Why We Need to Sit Like a Man (SLAM)

By now you know that Justine and I are Anatomy geeks… which means we like to look at bodies, postures, pain and asanas from an anatomical perspective.

When this article came by my desk, I had an ah-ha anatomical moment.

Read the following excerpt from Dr. Barabra Bergin, an Orthopedic Doctor, on why she thinks some of these common conditions are caused by how we sit….

Caution: Anatomical terms ahead!

The Sit Like A Man acronym (SLAM) by Dr. Bergin

I refer to it on a daily basis for my patients suffering from conditions such as patellar malalignment and chondromalacia, greater trochanteric bursitis, piriformis syndrome, and gluteal tendonitis. The concept even applies down the calf with iliotibial band syndrome, and all the way to the ankle with posterior tibialis tendonitis.

I’m even throwing in some freebees with peroneal neuritis and plantar fascitis, since they’re not really due to biomechanical stresses, but are related to the way we sit.

Some of these conditions are seen almost exclusively in women. Frankly it’s my “gut” feeling that they’re all seen more commonly in my female patients. And an orthopedic surgeon’s gut counts for something.