Course: Gentle Somatic Yoga® Introductory Teacher Training with James Knight


Course Outline

Module 1 Course Handouts
Unit 1 Handout: Tips and Guidelines for the Practice of Gentle Somatic Yoga®
Unit 2 Handout: Gentle Somatic Yoga® Introductory Teacher Training
Module 2 Video: An Introduction and History of Gentle Somatic Yoga® - Part 1
Unit 1 Video: An Introduction and History of Gentle Somatic Yoga®
Module 3 Introduction and Deep Dives into Somatic Movement Flows® - Part 2
Unit 1 Video: Introduction and Deep Dives into Somatic Movement Flows® - Part 2
Module 4 Video: More Deep Dives into Somatic Movement Flows® - Part 3
Unit 1 Video: More Deep Dives into Somatic Movement Flows® - Part 3
Module 5 Video: Body Scan and Final Relaxation - Part 4
Unit 1 Video: Body Scan and Final Relaxation - Part 4
Unit 2 (1 Hr) Gentle Somatic Yoga Class with James Knight
Module 6 Quiz - Gentle Somatic Yoga
Unit 1 Quiz: Gentle Somatic Yoga®
Unit 2 Coupon Code for 120-Hour Gentle Somatic Yoga® Online Training and Certification

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Course Description

Created and Developed by James Knight, Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is an exploration of movement that is revolutionary in its ability to improve health, well-being, quality of life, and personal performance. GSY incorporates slow, mindful movements that raise bodily awareness to heal persistent tension-based patterns in the body.

The corrective exercises, called Somatic Movement Flows, are ideal for overcoming bodily pain and dramatically increasing flexibility through the healing power of brain to muscle awareness and re-education.

GSY has been synthesized by Integrative Therapist and Yoga Teacher James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE. This progressive method is the synergy of mindful movement and meditation. It is inspired by the work of Eleanor Criswell, Thomas Hanna, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Lawrence Gold.

This Introductory Training Program will introduce you to the Gentle Somatic Yoga® practice as created by James Knight, E-RYT and CHSE. You will learn how to re-pattern the body and mind to move more freely so you can take this practice into your Yoga Teaching.

You will learn a series of Somatic Movement Flows® and Somatic Theory Topics including: Sensory Motor Amnesia, The three neuromuscular reflexes to stress: Red, Green, and Trauma Reflex, Self Pandiculation, Modifications for chair yoga, Tips/props for other specialty audiences.

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This motivational and action-packed 4-hour workshop will help launch you into the world of GSY with:

    • 5 separate training modules
    • Self-paced and user-friendly technology
    • Step-by-step in-depth instructions for over 16 GSY Somatic Movement Flows™
    • A 37-page downloadable handout that summarizes the science, philosophy, and theory behind GSY

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Sneak Preview

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Jan F., Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Yoga Teacher

The Gentle Somatic Yoga course with James Knight was fantastic. I was not familiar with him and now have found another yoga teacher to follow. His teaching style is wonderful and very engaging. The content of the course was exactly what I’m interested in and he does a great job of explaining and coaching the various movements. I will be looking for more educational offerings with him in the future. Thank you so much for what you do and the love and enthusiasm for yoga with an aging population that you display.

Jasmine M., Queensland, Australia

Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist

I really enjoyed it. Learnt a lot and feel much freer in my body already. I am very keen to do the full 100 hr course so please let me know when it is released, as I am in Australia so will have to be online. I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist and have already started to use little snippets in my classes with great response. After about a week and a half of practicing GSY every other day, I did my regular personal home practice this morning and am feeling like I have a lot more space in my body. This work is amazing!

Live Workshop Attendees

“James has such an engaging nature – he pulls you in to his enthusiasm. Will incorporate more somatics into my classes and look forward to more info on visualization.”

“I like James’ personal approach and openness. He explains concepts very clearly and skillfully alternates discussions with practice. I really appreciate that he demonstrated chair versions of somatic movements.”

“Awesome! It really brought home the idea of the fascia-so simple but such effects. Just so impressed.”

“James is so passionate about what he does. His energy shines thru his eyes and truly concerned about each and every individual.”

“Very good session. The energy was good, a lot of information that I can use for my students.”

“Learning about somatics today was so refreshing and opened a new world of opportunities.”


Yoga Teacher

I thought the [online] course was fantastic and it took me more than four hours as I could go over things and look in detail at what he was teaching and how he was teaching it. I think Somatics is wonderful!!

Lee Terryberry, Round Hill, Virginia, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I just wanted to say thank you for recommending that I look into the online Intro to James Knight’s Gentle Somatic Yoga that you offer. I have been using all of James Knight’s GSF’s daily off his YouTube channel as the major source of physiological therapy for my SMA and injuries. All have been a key of my success and healing, as well as an integral part of my daily routine or lifestyle. I am very eager to start the remainder of the 100-120 hour online GSY. Just as with your online Chair Yoga program, I know it will be almost like being there, on the mat or chair, learning. Thank you for the detail that goes into providing such excellent, excellent teaching and for the invaluable resource of information through your handouts and outstanding videos (So many videos!!!). I can hardly wait.

Live Workshop Attendees

“Totally met and surpassed my needs and expectations. I received the reminders I needed in feeling his postures inside out and received new insights in translating the poses to the chair. As always, James both spoke and listened in a personable and understandable way. He brought out the best ideas from all of us!”

“New concept for me. What an enthusiastic and positive guy.”

“Challenging and useful information. Very nice presentation.”

“I learned so much! He is such a gigantic ‘heart’. This was my 2nd time to experience his work, and it’s starting to settle into my slow brain! 🙂 Can’t wait to learn more!”

“Your passion for your work radiates! It was so helpful to receive experience of your teaching of the somatic movements – it will make my presentation of them to my students much easier. Love your work, love your teaching. Appreciated the chair demo’s.”

“Content well organized.”