Course: Gentle and Chair Yoga for Technology Workers with Sherry Zak Morris

Course Description

Computers, cell phones and tablets open up our world to new ideas, fun, education, business and community. However, the dark side of technology is the posture-breaking, static-holding and repetitive motions that can wreak havoc in our physical structures. No age is immune to these side effects of computer use. As Yoga Teachers, we undoubtedly will have students in our classes that are suffering from physical issues directly tied to their computer use.  Learning effective Gentle and Chair Yoga poses and sequences to bring relief to the computer worker is a must for  Yoga Teachers who teach group classes.

After this workshop you’ll understand

  • The Anatomy of the Computer Worker and how our bodies react and adapt when using our technology devices
  • Common postures of deskworkers and the physiological analysis of its affects on the body
  • Movement principles and recommended counter movements that are imperative to keep the body flexible and mobile
  • Gentle and Chair Yoga movements to take into your teaching to empower your students with knowledge and self-care tips.
  • How to find and work with companies in your community to offer Deskworker and/or Corporate Yoga classes

Course Outline

Module 1 Course Materials
Unit 1 Course Handout: Gentle and Chair Yoga for the Technology Worker
Unit 2 Video: Gentle and Chair Yoga for the Technology Worker
Unit 3 Deskworker Class - Cheat Sheet of Poses
Module 2 Test: Yoga for the Technology Worker
Unit 1 Test: Deep Dive - Technology Worker
Module 3 Video Library: Deskworker
Unit 1 Video: Sample Class – Deskworker Yoga Class
Unit 2 Video Library: Deskworker
Unit 3 Get Certified to teach Corporate Yoga!
Unit 4 Video: Hip Glide in a Chair or an a Mat

Course Materials

  • This workshop ends with a 30-minute Deskworker Chair Yoga class that incorporates the workshop concepts
  • Detailed 70+ page PDF Workshop Hand-out of all the poses and modifications we discuss.
  • Cheat Sheet Hand-out of Deskworker poses with thumbnails, descriptions and benefits

More Information

Sneak Preview

Yoga Teachers need to understand Anatomy because we are Movement Teachers!  Thus, the Anatomy of the Deskworker is important to understand before we can offer up Yoga poses and sequences that will help counteract the hours of stagnation and immobility a Deskworker experiences. This workshop ends with a 30-minute Deskworker Chair Yoga class that incorporates the workshop concepts as well as a detailed PDF Workshop Hand-out of all the poses and modifications we discuss.

Save $69

On the Full Corporate Yoga Teacher Certification Program

This workshop will give you a well-rounded perspective of the physical and mental issues experienced by people who work for long periods in static positions – and the Yoga poses and sequences that can help.  If this topic calls to you, you might want to consider the full Certification Program once you finish this workshop.  You can apply a credit of $69 towards that Certification Program with a coupon code we will pass along to you upon completion of this workshop.


Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Wonderful info on how to get into corporations. Clear explanations of the ramifications of repetitive postures at work.”

“Sherry is a fabulous presenter. Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious. The material presented was concise, sequential and extremely practical. I felt there were so many tips that I can immediately put into practice. Thank you!”

“Excellent information! I have a ‘bucket sitter’ student at home. I can’t wait to offer him exercises to help with head and neck tension and to stretch those tight hamstrings.”

“Loved all the ideas to bringing Yoga to the desk world… they need it so much!”

Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Fabulous presentation and info as ALWAYS. I really liked the focus on desk workers as I plan to offer Yoga to desk workers…..SOON! I SO appreciate the detail in the manual as I refer back to them again and again and again!”

“Sherry did an awesome job. I feel like I am confident to help technology age workers.”

“Very energetic and engaging. Content is SO applicable to weekly teaching, to personal life, to people to people I know.”

Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Pertinent, energized presentation of LOTS of material in an understandable, ‘digestible’ manner. Especially appreciated thoughts about accessing your corporate wellness possibilities. Sherry, you absolutely walk your joyful talk.”

“Always fresh, creative and inspiring! This is such a relevant concern in today’s world. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t present with tech based pain issues.”

“Loved it! Very thorough, fun, enjoyed the stretching exercises. Really appreciate the sample flyers to use for my own marketing.”

“So much useful information! This is such an important topic that is useful not just on a teaching level, but for family, friends and myself. It is always wonderful to practice while learning.”