Online Workshop: Myth Asana – Myth of the Poses

Course Description

This unique workshop will help you to understand your Yoga practice at a deeper, magical level! Learn the myths behind many of our beloved Yoga poses, including sun salutations, warrior series, moon, and of course, Ganesha the elephant god, to name a few.

Be prepared to move and BE moved, by this playful journey into the myths and symbolism behind our yoga poses!

At the age of 33, Teresa curiously walked into her first yoga class. As the class began to succinctly flow to the haunting sounds of the ancient Sanskrit, she was deeply moved.  Today, Teresa weaves the beautiful symbolism of Hindu mythology within the grace and strength of yoga in her unique classes. In fact, Myth-Asana®  was created with just this in mind: to honor the lineage of yoga and to further instill a deep sense of connection in her students.  It was a natural movement for Teresa,  who with her background as a World Mythology instructor as well as a long-time yoga practitioner to create a unique expression of story-telling within the realm of yoga.

After this workshop you’ll understand:

  • The story and meaning behind many of the most beloved Yoga asanas
  • Why Ganesha got his trunk
  • What was the family fued that created the story for a well known Yoga pose
  • And many more….

Course Outline

Module 1 Video: Myth Asana Workshop with Teresa Austin
Unit 1 Video: Myth Asana Workshop with Teresa Austin
Unit 2 DVD: Full Length Myth Asana Yoga Practice with Teresa Austin

More Information

Sneak Preview

Join Teresa as she guides you through a visual imagery meditation in Legs up the Wall. World Mythology Teacher and Yogini, Teresa Austin, weaves the magical and poetic images of the story of Ganga, a young girl of the heavens, who was banished to the earth. Enjoy this 15 minute relaxing and inspiring journey.


Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Excellent presenter, very knowledgeable. First time I have actually learned in-depth about the meaning behind the poses.”

“Amazing! The very first class I’ve ever heard of on myth and asana. Inspired to create a class using this.”

“WOW! The asanas will never be the same. So much to share and absorb. Beautiful!”

“So interesting! A great summery of some of the stories and their relationship to the poses. I can share this historical information with my students.”

“Very knowledgeable. This was my first introduction to the “story” of the myths. Beautifully done!”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Exciting material and inspiring teaching. Nice to end with workshop with a blending of the practical and spiritual. Enjoyed the mythical art very much.”

“A beautiful end to a beautiful workshop. The depth of knowledge and thoughtful presentation were magical.”

“Teresa is extremely knowledgeable and I very much enjoyed hearing the stories, something I’ve wanted to know more about. I look forward to incorporating some of the stories into my class.”

“Magnificent presentation! Generous and loving presence, sharing her knowledge of the Hindu gods and goddesses and myths. Inspires me to want to read them in-depth and has given new meaning to the poses and their names. Beautiful Teresa!”

“I love story telling. Teresa did a great job fostering class discussions. I learned a lot from students experiences/ideas in this class. I loved honoring the gods and goddesses!”

Live Workshop Attendee

Yoga Teacher

“Teresa Austin had a genuine, friendly, welcoming and attentive presence which allowed the workshop participants, myself included, to relax and share freely in discussion. She introduced me to a new, and previously unexplored avenue for inward connection and gratitude, by guiding us to place our hands on our hearts and then bring our awareness and gratitude to its beating, which is more oft than not, taken for granted.”