m going to start by offering free classes at some of the homes and senior centers until I feel comfortable with this population.

Vicky Welch, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

Thanks so much for everything. You don’t know what this program has done for my self confidence. I am so motivated working with the seniors and I just keep learning more. My gratitude also to Justine and Viki for all of their cheerleading and kind words.

Susan Rowan, Ontario, Canada

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

The mentoring program was truly a stroke of genius. I doubt I would have finished the course without it. The idea of online courses is great but personally I love live, in person learning (probably a factor of age!) The online learning is dry and isolating so the mentoring gave it back the human connection that was so special.

Lynda Sandoval, Fredonia, New York, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

But even after enrolling in the course, the task seemed daunting. Enter Corey Stiles, professional mentor extraordinaire and all around amazing woman. Because of her and Sherry’s unwavering positive encouragement during the Fast Track Mentor Program, never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself for awhile, I was not only able to complete the course, I developed a level of confidence with designing classes and teaching seniors that I truly hadn’t expected.

Joanne Puglia, Florida, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I want to let you know that I think Victoria is wonderful. I feel her energy through the screen. She is a motivator for sure.

Gerry Hurtig, Parrish, Florida, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher

I am so very happy and honored to be a part of Yoga Vista Academy and to be able to help others along their journey. I certainly would not have guessed when I first starting following the two of you and then taking classes thru certifications that I am doing what I am doing now… being an Academy Mentor Teacher!

Corey Stiles, Denver, Colorado, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Mentor
Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I’ve been a life coach for nearly 20 years. The mentoring through YVA is among the most rewarding coaching I’ve ever done. It’s incredibly inspiring to encourage aspiring chair yoga teachers to help them discover the strength, the creativity and the confidence of the teacher voice inside. The mentor program in combination with the online course provide a solid structure that delivers strong, capable teachers.

Gerry Hurtig, Parrish, Florida, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Mentor
Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher

I never imagined that I would someday be a mentor to such a dedicated group of students who share a desire to help our seniors. I have been able to use this unique opportunity to share my knowledge, experience and passion for yoga in a new way. Getting to know everyone and seeing their excitement as they grow in their own personal yoga journey thru this program has been thrilling and such an honor.

Linda Sala, White Plains, New York, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I just wanted to extend my thanks. I couldn’t have done this without Viki’s support! She is an extremely skilled teacher and a delightful, kind person.

Katie Brandes, Orlando, Florida, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

You’ve been a terrific motivator. Probably the best there ever was 🙂

M.J., Chair Yoga Student Teacher

How can I offer help to others when I still can’t help myself? I think I just made a very large step forward………. I’m talking right now at this very moment as I typed the words “how can I help others when I can’t help myself”. Thank you Viki for contacting me today with your encouraging thoughts. It prompted me to reach out to you to explain why I’m off track in my course. In doing so my heart and mind just became full of enlightenment and emotion’s.

Deb Mix, Wenonah, New Jersey, USA

I had my doubts last winter if I could make it through with everything going on in my life but I will say with no doubt that you inspired me Corey to finish. After you helped me with the timing and schedule I was reenergized.

Josee Madison, South Carolina, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Gentle Yoga Teacher

I really enjoyed taking part of the Yoga Vista Mentor Program. Not only was I helping adding teachers to our Gentle and Chair Yoga Community, I was also growing myself by going back into my books and refreshing my memory and knowledge of this amazing course. I would definitely do it again.

Betty Wills, Laramie, Wyoming, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

While I got a lot out of the traditional online course, I kind of got hung up in the anatomy portion and the online mentoring program with Viki Boyko got me past that hurdle. The Teachback video was really hard for me to contemplate, and I’m not sure I would have gotten past that without Corey’s Live Mentoring class. Corey was fabulously supportive and also gave me a lot of ideas and a network of chair yoga instructors to work with.

Overall, the course taught me a lot – the fact that it took me a year and a half to finish might have had something to do with it! But, I do feel extraordinarily prepared to go out and teach!

Monika Schweizer, Männedorf, Switzerland

Chair Yoga Teacher

THANK YOU for your wunderful email! I feel loved, energised, vital and I’m on my flow IN TO ME!!!

Lisa Johansson, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

Corey was an excellent mentor, even though I didn’t use her to full advantage! Just knowing that someone was there and keeping touch was great motivation to continue on. She quickly recognized where I was at and let me do my thing my way! Invaluable!!!

Jane Waterman, Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Teacher

Corey is a treasure – I am SO glad to have had her support in this journey. Thanks to her encouragement, I am through the final exam. I just need to spend more time watching videos and continuing to build on what I’ve already done, and in the next month or so, I can record my teachback. I already know what I will be writing for my field assignment, based on two friends in my class.”

Karen Langevin, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I must say that the material, videos and various teaching methods were fantastic. I did not know what to expect in an online course but I feel that I learned more than the face to face format as I as able to control the pace, access the information any time and remain focussed. I loved the mentoring and coaching offered by Corey as it kept me interested and I was able to connect with others who were experiencing the program at the same time. I also enjoyed receiving your newsletters and Corey’s cheerful e-mails which brought so much fun to the program.

Serene Silverman, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Teacher

I have been so blessed to learn about Sherry Zak Morris and Vista Yoga Academy with the online curriculum for Chair Yoga certification! She is a phenomenal teacher and explains everything clearly and with joy and a great positive attitude, which is contagious!!! Also, the mentoring of Josee Madison has been such encouragement to grow, improve in my knowledge of the human body and how to help hurting people. Sherry’s online teaching program for Chair Yoga is complete, detailed and thorough! I have confidence, through her knowledge and detailed understanding of the body to be able to help so many hurting people and give them Hope! Kudos to Josee and Sherry for all you do! Thank you for your patience in helping me do my best!