Fast Track Coaching Program: Online Yoga Teacher Training

Need a Structured Timeline to Complete your Online Certification?

Our FastTrack Coaching Program is a one-on-one relationship with an Academy-Certified Yoga Teacher who will assist you in completing your Yoga Vista Academy Teacher Training and Certification Programs. Our goal is to empower you with structure, support and accountability to put you on the FastTrack to completion of the course within 5 months.

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Program Benefits:

  • Complete the course within 5 months
  • Feel connected to a community of Yoga Teachers that share your passion
  • Receive encouragement and support when you get stuck or off-track
  • Access to Academy Staff and Teachers
  • Discuss challenges and/or brainstorm ideas in your Check-in Sessions

Program Details:

  • Course Syllabus with suggested monthly assignments and homework to help you reach your completion goal!
  • Bi-weekly (every two weeks) Check-in
  • Email access to your Mentor
  • Private Facebook Group page
  • Coursework Tips and Strategies
  • Final Teachback guidance and preparation tips
  • Kick-off group conference call
  • Access to the “Ask the Expert” Academy resource

Starts January 15, 2020

Graduate by Summer of 2021

For those of you who want virtual community support to complete your Online Yoga Vista Academy’s Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Programs, this FastTrack Coaching program is for you!

First Come, First Served! Availability Limited!

You must be enrolled in the respective Yoga Vista Academy Online Training Program before you join this FastTrack Coaching Program.  It’s not too late to enroll!

GREAT NEWS! Upon Graduation, you will receive CONTACT hours for your Online Training Program according to Yoga Alliance’s Covid-19 Virtual Provision through 2021. WOW!

Online FastTrack Coaching Program Details

  • Chair Yoga Program – $99 – Begins Jan 18 ends June 30, 2021
  • Gentle Yoga Program – $99 – Begins Jan 18 ends June 30, 2021
  • Low Back Care Program – $99 – Begins Jan 18 ends June 30, 2021
  • Chair Yoga Dance Program – $39 – Begins Jan 18 ends April 30, 2021

If you purchased a “Bundled” Program, select only ONE Program for this FastTrack Session.

Meet our Team of Yoga Vista Academy FastTrack Coaches!

Our Coaches are seasoned Yoga Teachers and Yoga Vista Academy Graduates who have led many teachers over the FastTrack Finish Line!  Each one has been a FastTrack student and coach so they know what is required to help YOU get your studies completed in a structured timeline! Our Coaches are Yoga teachers who actively teach live and online classes, so they are a wealth of knowledge and real-world support! 

Meet Corey, Coach for Chair Yoga and Gentle Yoga Programs

Now, more than ever, is the BEST time to get your Gentle or Chair Yoga certification, because more than ever people in YOUR community need to move and connect. YOU are the lamplighter, the connector, the guide to address this need. It is my privilege to walk alongside you from start to finish as you embark on this learning journey. As you begin to connect with the Yoga Vista Community, you will then be take the blessing and light that you receive and energize those in your community with love, knowledge and yoga! Ready? Let’s go!
Corey Stiles

Yoga Vista Academy Mentor Teacher, Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga and Low Back Care Teacher and Certified Life Coach

Meet Gerry, Coach for Low Back Care Program

As your coach, I’m dedicated to your success and bring a wealth of knowledge, personal skill and Yoga Vista Academy coaching experience to lead you on your journey to successfully complete your certification within 5 months. We’ll form an open, warm and inviting community created to inspire one another and receive support through group meetings, personal “1×1” sessions, check-ins, a closed FaceBook page, “Gerry Hugs” and more. Our community is non-competitive and friendly, and while you work at a suggested pace, I will help you find the right groove that works for you. You’ve already made a major step forward by enrolling in the certification program so join me, get inspired and cross the finish-line!

Gerry Hurtig

Yoga Vista Academy Mentor Teacher, Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair & Gentle Yoga and Low Back Care Teacher

Meet Karen, Coach for Chair Yoga Dance Program

I am thrilled that you have enrolled in the Chair Yoga Dance program which I promise will bring you light and joy during the challenging months that lay ahead of us due to the pandemic. I am also thrilled that Sherry has asked me to coach you through the program and help you graduate within five months. What can you expect from the FastTrack program? I will connect with you individually every two weeks to discuss your progress and areas where you may feel stuck. I will also host monthly Zoom for all FastTrack enrollees which will allow you to exchange questions, challenges and brainstorm ideas with others. You will also be able to exchange with me and other enrollees via a private Facebook Group.

Trust me, this program is like a good book that will not want to put down. Sherry has built the program in a neat a sequential way, like building blocks. You will quickly become comfortable with her cheerful and thorough teaching style. I look forward to sharing with you my own tips and experience and cheering you on as you make it to the finish line.

Karen Langevin

Yoga Vista Academy Mentor Teacher, Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Dance, Chair & Gentle Yoga and Low Back Care Teacher


I am so very glad I decided to sign up for the mentorship program. It made a huge difference in my progress in the program. The Mentoring program was VERY helpful! I do like to work on my own, and I thought I would easily be able to do that as I have before with other online (unrelated) courses. But as I noticed myself letting “life” get in the way of my keeping up my pace, and the offer for the Mentorship program was so affordable it made it a no brainer to give it a try.

I got a lot of value from the conference calls and sharing with the others in the group. It gave the experience a much more connected and personal feeling to speak with others going through the same process. 

Karen Wexler

Academy Certified Chair, Dance and Low Back Care Yoga Teach

Sometimes doing a course online can be lonely. Having the Mentor and the group, really helps to bring the students together. The Facebook Mentor group were also very encouraging and helpful with their support and ideas. We all wanted each other to succeed.  Gerry was an awesome Mentor and Coach and I would never have graduated without his support!

Suzanne Gifford

Academy Certified Gentle Yoga Teacher

While I got a lot out of the traditional online course, I kind of got hung up in the anatomy portion and the online mentoring program with Viki Boyko got me past that hurdle. The Teachback video was really hard for me to contemplate, and I’m not sure I would have gotten past that without Corey’s Live Mentoring class. Corey was fabulously supportive and also gave me a lot of ideas and a network of chair yoga instructors to work with.

Overall, the course taught me a lot – the fact that it took me a year and a half to finish might have had something to do with it! But, I do feel extraordinarily prepared to go out and teach!

Betty Willis

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I do love the course materials, You Tubes, newsletters, etc. but somehow I became, in Corey’s nice word, “stalled.” A few days after Corey emailed me, I finished the section on the spine and took the tests. Thank you for creating the mentor/cheerleader position. I feel I’m not alone now.

Judy Rycombel

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

Corey is a treasure – I am SO glad to have had her support in this journey. Thanks to her encouragement, I am through the final exam. I just need to spend more time watching videos and continuing to build on what I’ve already done, and in the next month or so, I can record my teachback. I already know what I will be writing for my field assignment, based on two friends in my class.

Jane Waterman

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher