Course: Chair Yoga Deep Dive Workshop Series with Sherry Zak Morris

Course Description

Want to deepen your expertise in Chair Yoga? Have you previously taken the Online Chair Yoga Training Course and want to add to your education? These workshops are great for expanding your knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching to Seniors with limited mobility. You will understand what is going awry in the body in terms of alignment, posture and osteoarthritis repercussions so that you can teach to each student in the room.

These 3 Workshops will take you into a deeper dive with lots of supporting material for these important areas of teaching Yoga to Seniors and people with limited mobility.  You will get a “behind the scenes” perspective of what it is like to teach to this demographic as many of the videos included in these workshops were recorded live with our lovely students.

Get Trained and Certified to Teach Chair Yoga!

Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Program with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

The 60-Hour Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Program incorporates the body of work from lead teacher, Sherry Zak Morris (Co-Founder of the Yoga Vista Academy), along with a team of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers who share their passion for Seniors and people with physical limitations. You will see us all on video teaching live classes where we put our teachings and philosophies to practice! Join us!


Joanne Stark, San Diego, California, USA

Chairman, Silver Age Yoga

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing talk you gave on osteoarthritis yesterday for SAYCO. You are a fantastic teacher! Everyone in the room was engaged. I can see why so many of the SAYCO teachers were thrilled to have you provide the CEU workshop; you are such a great speaker. You gave us solid content, made it personal, and made it fun. You are an absolute inspiration!

John Conroy

Ennis | Republic of Ireland

This workshop has greatly enhanced my knowledge on the correct steps to deal with arthritis issues and in each of my classes seniors have issues with knees, fingers and hands being the most common and I have thankfully seen the exercises bring long term benefits to the Seniors through the various exercises I’ve learned in the two on-line courses.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga Certified

Dustin Huff

Pueblo, Colorado | United States

I think just helping people realize that their posture unconsciously becomes their real physical body is my imperative take away from the Posture Project and what I try to relay to people in my class. I have not tried to just tell my fellow man or woman at the grocery store that their hip leaning is creating an imbalance in their body and it shows, however I do think telepathy is a growing trend, and people are picking up on the unified field of thought. So, maybe if I just starting projecting posture corrections onto people they will begin to find new breath in the unconscious faults that become crystallized in their physical vessel.

Chair Yoga Certified

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Very comprehensive information and fun! The research and statistics were eye-opening. I’ve found seniors love fact-based information about yoga. Can’t wait to share.

“Love, love, LOVE the posture project!!! Can’t wait to do this with my students. Thank you gazillions for sharing this with us. You are so gracious!”

“Sherry’s work with senior posture issues presented a wealth of knowledge that provided a comprehensive education on the issue. Her expertise, enthusiasm and love of what she does made her presentation extremely enjoyable and informative.”

Denise Harcourt, Toronto, CANADA

Chair Yoga Teacher

Every yoga teacher would benefit from this training.

Suzi Mahler

Santa Cruz, California | United States

It hit home just how much posture is correlated with pain and discomfort. I always thought, “what’s the big deal? Just stand up straight!” Now that I’m a senior I have so much more compassion and I’m getting a taste of what my students are experiencing! The students find relief with regular practice with emphasis on awareness and alignment and that in itself is huge. Love your program. I have been inspired the whole way through. I am so thankful.

Chair Yoga Certified

Karen Naids

Concord, Maine | United States

I loved the Posture Project Course and use that information all the time. You have inspired me, I have become the queen of props. I have been using balls, magic wands, drumsticks, hats, ninja items, and anything from the dollar store. They love it!!!! Thanks. I could never do this without your certification. I am also in yoga therapy class, and have 3 private older ladies. It is really helping them. Thanks again to you and Justine.

Chair Yoga CertifiedCorporate Yoga CertifiedLow Back Certified

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Comprehensive and well‐presented. Inspiring to include posture enhancing asanas and facts in each class. Convincingly presented to inform that posture is foundationally important.”

“Very in‐depth! Loved all the visuals. Appreciated all the different angle/shots of REAL bodies. Gridlines helps me see more. I appreciate so many poses shared in the manual.”

“The case studies were informative and very applicable to teaching yoga safely. Sherry’s knowledge of body alignment presented in a user‐friendly manner was just great.”

Cathy Mikles

Auburn, California | United States

I really enjoyed this unit. So much relevance for my own body and for my students. Also I purchased ‘pain free’ based on your recommendation. Love it. It is so practical. Thanks for your great work.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga Certified

Judy Rycombel

Inverness, Illinois | United States

Before this project, I never REALLY looked at peoples’ posture very much. It’s amazing what I saw and learned from having to observe people and write this paper. Seems like everywhere I go now, I’m looking at a person’s posture and trying to figure out what the issues are and how to improve them. Thanks Sherry!

Chair Yoga Certified

Dana Thiele

Rabun Gap, Georgia | United States

I enjoyed the Posture Project, feel like I am more aware of the misalignments in the yoga students and just in the general population! I catch myself looking at people everywhere I go with attention to their posture. I loved the idea of the questionnaire and the before and after photos of the students. The Fascia-nation sequence is a fun way to introduce the students to the fascia netting of our bodies.

I am learning so much thru this certification program! So grateful that I found You and Chair Yoga. I love the gentle yoga classes I teach and look forward to teaching Chair Yoga!

Chair Yoga Certified

Colleen Sengpiel

West Des Moines, Iowa | United States

I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I have been observing postures & various physical conditions since I received my RYT certification 7 years ago, but this course has taken me to the next level of observations, ie. I better understand the ripple effect to the ENTIRE body when a “load bearing” joint is out of alignment.

Chair Yoga Certified

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Loved this session incorporating lots of cactus arm use for back strengthening and holding flat back. Sherry’s energy and generosity is so inspirational.”

“Very interesting ‐ especially survey results. Your students are almost the same age as mine with similar issues. So great to see the improvements!”

“It gave me ideas to photograph my students.”

“Awesome information. A great baseline to be more information with students issues (structurally) Excellent.”

“Sherry, love your teaching style! You connect with students in a beautiful way. Keep spreading the love!”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“I loved looking at the case studies because that makes it real and relative. Looking at the issue and then having prescription is great.”

“The project was well planned, researched, and carried out. The postural observations, structural analysis of misalignment causes, together with specific asana and strengthening exercises to correct specific misalignments were insightful, well though out, and rigorously documented. The methodologies were clearly explained and documented, making the process accessible to yoga teachers wishing to implement the principles in their individual teaching niches. Sherry’s enthusiasm and effervescent personality are
contagious and inspiring.”

Gerry Hurtig

Parrish, Florida | United States

First, let me tell you how much I am enjoying the overall course. I have learned so much and am able to take the information and relate it to the classes I teach; a few chair as a sub, Hatha and restorative.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga CertifiedLow Back Certified

Joanne Puglia

Indian Harbour Beach, Florida | United States

So in love with teacher training. I am reading about the Posture Project right now. Everything is so well done.
I have a fantastic group of people in my chair exercise class that are loving all the new exercises I am teaching them. I tell them they are my guinea pigs as I go through Chair Yoga training. We are having so much fun!

Chair Yoga Certified

Emi Hanamizu

Kailua, Hawaii | United States

I completed the posture project for the 50+ this morning!!! I love to watch your videos which are very easy to listen and understand. You inspire me with so many ideas and I’m very excited to prepare my one hour class incorporating hula motion since I live in Hawaii.

Chair Yoga Certified

Janet Rosoff

Aventura, Florida | United States

I am taking your posture online class and I have now been asked to do a class specific for posture. So grateful for all that you and your staff do to educate me so my seniors can benefit.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga CertifiedLow Back Certified

Jill D., Michigan, USA

AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

I am a AFAA certified group fitness instructor with YogaFit training. I love all of your fabulous tips, DVDs and Utube productions. They have given me so much very important information to make me a better yoga instructor! I began teaching a chair class 5 years ago because I saw a need to modify for my seniors. It has become the largest growing segment of all the various classes I teach!! I feel so much more confident since watching your youtube classes and DVDs. I just took your “Posture Project” online course and loved it! So many great tools and tips to help me instruct an effective, safe and appropriate chair yoga class.

Barbara Hamilton, Danville, Pennyslvania, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

I learned a lot! So many great ideas to share with the nursing home residents I’ll be working with! Several great tips – especially about the music. I hadn’t even thought about them not being able to hear me over the music. And I love the names of some of the poses — makes it fun! For example, “Monkey” is just adorable…and something I am sure they will relate to! Thank you so much. Great course!

Sheryl S., White Bear Township, Minnesota, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

I thought it was fantastic. Thank you so much for making learning fun. I love the new jingle bell dance and I’m looking forward to to trying it out in my Friday assisted living class. I think they will be able to handle it and really enjoy it.

Dhyana Wade, San Diego, California, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

Did I learn some things I did not know? YES!! Many things! I would have many of the same mistakes you spoke about….start with breathing, using nostalgic music, making my practice WAAAAAY to complicated. Loved the sample class, so helpful! I feel immensely grateful for taking this course before teaching on Monday.

Lucy Valente

Hazleton, Pennsylvania | United States

I am so grateful to you for all your support. Coming from a career in education I know that your course presentation and organization was a perfect way to learn all that material. I most appreciate access to the video library and use it often. I am now teaching chair in an assisted living community and a gentle class at a studio…..One more thing……..You were SO RIGHT about the nursing home population. Everything you said was true-EVERYTHING.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga Certified

Jeanine Faith

Bend, Oregon | United States

I taught at my first nursing home, and it was very challenging! They could only do a fraction of the movements. I found myself with a one-hour class and 15 minutes worth of material. Made it through okay, but realized I have a lot to learn 🙂 you have a really great program, and I’m continuing to watch your YouTube videos for more info. Thank you for your Compassionate Heart!

Chair Yoga Certified

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“The demonstration of poses was especially eye-opening as you explained, not just what you were doing, but why it mattered for Seniors.”

“Love the energy and playful approach! Yoga is meant to be fun and playful!”

“Very helpful! Learned more about the realities of working in these facilities.”

Barbara Ruvarac

Naperville, Illinois | United States

Thanks to your business training, I just landed a private senior (she’s 86) 30 min yoga session every Tuesday and Thursday!

Chair Yoga Certified

Marcela Kohn

Punta Pacifica | Panama

It was very useful the indications of how to teach in places like homes, where there are patients in wheelchairs and special conditions, since I had felt frustrated, and I understood thanks to your recommendations that even if that although there is apparently a small exchange of energy and others continue sleeping that is amazing, that they understood me even though they could not express themselves, and that reminded me of my father, an intellectual who lost his speech and his mobility due to an illness and I realized that everything was in our eyes and everything is expressed through them, it was very mobilizing. So for me this recommendation was wowwwww, and bring me up a lot of memories.

Chair Yoga Dance - CertifiedChair Yoga Trained

Jill Lindstrom

Kernersville, North Carolina | United States

I have started a chair yoga class in the memory care unit at our Continuous care facility after taking your Yoga in Senior Care Facilities Workshop. I have about 10 people (about half participate). I have had great success in learning that using sing-a-long songs like – Jesus Loves Me, row your boat or You are my sunshine are great motivators to get them moving. At first I was very nervous having very little experience with patients with memory issues. It is quickly becoming my favorite class. Thank you for your support!

Chair Yoga TrainedGentle Yoga Trained

Julie Hamilton

Edwardsville, Illinois | United States

I am happy to say that because of your course I am able to teach people with confidence at nursing homes, offices, yoga studios and memory care facilities.

Chair Yoga Certified

Jo Willis

Axbridge | United Kingdom

I have been asked to teach at a Nursing Care Home for the Elderly and was feeling very nervous about it. Your course, however has reassured me and I found lots of points useful. For example- starting the class by checking which joints are moving, instead of starting with a quiet meditation. I loved the video showing how you do the shoulder and neck massage. Its something that I do not normally do in my yoga class, but will now be added as I feel much more confident with it. I also like the idea of greeting every student prior to commencing the class. I loved the course!

Chair Yoga Certified

Janet Rosoff

Aventura, Florida | United States

Most of my teaching is in independent and assisted/step-up living facilities so I was very happy when this course was made available. As you know teaching the assisted and memory unit population is challenging but so rewarding. I absolutely loved when you expressed your mistake in trying to do a centering at beginning of class. No way does that work with this population and I love using your joint movements to begin class along with your playful suggestions.

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga CertifiedLow Back Certified

Cynthia G., South Carolina, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

I decided to close my yoga studio and pursue more outreach and community classes. The area where I live is a retirement community so I began cold-calling senior living centers and opportunities to teach have appeared, it’s so amazing! I love what I am doing now even more. I was trained in Ashtanga yoga but since moving to this new town I have sought out more accessible yoga practices for myself and my students. Your compassionate, knowledgeable and joyful style is so inspiring.