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We offer comprehensive, pertinent and in-depth Online Training courses that will prepare you to teach Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga with Knowledge, Skills and Confidence!

  • Earn Yoga Alliance approved CEU hours for each course and/or certification program
  • Self-paced, “start any time” online courses with an innovative blended learning environment.
  • Ideas, strategies, insights and teaching from our Academy Team of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers

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Jennifer Lake, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Video Yoga Teacher

Sherry’s enthusiasm, positive energy, combined with her industry experience and knowledge led me to create a higher standard product as a result of the direct advice  I received from her. I felt like someone finally GOT ME on all levels!

Marcela Kohn, Panama

Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Teacher

Your video: the bussiness and marketing of Yoga was very clarifying, I realized all the mistakes I made when doing it, so great learning, I have to put it into action. How to use sponsorships to grow……. a video of Shelly Anderson It was incredible, I thought about everything I did not do, it was because I did not look for sponsors I did not know how, now I do. For me all this videos were so clarifying, I always review them because there is always something that escapes me because of the language, and I must see them more than once.

C.C., Encinitas, California, USA

New Teacher Graduate

Ever since you left us with your business presentation from our yoga training; it’s all I could think about! I’m amazed at how successful you are and how you manage so many occupations at once.

Workshop Attendee

Yoga Teacher Grad

Thank you hugely for sharing your professional insights and business savvy. As a yoga teacher working with fellow seniors, I find your gentle, healing style of teaching, coupled with your va-voom personal style, both inspiring and joyful.

Smita Vyas, Santiago, CHILE

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Corporate Yoga Teacher

Based on what I have seen in your YouTube videos, throughout the Corporate Yoga program and most certainly during your live Chair Yoga class — I definitely see what you’re doing, and can feel that you genuinely pour your heart and soul into the connections you have with others. Since changing career paths, I want to invest my collective skills and experience in something meaningful for people and spreading that goodness all around.