Online Workshop: Incorporating Restorative Yoga into your Yoga Classes

Course Description

The course will cover the key basic concepts of Restorative Yoga addressing both the physical and esoteric principles of this powerful, yet subtle, Yoga practice. Kat will explain the physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System which is comprised of the Sympathetic (SNS) and Parasympathetic (PNS) nervous systems, and how you can help your students achieve the physiological conditions needed for relaxation.

Be prepared to learn some anatomy and physiology along with a comprehensive selection of Restorative Yoga Poses you can bring into your Gentle Yoga mat classes.

The Intention of a Restorative Yoga Practice is to promote maximum relaxation of the SNS so that the PNS can be activated.

After this workshop you’ll understand:

How To inhibit the SNS (i.e. quiet the brain):

  • withdraw as much sensory stimulation as possible (including stretching)
  • use head down postures
  • maintain darkness
  • keep warm
  • quiet the breath consciously – The heartbeat slows on exhalations and speeds on inhalations; lengthen exhale in centering breath

How To activate PNS, slow heart rate: (more info in Spirit Section)

  • light pressure on eyeballs (eye pillows and head wraps)
  • head down postures

This Workshop ends with a Restorative Yoga class which will tie together all the concepts presented in the Workshop.

Course Outline

Module 1 Handout: Incorporating Restorative Yoga into your Yoga Classes
Unit 1 Handout: Incorporating Restorative Yoga into your Yoga Classes
Module 2 Video Lectures: Restorative Yoga
Unit 1 Part 1 : Theory and Concepts behind Incorporating Restorative Yoga into your Yoga Classes
Unit 2 Part 2 - Full Restorative Class with Kat Gregory

More Information

Sneak Preview

There is almost nothing better than receiving a wonderful pampering neck and shoulder massage during Svasana. If you are a teacher, offering these massages is our way to give back some love and special attention to our students. Here are two ideas of how to approach and offer a wonderful massage on the mat, or on a chair.

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“Love! More please! I didn’t even remember this was part of the line-up. Thank you!”

“OMG! Kat! I LOVE! BEST restorative class … Ever! Let’s stay in touch – even though I said “Don’t ask!” I’d love to learn more about your Oregon retreat… xoxox”

“Very nice overview of restorative and the fundamentals. Helpful, useful and enjoyable. Kat is very knowledgeable and it was rewarding to learn many variations.”

“Best restorative practice I’ve ever attended!”

“A beautiful, healing practice. Kat placed much needed tender stitches in my newly broken heart.”

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