Online Workshop: Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Syndrome

Course Description

In our culture, we are seeing an alarming increase in the family of metabolic disorders that include Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and Dementia. The term metabolic refers to the biochemical processes involved in the body’s normal functioning. Metabolic syndrome is a dysfunction at the cellular level that progresses to a system wide disease throughout the body.

This workshop will be a deep dive into what is happening in the body as it ages and progresses into a disease state from a Western Medicine viewpoint. But, more excitedly, Monique will address how and why the practice of Yoga can affect these internal systems and help improve metabolic functions. Delving into the “Yogic wisdom of the Cell”, you will learn how Yoga practices and concepts such as Prana/Apana and Brahmacharya play an important role in re-igniting our internal system functions.

Come prepared to learn scientific, medical and Yogic teachings along with Therapeutic Yoga practices that you can take into your Yoga classes to empower your students to help break the cycle of metabolic breakdown.

A Unique, Refreshing and Interesting Approach

Monique, Justine and Sherry are colleagues, friends and fellow anatomy geeks.  As a Yoga Therapist, Monique is always looking for that blend of western medicine and holistic health perspectives in her teachings.  She is the Director of the prestigious Soul Institute’s Yoga Therapy program of which Justine and Sherry are on the teaching staff.  We are honored to share her very unique approach to understanding this critical collection of dis-eases known as “Metabolic Syndrome”.

If you teach to the 50+ population, there is no doubt you will run into these conditions.  Enjoy this refreshing presentation!

After this workshop you’ll understand:

  • What are the health conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome
  • What is the difference between a syndrome and a disease
  • What physiological processes affect each of the 3 conditions of Metabolic Syndrome and what causes them to go awry
  • How specific Yoga asanas can help manage these conditions
  • How to weave these asanas into a Gentle Yoga practice

Course Outline

Module 1 Video: Introduction and Fundamentals of Metabolic Syndrome
Unit 1 Video and Handout: Understanding Metabolic Syndrome in the 50+ Population
Module 2 Video: Deep Dives into High Cholesterol and Hypertension
Unit 1 Video: Deep Dives into High Cholesterol and Hypertension
Module 3 (1 Hr) VIdeo: Yoga Therapy Practice for Pre-Diabetes and Pre-Hypertension
Unit 1 Video: (1-Hr) Yoga Therapy Practice for Metabolic Syndrome
Module 4 Parting Thoughts: The Koshas
Unit 1 Video: Parting Thoughts: The Koshas
Module 5 Quiz: Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Syndrome
Unit 1 Quiz: Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Syndrome

More Information

Sneak Preview

Metabolic Syndrome is a complex health state which may be hard for the lay person to understand. If you have been diagnosed with this condition or know someone who has, this “easy to grasp” definition will help! Monique is a master at making complicated concepts understandable with humor and yes… a bit of dark chocolate.

Monique’s 3-Hour Educational and Experiential Online Workshop will open your eyes to this epidemic and help you understand why Yoga is so beneficial.

Knowledge 5-Pack Deep Dive Workshop Series for the 50+ Population

This workshop is included in the Knowledge Pack of 5 amazing workshops for the 50+ population.  This Workshop series is great for expanding your knowledge, skills and confidence in these very important topics and conditions you will see in working with the 50+ Population. Each of our Academy Presenters takes a Yogic perspective into these issues so that you can share medical, anatomical and yogic philosophy as it relates to these deep dive topic areas. Be prepared with knowledge so you can better educate your students so they can feel better!


“Monique’s presentation was so pertinent with the population I work with as they become more sedentary. I loved the use of Yoga and specific poses as disease intervention. The concept that Rest and Relaxation in Yoga allows the body to de-stress and benefit the issues of metabolic syndrome is my biggest takeaway form this presentation and will share it with students, friends and family. Thoroughly enjoyed the practice!”

“10+ Monique is great at explaining things and making it easy to understand. She is way knowledgeable and calming.”

“Loved Monique – MORE MORE MORE! Her presentation was SO simple, clear and easy to remember. Loved the part about prana, apana and brahmacharya. What else can we learn from Monique? LOVED the practice at the end! Thank you!!”

“Monique’s wonderful illustrations and making something so intricate understandable.”

Yoga Teachers

Live Workshop Attendees

I watched the Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Syndrome module of the Gentle Yoga Program. Monique Lonner has a lovely way of explaining the conditions (pre-diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol etc) in an easy to “digest” (haha) way. The accompanying manual is also very are easy to follow and reference.

Karen Langevin

Academy Certified Chair, Gentle and Low Back Care Yoga Teacher

“I’m trained as an ICU/CCU RN – career nurse x 20 years – I’ve never had this explained as thoroughly/understandably. EVER! I will take this info out into the world – should be required reading by all Western adults 50 and over! Outstanding – THANK YOU!”

“Loved, loved, loved how you presented all this info through a Yogic lens. You made very complex information very understandable! Wonderful movement practice.”

“She made a tough topic to grasp very clear and easy to understand. This is so important as a health issue today. The practice at the end was a perfect practice to illustrate the power of Yoga to deeply relax and mobilize energy in healing ways. ”

Yoga Teachers

Live Workshop Attendees