Course: Grow Your Classes with Sponsorships with Shelly Anderson


Course Outline

Module 1 Grow Your Classes with Sponsorships
Unit 1 Video: Using Sponsorships to Grow Your Classes
Unit 2 Handout: Grow Your Classes with Sponsorships
Unit 3 Top 5 Tips for Sponsorships

Course Description

How can you make $100+ a class teaching Yoga while your students don’t have to pay anything? We surely wanted to know… and we thought you would too! Shelly Anderson approached us with the idea of sharing her behind-the-scenes approach to obtaining Sponsors to support her Chair Yoga classes in her hometown in Florida.

Shelly Anderson is a certified Yoga instructor who specializes in Chair Yoga for Seniors. She started teaching over three years ago, and has been successful building her classes in the community using corporate sponsors. Sponsorships allow you to earn a good salary for teaching Yoga, while your students receive the class at no charge. In this Workshop, Shelly will share her experience and methods for finding and securing long-term sponsor relationships.

This workshop will address:

  • How sponsorships are used to offer FREE Yoga classes to your students
  • What is the profile of a good Sponsor?
  • Marketing and advertising ideas to obtain and maintain a Sponsor
  • Examples of sponsorships in the real world of teaching Yoga
  • Top 5 Tips to Getting a Sponsor

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Course Materials:

Includes a Video Workshop and follow-along, downloadable Powerpoint presentation.

Duration: 1.0 hour – Receive Yoga Alliance approved non-contact CEU.


“I never would have thought to use a Sponsor! What a great idea! Thanks for the talk and history of how sponsorships are working for you!”

“Very creative, informative and practical!”

“Very Interesting! Sharing her experience in finding and developing a niche market was very generous of Shelly!”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

Workshop Preview