Online Workshop Bundle: Knowledge Deep Dive Series 5-in-1

Course Description

* Want to deepen your expertise in teaching Yoga to the 50+ Population?

* Have you previously taken the Online Chair or Gentle Yoga Training Courses and want to add to your education?

These workshops are great for expanding your knowledge, skills and confidence in these very important topics and conditions you will see in working with the 50+ Population. Each of our Academy Presenters takes a Yogic perspective into these issues so that you can share medical, anatomical and yogic philosophy as it relates to these deep dive topic areas. Be prepared with knowledge so you can better educate your students so they can feel better! Learn how to teach Yoga for Seniors.

Course Materials:

Includes detailed, downloadable follow-along hand-outs for each Workshop in the series.

Duration: 15 Hours – Receive Yoga Alliance approved non-contact CEUs.

After these workshop you’ll understand:

  • What are the conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome
  • What is the difference between Dizziness and Vertigo and what can help remedy these issues
  • What are the issues around pelvic health and how Yoga can help
  • What your Ayurvedic dosha is and how to manage it through Yoga and health practices when things go awry
  • What are somatic movements and how can they enhance a Chair and Gentle Yoga practice
  • And lots more!

5 Video Workshops

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