Course: Anatomy of Aging and Movement

Course Description

This Comprehensive Course is the foundation of understanding and working with Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Students. It is not your typical bones, muscles and memorization format that we may have taken in our Yoga Teacher Training or Health Career Training.  It is focused on the Anatomy of Aging and the Anatomy of Movement, and how Yoga works and needs to be modified to accommodate the aging body.

Part 1 – The Aging of our Structure

In this Section, we look through the lens of our bodies as we age. My intent in sharing the following information is three-fold:

  • Look at our physical bodies as we age and what “common” things occur that we universally share as human beings
  • Investigate how we can prevent some of these conditions and/or symptoms with knowledge
  • Learn how we can possibly improve or correct some conditions that have already manifested in our bodies and/or the bodies of our students.

We will cover the structural changes that occur with aging, mostly to our skeleton and the muscles that support it.  These changes we can see in the posture and gait (walking pattern) of our students.  We will cover what happens to these structures as we age, and what we can do in a Chair Yoga practice to counteract these changes, or diminish their progression.

Part 2 – Anatomy of Aging and Movement

This Section is organized by anatomical area and contains three subsections for each area of the body starting from the Head and Neck and ending with the Legs and Feet, and everything in between.  Each Anatomical Area will be explored in detailed as follows:

  • Anatomy
  • Injuries and Conditions
  • Video Library

Course Outline

Module 1 Anatomy of Aging
Unit 1 Aging of our Structure
Unit 2 Video 1: Anatomy of Aging – Exploring our Structure Through Movement
Unit 3 Video 2: Anatomy of Aging – Exploring our Structure Through Movement
Unit 4 Test: Aging of our Structure
Module 2 Head and Neck
Unit 1 Anatomy: Head and Neck
Unit 2 Issues and Conditions: Head and Neck
Unit 3 Pose Library: Head and Neck
Unit 4 Video Library : Head and Neck
Unit 5 Test: Head and Neck
Module 3 Shoulders
Unit 1 Anatomy: Shoulders
Unit 2 Issues and Conditions: Shoulders
Unit 3 Pose Library: Shoulders
Unit 4 Video Library: Shoulders
Unit 5 Test: The Shoulders
Module 4 Arms, Hands and Fingers
Unit 1 Anatomy: Arms, Hands and Fingers
Unit 2 Issues and Conditions: Arms, Hands and Fingers
Unit 3 Pose Library: Arms, Hands and Fingers
Unit 4 Video Library: Arms, Hands and Fingers
Unit 5 Test: Arms and Hands
Module 5 The Spine
Unit 1 Anatomy: The Spine
Unit 2 Issues and Conditions: The Spine
Unit 3 Pose Library: The Spine
Unit 4 Video Library: The Spine
Unit 5 Video Library: The Core
Unit 6 Test: The Spine
Module 6 Hips and Pelvic Girdle
Unit 1 Anatomy: Hips and Pelvic Girdle
Unit 2 Issues and Conditions: The Hips and Pelvic Girdle
Unit 3 Pose Library: The Hips and Pelvic Girdle
Unit 4 Video Library: The Hips and Pelvic Girdle
Unit 5 Test: The Hips and Pelvic Girdle
Module 7 Legs and Feet
Unit 1 Anatomy: Legs and Feet
Unit 2 Issues and Conditions: Legs and Feet
Unit 3 Pose Library: Legs and Feet
Unit 4 Video Library: Legs and Feet
Unit 5 Test: Legs and Feet

More Information

Sneak Preview

Our hip flexors are our gait muscles. They help propel us forward with every step we take. The tighter these muscles, the shorter our walking gait can become. That can lead to tentative movements and more trips and falls. Many of the hip muscles are responsible for more than one type of movement in the hip, as different areas of the muscle act on tendons in different ways. When we do specific Yoga poses and sequences, we are targeting specific muscle groupings for a particular purpose. Find out why the iliopsoas muscles (aka hip flexors) muscles are important for keeping you walking tall and with confidence! Enjoy these few stretches that will help keep them lengthened and healthy.

Receive Full Credit!

Towards either the Chair Yoga or Gentle Yoga Certification Program

We know once you take this Anatomy of Aging course and see our approach and methodology of sharing knowledge, you will want to pursue the Full Chair Yoga and/or Gentle Yoga Certification Program.  If so, we will credit you back what you paid for this Anatomy of Aging course!  What a deal!

Many of you have seen our educational videos on our Yoga Vista Academy YouTube Channel and YogaJP YouTube Channel where we share our knowledge, expertise and creative teaching methodologies.  Our Online Certification and Specialty Programs are designed to immerse you into the Advanced teachings in a multi-learning modality environment.

Each Program requires that you pass a Final Exam and share with us a Teachback Class to ensure you have absorbed, assimilated and can teach the course material.


Cheryl Todd

Escondido, California | United States

I’ve learned so much from Sherry and her Chair Yoga Certification course. After teaching chair yoga for a number of years, I felt a little stale and in need of a fresh approach, to bring to my students and a brush up on my anatomy knowledge. The course gave me that and more. It is full of detailed pictures, videos, poses and instruction, and is easy to follow along. I liked the fact that I could work at my own pace around a rather hectic schedule.

Chair Yoga Certified

Kim Stabbe

Fremont, Nebraska | United States

Thank you so much again for your wonderful Chair Yoga course!! I especially enjoyed the great review on Anatomy. I greatly appreciate that your resources will be my wonderful library of information to refer to when needed. The online setup worked great for me too. I also gave my feedback via Yoga Alliance.

Chair Yoga Certified

Susan Whitmer

Denton, Texas | United States

The Chair Yoga training was beneficial in so many ways: self-paced, practical anatomy lessons, accessible format.

Chair Yoga Certified

Raquel Jex Forsgren

Chicago, Illinois | United States

Oh my gosh! What didn’t I learn! I think that twenty hours was more in depth than basic teacher training 🙂 For me, I have a pretty extensive background in Anatomy and Physiology. What I really learned were the variety of postures “to do” and “not to do”. I thought going in that it would be just modifications on traditional but there are so many other important adjustments.

The other thing I learned was to really not be afraid to work with seniors. I love them and have always had a desire to work with them at a deeper level than I have in the past (pharmaceuticals) but I was nervous in not wanting to hurt them so your course helped me so much. You are seriously awesome and so are all of the other teachers you had do the videos and I loved the fun little sayings that popped up thru the videos too 🙂

Chair Yoga Certified

Dana Thiele

Rabun Gap, Georgia | United States

Now having a different perspective after breaking my wrist, I began to investigate chair yoga online. I found Yoga Vista Academy, Sherry Zak Morris and Justine Shelton. Making the decision to sign up for Chair Yoga Certification has been life changing for me and my husband! I have learned so much about the anatomy of seniors, [which I am One], and how chair yoga can help seniors become more mobile through strengthening their bones and muscles and stretching the fascia through movement and staying hydrated. I am very grateful to you, Sherry and to Justine!

Chair Yoga Certified

TinaMarie Connelly, Shirley, New York, USA

Yoga Teacher

I’m in the middle of a course I purchased from Yoga Vista Academy…Fundamentals of Chair Yoga with Sherry Zak Morris, Anatomy of Aging & can I just say how much I’m loving it! I never thought after my teacher training I’d find myself teaching chair yoga but here I am & I LOVE it. Thank you for your wonderful content & fantastic teachers.

‎Ana Polanco Hernando‎

Occupational Therapist

What LOVE best about Yoga Vista Academy is the comprehensive detail to the online trainings and manuals. As on occupational therapist with over 20 years experience, I have never taken an anatomy and movement course specifically for geriatrics AND with the detail and care the information was presented. I am so happy I found this resource. I haven’t finished the Chair Yoga for Seniors course just yet but have incorporated what I have learned thus far with the geriatric patients I have on my caseload. Thank you!

Saffron Giles Murray, Waterford, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND

Currently Enrolled

Last November I begun the Dual Certificate in Chair Yoga and Gentle Senior Yoga. With work, family and Christmas I had to put it to one side until January and all the materials I had read I decided to start again to refresh everything as I was near the end of the anatomy section and really wanted to absorb it all. I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I am LOVING this course the delivery and presentation of it all you really have ticked all the boxes. With your videos I feel I know you more as your personality shines out in each clip. The amount of work you have put into your courses is phenomenal, but you have made it so accessible for a student to learn and you set us up for success. You are my inspiration and hero and I just wanted to say special thank you for this gift of knowledge. I have lots more to finish on the course, and like my favourite lunch I’m savouring every bite.


Yoga Teacher

I want to thank you for compiling The Online “Anatomy of Ageing & Movement Course.” It has been most beneficial. The course is comprehensive contains much valuable information and videos to inspire – most pertinent to our age group. Have completed the assessment. The videos are a great resource (still working my way through the videos). Well done to You, Justine and the Yoga Vista Family..

Lee Terryberry

Round Hill, Virginia | United States

I am currently enrolled in the Senior Chair Yoga Program and I am really liking it. The payment plan is so helpful and affordable.

Although I am only into the third chapter, I am finding the program quite user friendly. I was a bit apprehensive about taking an online class to begin with. Chair yoga is hands on stuff, how can this be done? I am completely confident in the completeness of the course and its contents, and I am ecstatic about the unlimited resources at my fingertips. The videos are great!! No actors here, just reality.

I also thought an online class would be lonely, but it’s not. Sherry is right there with me, as well as Norma or Lou and so many of the Seniors from the limitless videos. I get excited to see their progress and to know that what I do from this program makes a difference in people’s lives.

I drive a school bus during the week, having the opportunity to have a printed manual to take with me to study and practice from is essential. I can’t possibly remember everything, so to have the quick reference is handy too. I like how the program is laid out, and how it builds upon itself. It is very obvious how much time and research has gone into this program. I’m gobbling it up.

From being encourage to wear bright colors, have fun in teaching things like “picking fruit” or “how much money, honey” really gets ya going. I can’t wait to show you “Pirate Pose!” for balance. It makes my Seniors smile, giggle and confident. I even teach “Turkey Yoga”. I hope you are curious here.

Thank you for such an affordable, current and applicable program that is like having a personal trainer with me all of the time. I feel more and more confident each day because I am being equipped to provide my Senior students with the tools they need to be safe, active, and independent for as long as they can be, and to have fun along their journey.

Chair Yoga Certified

Anita Whittle

Lincoln, Nebraska | United States

Personally, I thought the program was GREAT, WONDERFUL and AWESOME. I teach a variety of classes and I have used all I have learned in every single class. Whether it is with my Assisted Living clients or my 30 year olds. The anatomy portion was more than I could have expected. I learned so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chair Yoga Certified

Dana Thiele

Rabun Gap, Georgia | United States

I have learned so much about the anatomy of seniors, [which I am One], and how chair yoga can help seniors become more mobile through strengthening their bones and muscles and stretching the fascia through movement and staying hydrated.

Chair Yoga Certified

Christy Hill

Orlando, Florida | United States

I have never found anatomy to be exciting, and didn’t receive a lot of anatomy in my 200-hour yoga teacher training. Learning anatomy on my own was both overwhelming and intimidating. When I was researching this course I saw something that said I didn’t didn’t need to be an anatomy expert to take the course. WOW.That was a relief so I went for it. I had a college professor say many times “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” That is the way this course is put together. The anatomy is broken down into sections, so it isn’t intimidating at all if anatomy isn’t your thing. I’m a long way away from being an “anatomy geek” but it no longer intimidates me. Additionally, Justine’s yoga therapy teaching provided new insights to me that really enhanced my understanding of many concepts along the way.

Chair Yoga Certified

Smita Vyas

Santiago | Chile

My experience with the Corporate Yoga program was incredible! I’ll admit that there was some apprehension when I was deciding to do it as it is 100% online — needless to say, this was my first time getting my feet wet with the world of online Yoga courses. After completing the program, let me tell you just how extremely pleased I am today with having made the right decision 🙂 Sherry and the Yoga Vista team will leave you feeling more confident, knowledgeable and prepared to teach in the corporate setting. Upon completing my initial program to become a certified Yoga teacher, I felt that I could have learned a LOT more about anatomy and didn’t quite know the best approach to working with students who have a limited range of motion/flexibility. Glad to report that I now look forward to having a diverse population of students to work with and KNOW that I can be there to properly help them in their Yoga journey.

Corporate Yoga Certified

Vicki Lynch

San Marcos, California | United States

I truly found the Chair Yoga Program to be beyond informative. You offer SO many resources to the student. I loved that a mentoring program was offered, studying at your own pace, yoga videos, modules, and “spot on” yoga lessons. I learned so much regarding anatomy and the aging of our bodies and how to correct and decrease pain. I liked the emphasis on how to cue and speaking loud and clearly. Honestly, I would highly recommend this training to any one that wants to incorporate these important subjects. For me personally, I have become a better version of myself.

Chair Yoga Certified

Kandi Furphy

Laramie, Wyoming | United States

I loved the anatomy module, I learned so much it took me awhile to get through it but truly is was time well spent. I believe you and this program came at exactly the right time in my life. A BIG THANK YOU!

Chair Yoga Certified

Josee Madison

Columbia, South Carolina | United States

I just loved how thorough the anatomy part was and also the videos included in the material. I’m a visual person and it was so cool to see an actual class and a description of a sequence or pose video-style. I love your team! James, Justine and others. Really such a great group of professionals. So well done. Both you and Justine were such a hoot to watch. Really showing your true selves and it made me feel like I was already part of the Yoga family without even having met you. Very welcoming presentations. Thank you for this amazing course!!

Gentle Yoga Certified

Kathleen Paton

Canmore, Alberta | Canada

What I like about Yoga Vista Academy..

1. Something new for this part of Canada
2. The information given is perfect for seniors. The anatomy of aging is so helpful in planning my yoga sessions.
3. The library of asanas is the best thing ever!!
4. Sherry and Justine are so informative and extremely helpful
5. I feel so good about myself because I can teach yoga for many more years, also helping to keep myself fit and healthy
6. Thank you very much I am so glad yoga vista is in my life!! Hopefully I can come to Vista next October. ????

Chair Yoga Certified

Helen D.M.

Currently Enrolled

I am really learning amazing things about yoga and the aging process.

Sandra Price

Hobe Sound, Florida | United States

I want you to know how much I enjoyed completing the Chair Yoga Certification course. I learned so much more anatomy than in any of my other Yoga trainings. I loved how the course tied together the anatomy portion with injuries and conditions, and then illustrated specific poses to be used for various conditions affecting seniors.

Chair Yoga Certified

Kathy Fulgione, Tappan, New York, USA

Gentle Yoga Teacher - Early Access Team

I have found the material very helpful. It is informative, clear and easy to understand. I only wish I had this info during my 200 hr YTT! It is filling in the missing gap of my anatomy knowledge, especially as it applies to yoga!

Kerry G., Holden, Massachusetts, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

I have taught seniors many times in a yoga class but i took your course because OMG your anatomy, knowledge of diseases in the older population and how you empower the seniors to try different postures….I love love loved this course.

Alison Partridge

Oxford | United Kingdom

The course has really helped me to gain confidence in teaching seated yoga, by basing it so strongly in the context of the physiology of ageing. The depth of information about anatomy, injuries, philosophies and yoga modifications to work alongside everyone’s particular body issues, is really exceptional. I’ve found it so helpful and I know that it will continue to provide endless stimulation and ideas.

Chair Yoga Certified

Eva Montalvo

Delray Beach, Florida | United States

The chair yoga teacher training program was invaluable to hone and fine-tune my yoga education to serve the 55+ population I teach in South Florida. I found that during my 200 hour certification, anatomy was my weakest area because I just didn’t have much of an interest or understanding, but in this program it was so easy to follow that I found myself becoming an anatomy geek. It was general anatomy, yes, but also what happens to the body as it ages, or with various health conditions. I find myself incorporating many of the concepts and movements into my traditional hatha mat classes as well, and the class attendance has improved as a result. I was dubious about how well I would learn using video content, and was very pleasantly surprised to find out how effective it was. Not only did I feel as if I was there, but I have all of the content as reference materials too! I highly recommend this course, and all Yoga Vista Academy offerings. May we keep up this vital work that blesses so many!

Chair Yoga Certified

Lee Terryberry

Round Hill, Virginia | United States

I was prepared to take human anatomy at my local community college as an enrichment to my yoga teacher training, but the anatomy of the aging body is more than I would have had. I wanted to know the how’s and why’s of aging. These are the tools that allow me in depth understanding and compassion for Seniors and for those with limited mobility. The medical names are important to know, and are delivered in such a way that I remember terms and how they fit into my daily work of teaching chair yoga. I’m not going to just read and take a test, I’m retaining so much of what I am learning, and applying it. Your program has so many pictures, sequencing, cue tips, and practical helps. It just goes on and on.

Chair Yoga Certified


Chair Yoga Teacher

I am learning so much from it, and am enjoying it a lot. I’m finding the “Conditions and Injuries” sections invaluable, because it has finally put a real “everyday” human slant on anatomy study!

Kim Stabbe

Fremont, Nebraska | United States

I have really enjoyed and learned great information especially on anatomy taking your Chair Yoga certification. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience!

Chair Yoga Certified

Joanne Puglia

Indian Harbour Beach, Florida | United States

I fell in love with the videos when I would search for new ideas for my chair exercises. I am currently taking the online Chair Yoga course. Before I made the commitment, I spoke to Sherry over the phone. I was so excited to speak to her and hear her voice. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She was so kind, friendly and nice on the phone. I felt an immediate connection. She is someone that you would love as a friend!

I have been taking the course for two months now and I am in awe on how beautifully this course is put together. I am learning so much about anatomy and how yoga ties in to help seniors. The videos come with a wealth of information. I love watching the different styles of the yoga teachers. The ideas on what you can bring to the table are endless!

Chair Yoga Certified

Carla Niblick

Celina, Ohio | United States

“Yay for yoga!” And “Yay for Yoga Vista and you, Sherry, as well as Justine and everyone else who contributed to your chair teacher training program! I learned so much from this teacher training and I am so enjoying my chair yoga classes. They give me some of the best moments of my week. I love working with seniors!! We laugh and learn and practice yoga together – and most are learning about yoga for the first time in their lives. And your program has given me so much to share with them. I now have a good, solid foundation to rely on and so many wonderful and fun sequences and movements to use. I appreciated learning in detail about the anatomy of the body and the conditions that seniors can experience. I am planning to go back through these sections – they are so helpful. I have a much better understanding of how the human body works. I can’t thank you enough for this program and want to tell you it has opened up new avenues for me, as well as bringing many new friends into my life.

Chair Yoga Certified

Katie Brandes

Orlando, Florida | United States

I finished the Anatomy Section of the training. I just…. I have no words for how amazing it is. I’m working on formulating a review of this program. It’s just…. well. I’m sure you know. My confidence has increased. When I teach my yoga classes, I actually feel as if I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Not just repeating something I learned. That’s what’s amazing about this. The understanding that lies underneath her teaching. I’ve been yearning for something in yoga… something I couldn’t explain or even understand. But now I know. I just needed the answer to the question WHY. Now I know so many more answers to why we teach what we teach in yoga… why we do certain movements in certain ways. Even my students have noticed a difference.

Chair Yoga Certified

Tami Malin

Webster, New York | United States

The On-Line Chair Yoga Teacher Training program is full of wonderful instruction for all types of learning styles and laid out very well to pace oneself through the material. The use of the many teachers and experiences/education that Sherry and Justine have collected is amazing and drew me into learning the anatomy material with much more ease. The resource was absolutely a real plus. I did get this subscription before jumping into the program so I could get an better idea of how the classes were composed but also to have a resource for me to do out of my home meeting my requirements/restrictions that I was unable to find in the community. To see how this resource continues to evolve and all of the benefits one receives for their subscriptions is priceless.

Chair Yoga Trained

Julie Bolton

Watchet, Somerset | United Kingdom

Thank you for putting all of this great information together in one place. I just finished the hip anatomy section. I wanted to tell you that it is one of the best, most concise explanations of the hip joint I’ve seen.

Chair Yoga Certified

Kim Stabbe

Fremont, Nebraska | United States

I have really enjoyed and learned great information especially on anatomy taking your Chair Yoga certification. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience!

Chair Yoga Certified

Lynne G., Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

I want to thank you for the suggestion to take The Anatomy of Aging and Movement Course. It took me almost all year to complete it — with balancing it along with my daily life and lots of travel this year. I also took the opportunity to take a look at Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living by Kathleen Porter based on your suggestions.

Karen Roberts

Port Macquarie | Australia

I love what I do and your courses and guidance have given me an amazing range of insights into ensuring those who attend my classes are given the best support I can give. I hope that I teach with confidence based on knowledge and a growing skill basis. Your courses are so well structured and detailed and I love the detailed functional anatomy understanding I now have.

I also like to imitate your approach of being in partnership with the students, sharing my knowledge so we can all be happier and healthier. I thought I was going to be ‘lost’ once I retired from teaching but have found a new satisfaction in life, knowing I am making a difference in the lives of others, even at my age. I turned 65 last month.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga Certified

Diane Zarzecki

Syracuse, New York | United States

I chose Yoga Vista Academy training because of the quality of your video classes, but especially because of your emphasis on learning the anatomical issues and conditions of seniors and on how to meet their specific needs. I was NOT disappointed! I am a much more confident and skilled teacher as a result of this training. At the same time, I believe my classes, like your training, are creative and fun!

Chair Yoga Certified

Karen Naids

Concord, Maine | United States

I am so excited to finish the chair Yoga certification. I loved every minute of it!!!! As a nurse, the anatomy was very informative and great to help anyone understand the body. The videos are amazing and the support you give is great. I cannot say enough good things about your program!!!! I was worried taking an online class, but it was as if you were there there the entire time!!!! I learned so much and will tell everyone how amazing this course was. I am going to take all the classes on your site, and continue to learn. Thanks again!!!! This was life changing for me!!!!! Thanks again!!!

Chair Yoga CertifiedCorporate Yoga CertifiedLow Back Certified

Karen Wexler

Delray Beach, Florida | United States

The Chair Yoga Certification course was totally amazing in the content offered and the way in which it was presented. I really love how you have the main portion of the program to complete, but there is also so much additional information to continue to study long after completion of the program. The anatomy section to me, was not at all “too much” because this is vital information for a yoga teacher. I also loved how you feature some of your teachers/mentors and their work, i.e. Somatic approaches with Erhard R. and James Knight. Justine’s videos were super helpful too. The program just covers so many areas but does not bog down in anything.

Chair Yoga Dance - CertifiedChair Yoga Trained

Anna Wagner

Mt Wolf, Pennsylvania | United States

I thank you for your wonderful instruction. Love it. Love it. The information you provide would make anyone a better teacher. My students love the information and knowledge they gain. They tell me that their doctors asked them what they were doing differently as their lung capacity has improved (some had very little lung capacity). They proudly told me that they informed their doctor the only new thing they were doing was Anna’s Yoga. Their doctors told them to keep coming. Same results for different students and different parts of their bodies. I can’t take the credit. We do a lot of your “While you are at it.” I am following your game plan and it is amazing. I must admit I knew nothing about the human body before I took your classes. Both me and my students thank you for a job well done.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga Certified

Phoebe I., London, UK

Chair Yoga Teacher

I live in London and I work full time but spend my other hours coming up with creative ways to educate students and further their practice. Although I am a trained teacher, I am just starting your aging anatomy course and have already learnt so much after module 1. Wanted to let you know. Look forward to the modules to come. Thank you for all of your work and dedication to this field of chaired yoga.

Pattranooj (Nooj) Saengchantr

Bangkok | Thailand

I like the way you break down the modules and provide separate sections on anatomy and conditions, which give me a deeper understanding about the seniors. It is also inspirational to watch various videos and observe amazing classes and see how seniors enjoy moving in each postures.

Chair Yoga Certified

Judy D’Agostino

Derwood, Maryland | United States

Yoga Vista Academy’s Gentle and Chair Yoga Teacher Training was beyond my greatest expectations. So much detailed information on anatomy, aging and yoga was presented in such an accessible format. The factual information combined with practical applications and a multitude of resources will guide me for years to come. What a great investment in my yoga journey!

Gentle Yoga Certified

Kate Regan

Brisbane | Australia

I left school at 15 years of age, never having touched on anatomy at all. So I found this to be challenging but thanks to this course I feel grateful to be so enlightened about The body and my own body also!

Chair Yoga Certified

Eileen Tremarco

Brick, New Jersey | United States

I found this course to be well designed/formatted and very comprehensive.
It flowed nicely from one area of the body to the next.
The Anatomy section was very detailed, and loved learning about the mechanical aspects of the human body.
The Conditions sections associated with the different areas of the body answered a lot of questions I already had about working safely with a wide variety of ailments that seniors may be experiencing.
The Poses section was filled with great step by step information, which gave me confidence, ensuring I was delivering the information to the class appropriately.
The videos were a fun and inspirational part of the class, seeing various members of the Yoga Vista Community sharing their knowledge.

Chair Yoga Trained

Laure Liverman, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I appreciate all the time, effort, collaboration, and years of learning that were so evident throughout this course. The course was structured really beautifully, introducing material that built from the ground up what it means to be a chair yoga teacher for seniors at all different levels of health/fitness. The Methods and Philosophy section communicated the essential elements of teaching and structuring a class so that I had a nuanced lens through which to view all the great video material and really learn from them. The Anatomy of Aging section was so rich. I thought having the three sections on anatomy, conditions and poses for each general body area was very helpful. The yoga aspects included in the anatomy and conditions section reinforced each other, and having a separate pose library because it made pose ideas easily accessible for constructing a class. The program was full of so many great pearls!

Joyce Herman

Millstadt, Illinois | United States

I have learned and relearned so much. I am a retired nurse and anatomy and physiology have always been one of my passions. I love incorporating all the new poses and information from the course. I will certainly be going forward with the extras that have been provided. I am loving every minute of it!

Chair Yoga Trained

Lucy Valente

Hazleton, Pennsylvania | United States

The Anatomy of Aging module was fantastic. The anatomical details presented were sufficient for a yoga teachers purposes organized in an understandable and informative format. Insight was given into movement, conditions, injuries and modifications that exceeded my expectations. The self-paced study allowed me to progress at my own rate. The tests, teach back and assignments were terrific learning tools. Overall the organization of the course was an excellent way of presenting a large amount of material. I would recommend this course to every yoga teacher whether or not your interest is in Chair or Gentle yoga.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga Certified

Irene Sunn

Sunshine Coast | Australia

I truly enjoyed doing my Chair Yoga Certification Online Program with the Yoga Vista Academy. The content and the professional manner in which it is presented was excellent. I learnt more in the past months than I ever did from my past 3 year Yoga training here in Australia, and feel I have achieved more, especially with anatomy. Being able to view the many and varied videos was great for me and Sherry’s support throughout the course was always there. A great motivator. I can highly recommend the Course to anyone who is considering undertaking it.

Chair Yoga Certified

Linda Koewers

Gulfport, Mississippi | United States

It was such a blessing for me to come across the Yoga Vista Academy online program. It’s inexpensive and easy to work. I was able to recieve such detailed knowledge on the aging process and all the main issues that can contribute to pain. Learning about the anatomy was so helpful. I appreciated the information to print and videos to reinforce what you are learning. I loved Sherry’s style and she really inspired me to become the best chair yoga teacher I can be.

There are different types and styles of yoga and working with students on this program that brings such variety and benefits. All the teachers are dedicated and inspiring. You become a part of that community, with the ability to use the videos as often as you desire. I could go on and on about Yoga Vista Academy online program. I plan on continuing going through some more of the many workshops and programs, for there are many! I recommend it highly!

Chair Yoga Trained

Tina Carpenter, Carmel, California, USA

Yoga Teacher

Every night and morning I am spending at least two hours. I am so excited to finish and start practicing. I live in Carmel, Ca where we have a huge elderly population. I have been watching your videos since November in the middle of my teacher training. I love the way you teach all the anatomy tidbits. I find chair yoga so fascinating because anyone can do it! You are an inspiration!

Deborah Forsblom

Bexley, Ohio | United States

I enjoyed the Anatomy Module. I knew a lot of the basic anatomy already, but I really appreciated tying that to the problems that Seniors have and then showing why certain poses helped with these problems. It is great to have all of this in a coherent, organized form. I will refer back to these chapters when I plan my lessons. Thank you for the user-friendly curriculum. I look forward to the rest of the course.

Chair Yoga Certified

Carol Daly

Jackson Heights, New York | United States

I am teaching Chair Yoga classes and my students loved my classes, yet I felt something was missing and that I needed some basics that had to do with anatomy, safe practices and sequencing. When my plans to enroll in a 200 hour RYT didn’t work out, I decided to do the chair yoga certification with Sherry. This was exactly what I needed!

I had already felt a synergy and simpatico with the yoga vista team. I love teaching and I want my students to be safe, learn and have a joyous time! I want each class to be fresh and an in the moment experience for my students. I also want my students to grow stronger and healthier and be inspired. I felt I’d found a resource in yoga vista that also has the same goals and high standards and with great dedication and expertise.

Chair Yoga CertifiedChair Yoga Dance - Certified

Ana Hernando

Hickory Creek, Texas | United States

First let me say that I am thoroughly enjoying all the information in the Chair Yoga course. I am blown away! The 20 hour anatomy portion is VERY informational and highly applicable to treating my patients… As an occupational therapist.

Chair Yoga Certified