Online Workshop: Pelvic Floor Health in the 50+ Population

Course Description

Incontinence, organ prolapse, prostrate issues – are these the inevitable conditions of aging? With the increase in these pelvic conditions, we as Yoga teachers need to be aware that our Boomer and Senior Yoga students are most likely experiencing some of these “private” challenges. The pelvis is such an important area of our body – our center of gravity, the home to our reproductive and elimination systems and a primary source of all of our movement. Most of us, however – even Yoga Teachers – don’t really have a full knowledge or sense of its anatomical workings. We care when things go wrong, but what can be done to mitigate them.

This workshop will take you into the physical workings of this very important part of our anatomy. As Yoga Teachers, we can learn ways to awaken our awareness to this area and adapt to a more healthy function of our muscles, posture and movement. Once we awaken, we can pass that empowerment on to our students.

After this workshop you’ll understand:

  • The Anatomy of the Pelvis
  • Function and Dysfunction of the Pelvic Floor
  • Medical and Holistic Approaches to Pelvic Floor Health
  • Recommended Exercises and Yoga Movements
  • And you will be laughing throughout…!

Course Outline

Module 1 Handout: Pelvic Floor Health in the 50+ Population
Unit 1 Handout: Pelvic Floor Health in the 50+ Population
Module 2 Video: Pelvic Floor Health in the 50+ Population - Part 1
Unit 1 Video: Preparation for Learning
Unit 2 Video: Part 1 - A Fun Introduction to your Pelvic Floor
Unit 3 Video: Part 2 - Anatomy and Function of the Pelvic Floor and What Can Go Wrong
Unit 4 Video: Part 3 - Holistic Approaches and Exercises for Pelvic Floor Health
Module 3 Extras: Educational Video Vignettes and other Resources from Viki
Unit 1 Video: Short Educational Vignettes to Share
Unit 2 Pelvic Floor Facebook Group
Module 4 Quiz: Pelvic Floor Health in the 50+ Population
Unit 1 Quiz: Pelvic Floor Health in the 50+ Population
Module 5 BONUS: Anatomy of Incontinence and Bladder Retraining Workshop Series with Sherry Zak Morris
Unit 1 Anatomy of Incontinence and Bladder Retraining Workshop Series with Sherry

Course Materials

  • Detailed 45+ page PDF Workshop Hand-out of all the poses and exercises discussed in the Workshop.
  • 3 hours of an educating, entertaining and enlightening video with Viki Boyko

Duration: 3 hours. Receive Yoga Alliance approved contact CEUs.

Sneak Preview

The pelvic floor has muscles that expand and contract with every breath we take. This movement keeps the pelvic muscles healthy which we need to keep our posture strong and stable, and our pelvic organs in place. If you are looking for ways to increase or maintain your pelvic floor health… make sure to include this simple and effective breathing practice. Enjoy Viki’s 3 hour Video Workshop that is chock full of useful, educational, entertaining and enlightening information for your Pelvic Floor Health.

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Anatomy of Incontinence and Bladder Retraining with Sherry Zak Morris

This 4-part Video Workshop Series will delve into how our body functions and what can go awry in the urination process. It was filmed as a Community Presentation in a roomful of students ages 50+. Great resource for Teachers to take into their community.

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Hegulka S., New York, New York, USA

Yoga Teacher

The workshop was great, and Viki was terrific. I didn’t know stopping your pee mid stream was problematic. I remember my OBGYN and an instructor in another training talking about stopping your pee as an example of kegels. I liked how Viki structured the workshop, going from broad strokes to fine lines. Talking about what the pelvic floor is, why it’s important, and how to train it held my attention and made the information digestible. Viki’s use of props, such as the pelvic floor muscles made of felt, the bag of oranges, and the buttons, was brilliant. This combined with her sense of humor and humility made the workshop accessible and memorable. Thank you for offering this workshop.

Paula Montalvo

Paula Montalvo

Vista, California | United States

I took the Online Pelvic Floor Workshop with Viki. I think this kind of workshop that you offer to teachers is very valuable and an experience that yoga teachers are rarely offered. It gave me some very valuable awareness information about a part of my body that I thought I knew. I think that much of what we already do in chair and standing yoga incorporates many good pelvic movements, and I am still studying some of the exercises in the workbook to try to adapt them to the chair.

Donna Wasneski

Donna Wasneski

Grand Junction, Colorado | United States

I found the pelvic floor workshop so good that I have mentioned my source of new knowledge to several fitness oriented individuals. My recommendations will help grow your business in the best way, word of mouth recommendations!

Chair Yoga Dance - CertifiedCorporate Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga CertifiedLow Back Certified

Pelvic Floor Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

” Enjoyed presentation, good mix of theory, fun and interactive. Great information and hand out.”

“Exceptional! Fun, useful, informative, relevant, applicable, good practical demonstration, interactive, a bit of a good time!!”

“It is such a fascinating topic. Viki = you did an awesome job!”

“Loved the interactive session – learning through movements to strengthen the pelvic floor. She made everything so understandable – definitely will incorporate into my practice and into teaching.”

“Viki has woven together an amazing body of information and has presented it in a way that was hands-on and entertaining. She made an embarrassing topic accessible and easy to understand. Thank you!”

“SO AMAZING! Love all the hands-on experience and handmade props! SO important to know this! She is such a play-filled teacher. So grateful for all of her expertise.”

“Oh my gosh, loved, loved, loved Viki and her style of teaching. I will remember her pelvic model (that she handmade last night) whenever teaching to my students! The best! The whole lesson was outstanding.”

“Viki was amazing. I never realized and never paid attention about the pelvic. Learned a lot – excellent information – and workshop. Was great, will share and use some information in teaching.”

Pelvic Floor Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Relevant, superbly presented. Clear, concise information. Wonderful humor, Ahimsa, great imaginative visualizations. Lots of ideas to bring to class. Thoroughly delightful. So much information!”

“Wow! Viki is a delight! Her topic was also so relevant to the senior population and working on creating awareness to the pelvic floor health will definitely be a goal of mine. I especially enjoyed the various activities that targeted ‘getting to know’ the various parts involved and the poses and how to use them in this journey. Wonderful Energy!”

“Viki is an awesome presenter and very informative. I just loved her!! :)”

” What a delightful presentation! Loved the humor! Loved the up and down physical practice! Made everything we were learning stick more. Thank you Viki!”

“Viki- Not a moment too soon! I think I can begin to work with my pelvic floor. ”

“FANTASTIC info and presentation. The tools you created and used to teach very complex info WERE GENIOUS! Now I have so much info to use as I move forward on my on-going journey to pelvic floor health.”

“Oh my gosh! Once again, topic presented in such a fun and engaging manner! Viki’s eye contact was outstanding – manual content organized and easy to access….(Actually, the entire manual is SUPER! Thank you!)”

“It was a really interesting education on the pelvic floor and conditions that can be associated with dysfunctional states. Her props were great! Her enthusiasm was contagious!”

Jill D., Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

Viki is a FABULOUS presenter! It gave me a great new appreciation for my own pelvis………just that awareness is so valuable to learning how we access movement in that area. Knowing that I can inhale and expand my sitting bones is VERY interesting!! (: Also, the c-curve importance was something that I know I will emphasize more often in all my classes. Thanks for all you do to share and assist us curious yogis!

Sabine Rivière Barrière, FRANCE

Yoga Teacher

What I like best with Yoga Vista Academy? So many things!! First and most of all, they teach a form of yoga that doesn’t hurt your body (ahimsa). From France, I can download valuable videos and workshops (last one on pelvic floor-amazing). I discovered chair yoga with Sherry’s Videos. It was new for me because we don’t have this approach here, so a great source of inspiration. I love Justine’s work too, with this bio-mechanics aspect, so brilliant!! And for sure, I will take time to discover the other teachers who seem so interesting too! Thank you Sherry to answer so kindly to my mails! Your personality and opening heart is a delight and an inspiration!

Sabine Riviere, FRANCE

Chair Yoga Teacher

I enjoyed it so much. For me, the anatomical part with the homemade fabrics was brilliant. A lot that I learned at the “De Gasquet Institute” is similar but Victoria’s style is so much impactful, with lots of great exercises and super creative ideas! I’m amazed by the quality of the pdf document too. What a work!! It’s full of care, respect and engagement… I’m touched in my heart !

Margaret Johnson

Yoga Teacher

The course was marvelous! The information and presentation was organized but not at all dry (no pun intended!)…Viki displays lots of spontaneity, sensitivity and humor which kept me engaged. In addition, I was amazed by the prevalence of the problem of urinary incontinence and since completing, have been on a quest to learn more. (As it turns out, the more people I talk to about this training, the more are coming forth to share their own struggles with stress or urgency incontinence.). Needless to say, my personal bathroom habits have begun to evolve in an effort to maintain my pelvic floor health. (I know this sounds odd, but every time I pee, I can’t help but think of Viki!) Thank you for hosting this very informative workshop. Kegel on!

Kandi Furphy

Kandi Furphy

Laramie, Wyoming | United States

Viki is so engaging before I knew it the hour was over and I was wanting more!

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