Come Dance with Sherry at the La Yoga Expo - January 4, 2020

Let’s Get Moving Together in the New Year!

What a great way to kick off the new year than dancing and having fun.  We will be moving, swaying, (maybe singing) our way to a fun and fabulous fitness workout!

Join me!

We offer ONLINE Trainings and Workshops… and do some Live! Here they are!


Live Attendees: Deskworkers

High Tech Workers


“The different ways you sit and how that plays into your spinal posture and long term effects. It was a great Yoga Refresher on a calmer, more protective way of doing Yoga that is nurturing. And I learned about Breathing the pace, the connection and value that breathing plays into a good stretch.”

” That your muscles hold all your bones in place. I learned different ways to meditate and the best lying position for your spine.”

“How things work in my Anatomy. I want to remember to practice this and I know I need to relax. I need to practice – more!”

“I learned about the specific small muscles that impact the rest of the body, and about breathing/meditation.”

“I learned a whole lot about muscles. I realized how enjoyable Yoga and that it is a real benefit. I learned about the Breathing right left nostril thing.”

“How to open up and breathe!”

“I didn’t know anything about Anatomy! I learned the Breathing Effects of breathing through left nostril vs. right nostril.”

Hegulka S., New York, New York, USA

Yoga Teacher

The workshop was great, and Viki was terrific. I didn’t know stopping your pee mid stream was problematic. I remember my OBGYN and an instructor in another training talking about stopping your pee as an example of kegels. I liked how Viki structured the workshop, going from broad strokes to fine lines. Talking about what the pelvic floor is, why it’s important, and how to train it held my attention and made the information digestible. Viki’s use of props, such as the pelvic floor muscles made of felt, the bag of oranges, and the buttons, was brilliant. This combined with her sense of humor and humility made the workshop accessible and memorable. Thank you for offering this workshop.

Patty Geiger, Cary, North Carolina, USA

Owner, StudioVIBE

You guys are the BEST! Love your energy, professionalism, knowledge…LOVE!!!
TGIF and thanks so much for having us as your NC “hOMe”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Tough topic – but she explained everything in “Yoga” terms – so very easy to comprehend. Learning about the cells, cytokines, LDL and plaque, etc., etc. and explanation of Yoga Therapy intervention excellent.”

“Loved her calm and energy, soothing voice. Another knowledgeable teacher. Fascinating and complex topic taught at an understandable level. Something I didn’t think I would ‘get’ but she made it very simple to take in. Loved that she included an hour of asanas!”

Live Workshop Attendees

“Excellent presentation skills and cuing for the exercises. I learned some new moves to help my senior students. I liked the way Sherry related the moves to the muscle groups and the reason why we should do the movements.”

“Tremendous – when is the book coming out!! A wealth of info. Could not say enough, what you are doing for the profession with your teaching and online videos is just great. You are a Yoga hero!”

“Great as usual. Every time I listen to you, Sherry, you are fun and you are always add so many new things. Thank you.”

Live Workshop Attendees

“James has such an engaging nature – he pulls you in to his enthusiasm. Will incorporate more somatics into my classes and look forward to more info on visualization.”

“I like James’ personal approach and openness. He explains concepts very clearly and skillfully alternates discussions with practice. I really appreciate that he demonstrated chair versions of somatic movements.”

“Awesome! It really brought home the idea of the fascia-so simple but such effects. Just so impressed.”

“James is so passionate about what he does. His energy shines thru his eyes and truly concerned about each and every individual.”

“Very good session. The energy was good, a lot of information that I can use for my students.”

“Learning about somatics today was so refreshing and opened a new world of opportunities.”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“I loved looking at the case studies because that makes it real and relative. Looking at the issue and then having prescription is great.”

“The project was well planned, researched, and carried out. The postural observations, structural analysis of misalignment causes, together with specific asana and strengthening exercises to correct specific misalignments were insightful, well though out, and rigorously documented. The methodologies were clearly explained and documented, making the process accessible to yoga teachers wishing to implement the principles in their individual teaching niches. Sherry’s enthusiasm and effervescent personality are
contagious and inspiring.”

Live Workshop Attendee

Yoga Teacher

“Teresa Austin had a genuine, friendly, welcoming and attentive presence which allowed the workshop participants, myself included, to relax and share freely in discussion. She introduced me to a new, and previously unexplored avenue for inward connection and gratitude, by guiding us to place our hands on our hearts and then bring our awareness and gratitude to its beating, which is more oft than not, taken for granted.”

Sabine Riviere, FRANCE

Chair Yoga Teacher

I enjoyed it so much. For me, the anatomical part with the homemade fabrics was brilliant. A lot that I learned at the “De Gasquet Institute” is similar but Victoria’s style is so much impactful, with lots of great exercises and super creative ideas! I’m amazed by the quality of the pdf document too. What a work!! It’s full of care, respect and engagement… I’m touched in my heart !

Christina G., Vienna, Virginia, USA

Hatha Yoga Teacher

I truly believe that all YTT 200 programs should also include a course like this one for aging/older adult population. Even though I tend to have clients that are between 16-40 I believe that it would be beneficial to have this type of knowledge under your belt.

Cathy, San Diego, California, USA

SAYCO Chair Yoga Teacher

I learned many new things and I especially liked the fact I didn’t have to take notes, I could sit and listen! I learn and retain information better by experiencing. The PDF handout is a gem.

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Monique’s presentation was so pertinent with the population I work with as they become more sedentary. I loved the use of Yoga and specific poses as disease intervention. The concept that Rest and Relaxation in Yoga allows the body to de-stress and benefit the issues of metabolic syndrome is my biggest takeaway form this presentation and will share it with students, friends and family. Thoroughly enjoyed the practice!”

“10+ Monique is great at explaining things and making it easy to understand. She is way knowledgeable and calming.”

“Loved Monique – MORE MORE MORE! Her presentation was SO simple, clear and easy to remember. Loved the part about prana, apana and brahmacharya. What else can we learn from Monique? LOVED the practice at the end! Thank you!!”

“Monique’s wonderful illustrations and making something so intricate understandable.”

Marlene P., Santa Barbara, California, USA

Senior Yoga Teacher

I so enjoyed your workshop and feel so good that my ‘hunch’ about you from your online videos was right! You are an exceptional educator and mentor. I am so touched by how generous you are to share your pearls of wisdom and your many many movement ideas with such vast numbers of people. This quality speaks to the kind of person you are—sincere and completely lacking in any ego-driven need to be covetous of your work!

Laure Sears

Laure Sears

Newhall, California | United States

I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic workshop yesterday. When I taught today, I felt so inspired to try new poses with my students as well as doing a bit more explaining. The way you wove the workshop together made it so informative, kept us moving and gave us relevant information that we will be able to utilize daily in our classes.

Chair Yoga CertifiedChair Yoga Dance - Trained

Paula Montalvo

Paula Montalvo

Vista, California | United States

I took the Online Pelvic Floor Workshop with Viki. I think this kind of workshop that you offer to teachers is very valuable and an experience that yoga teachers are rarely offered. It gave me some very valuable awareness information about a part of my body that I thought I knew. I think that much of what we already do in chair and standing yoga incorporates many good pelvic movements, and I am still studying some of the exercises in the workbook to try to adapt them to the chair.

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Comprehensive and well‐presented. Inspiring to include posture enhancing asanas and facts in each class. Convincingly presented to inform that posture is foundationally important.”

“Very in‐depth! Loved all the visuals. Appreciated all the different angle/shots of REAL bodies. Gridlines helps me see more. I appreciate so many poses shared in the manual.”

“The case studies were informative and very applicable to teaching yoga safely. Sherry’s knowledge of body alignment presented in a user‐friendly manner was just great.”

Karen Roberts

Karen Roberts

Port Macquarie | Australia

Loved the connection to other yoga concepts such as the yamas and nyamas, fantastic and easy to understand description about how these diseases start, info about the role of the diaphragm and it’s movement and beneficial effects on the organs, lots of useful extra pointers in the stretches and breathing. the simplicity of restorative poses.

Chair Yoga CertifiedChair Yoga Dance - CertifiedGentle Yoga Certified

Jill D., Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

Viki is a FABULOUS presenter! It gave me a great new appreciation for my own pelvis………just that awareness is so valuable to learning how we access movement in that area. Knowing that I can inhale and expand my sitting bones is VERY interesting!! (: Also, the c-curve importance was something that I know I will emphasize more often in all my classes. Thanks for all you do to share and assist us curious yogis!

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“I learned more about metabolic syndrome than I ever have! And I have it. I can’t wait to download it! I LOVED her practice.”

“Good presentation – cohesive, followed structure, handled complicated topic in easily accepted format. Visuals excellent. ”

“Interesting and presented in an understandable format – a topic that affects many seniors – so information is vital for a safe practice.”

Jacob Fuller

Jacob Fuller

Dallas Metro Area, Texas | United States

I learned so much from your videos, style, instruction and care! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!

Gentle Yoga Certified

Live Attendees: Deskworkers

High Tech Workers


“I liked that we were able to get a brief intro in the beginning of class to learn about what and why we were practicing in class and how it affects us everyday. ”

“There was so much to learn. It was much better than being fire hosed with everything all at once. Breaking it up into several sessions was a great idea.”

“Can’t wait to get Sherry’s videos and do these on a nightly basis at home.”

“The lecture helps me visualize what muscles I am working.”

“I liked all the explanation throughout the entire Series. So much new information I did not know about.”

“What she was teaching in lecture is what we focused on in the class. It tied it all together. “

Pelvic Floor Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Relevant, superbly presented. Clear, concise information. Wonderful humor, Ahimsa, great imaginative visualizations. Lots of ideas to bring to class. Thoroughly delightful. So much information!”

“Wow! Viki is a delight! Her topic was also so relevant to the senior population and working on creating awareness to the pelvic floor health will definitely be a goal of mine. I especially enjoyed the various activities that targeted ‘getting to know’ the various parts involved and the poses and how to use them in this journey. Wonderful Energy!”

“Viki is an awesome presenter and very informative. I just loved her!! :)”

” What a delightful presentation! Loved the humor! Loved the up and down physical practice! Made everything we were learning stick more. Thank you Viki!”

“Viki- Not a moment too soon! I think I can begin to work with my pelvic floor. ”

“FANTASTIC info and presentation. The tools you created and used to teach very complex info WERE GENIOUS! Now I have so much info to use as I move forward on my on-going journey to pelvic floor health.”

“Oh my gosh! Once again, topic presented in such a fun and engaging manner! Viki’s eye contact was outstanding – manual content organized and easy to access….(Actually, the entire manual is SUPER! Thank you!)”

“It was a really interesting education on the pelvic floor and conditions that can be associated with dysfunctional states. Her props were great! Her enthusiasm was contagious!”

Denyse Le Fever, Falls Church, Virginia, USA

Yoga Teacher

Sherry – This week FB reminded me it’s been two years since I took your training when you came to VA. What a wild and crazy two years it has been. I believe I told you before, it was your training that was pivotal to re-igniting my love of yoga and reminding me why I had elected to become a teacher at such a late stage of my life. Since June 2017 I began subbing a chair yoga class in a residential retirement community – just a few classes at first, because I couldn’t commit too much time as my hubby was healing. This class as well as a gentle class I taught brought joy back into my life. Flash forward 2 years, I now have a pretty good portfolio of chair yoga dances, both those I learned from you and those which students asked me to design a chair yoga dance to tunes of their favorite songs.

Live Attendees: Deskworkers

High Tech Workers


“I use the techniques to stretch and move my body throughout the day hopefully preventing muscle/tendons/etc. issues.”

“I am aware of my posture when at my PC and correct it more often than before.”

“Improving my posture. Stretching regularly.”

“Sit Up More!”

“Constantly be more aware of my posture and work on breathing exercises.”

“I try and remember to stretch!”

Joanne Stark, San Diego, California, USA

Chairman, Silver Age Yoga

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing talk you gave on osteoarthritis yesterday for SAYCO. You are a fantastic teacher! Everyone in the room was engaged. I can see why so many of the SAYCO teachers were thrilled to have you provide the CEU workshop; you are such a great speaker. You gave us solid content, made it personal, and made it fun. You are an absolute inspiration!

Jacob Fuller, Dallas, Texas, USA

Gentle Yoga Teacher

I use a lot of your suggestions and really love your training. I am happy to be a part of the Yoga Academy community, and thanks for you all and your hard work with the training, it sure helps my teaching!!!

Ellen Y., Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Yoga Teacher

It was such a joy to be with you both in Cary. You compliment each other so well. Sherry, I love your energy and uniquely generous spirit of sharing your experience and knowledge in working with others. I could see first hand how you reach a wide audience. Justine, your calm approach and clear knowledge of the human body is solid and refreshing.

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Excellent presenter, very knowledgeable. First time I have actually learned in-depth about the meaning behind the poses.”

“Amazing! The very first class I’ve ever heard of on myth and asana. Inspired to create a class using this.”

“WOW! The asanas will never be the same. So much to share and absorb. Beautiful!”

“So interesting! A great summery of some of the stories and their relationship to the poses. I can share this historical information with my students.”

“Very knowledgeable. This was my first introduction to the “story” of the myths. Beautifully done!”

V.W., Washington, DC, USA

Teacher and Yoga Alliance Conference Attendee

I had the pleasure of attending a Workshop with Sherry in DC. What a powerhouse, filled with knowledge, humor and a joyful way of imparting her know-how.”

Live Workshop Attendees

“Totally met and surpassed my needs and expectations. I received the reminders I needed in feeling his postures inside out and received new insights in translating the poses to the chair. As always, James both spoke and listened in a personable and understandable way. He brought out the best ideas from all of us!”

“New concept for me. What an enthusiastic and positive guy.”

“Challenging and useful information. Very nice presentation.”

“I learned so much! He is such a gigantic ‘heart’. This was my 2nd time to experience his work, and it’s starting to settle into my slow brain! 🙂 Can’t wait to learn more!”

“Your passion for your work radiates! It was so helpful to receive experience of your teaching of the somatic movements – it will make my presentation of them to my students much easier. Love your work, love your teaching. Appreciated the chair demo’s.”

“Content well organized.”

Donna Wasneski

Donna Wasneski

Grand Junction, Colorado | United States

I found the pelvic floor workshop so good that I have mentioned my source of new knowledge to several fitness oriented individuals. My recommendations will help grow your business in the best way, word of mouth recommendations!

Chair Yoga Dance - CertifiedCorporate Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga CertifiedLow Back Certified

Camri McAvoy

Camri McAvoy

Boulder, Colorado | United States

The course was so well organized and informative. I’m really glad that I decided to expand on that weekend workshop with you in Chicago and pursue the full certification.

Chair Yoga Certified

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Loved this session incorporating lots of cactus arm use for back strengthening and holding flat back. Sherry’s energy and generosity is so inspirational.”

“Very interesting ‐ especially survey results. Your students are almost the same age as mine with similar issues. So great to see the improvements!”

“It gave me ideas to photograph my students.”

“Awesome information. A great baseline to be more information with students issues (structurally) Excellent.”

“Sherry, love your teaching style! You connect with students in a beautiful way. Keep spreading the love!”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“I’m trained as an ICU/CCU RN – career nurse x 20 years – I’ve never had this explained as thoroughly/understandably. EVER! I will take this info out into the world – should be required reading by all Western adults 50 and over! Outstanding – THANK YOU!”

“Loved, loved, loved how you presented all this info through a Yogic lens. You made very complex information very understandable! Wonderful movement practice.”

“She made a tough topic to grasp very clear and easy to understand. This is so important as a health issue today. The practice at the end was a perfect practice to illustrate the power of Yoga to deeply relax and mobilize energy in healing ways. ”

Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Wonderful info on how to get into corporations. Clear explanations of the ramifications of repetitive postures at work.”

“Sherry is a fabulous presenter. Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious. The material presented was concise, sequential and extremely practical. I felt there were so many tips that I can immediately put into practice. Thank you!”

“Excellent information! I have a ‘bucket sitter’ student at home. I can’t wait to offer him exercises to help with head and neck tension and to stretch those tight hamstrings.”

“Loved all the ideas to bringing Yoga to the desk world… they need it so much!”

Melinda P., Strongsville, Ohio, USA

Yoga Teacher

I enjoyed your workshop very much. I feel a big shift coming in my teaching philosophy as a result of the knowledge your are sharing. I look forward to reading the manual, watching and doing more of your videos, and the next live workshop.

Terri R., San Diego, California, USA

SAYCO Chair Yoga Teacher

Justine’s delivery is so casual and down to earth, I hope to be like that when I teach. I came home right away and shared these concepts and new postures with my husband who has a hereniated disc in the lumber area.

CEU Weekend Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“I have nothing but gratitude for this amazing workshop. Heart, wisdom, practicality, sharing…wonderful gathering of beautiful Souls! Thank you! Hope to attend another workshop in the future.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with other Yoga teachers and learn about their training, their classes and their ideas about changing and modifying gentle/restorative and chair poses.”

“I loved this workshop last year – and tho I knew there would be new, wonderful changes and additions this year, it surpassed my expectations all the way around.”

“LOVED the format and all presenters. Thank you :o)”

“Wonderful class-inspiring, educational and fun. Thank you all!”

“I really enjoyed this whole 4 day workshop with really nice other teachers and you all worked hard for this whole presentation was just excellent.”

“Well organized, presented with nice mix of knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing. Great practicality to take into teaching and practice.”

Pelvic Floor Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

” Enjoyed presentation, good mix of theory, fun and interactive. Great information and hand out.”

“Exceptional! Fun, useful, informative, relevant, applicable, good practical demonstration, interactive, a bit of a good time!!”

“It is such a fascinating topic. Viki = you did an awesome job!”

“Loved the interactive session – learning through movements to strengthen the pelvic floor. She made everything so understandable – definitely will incorporate into my practice and into teaching.”

“Viki has woven together an amazing body of information and has presented it in a way that was hands-on and entertaining. She made an embarrassing topic accessible and easy to understand. Thank you!”

“SO AMAZING! Love all the hands-on experience and handmade props! SO important to know this! She is such a play-filled teacher. So grateful for all of her expertise.”

“Oh my gosh, loved, loved, loved Viki and her style of teaching. I will remember her pelvic model (that she handmade last night) whenever teaching to my students! The best! The whole lesson was outstanding.”

“Viki was amazing. I never realized and never paid attention about the pelvic. Learned a lot – excellent information – and workshop. Was great, will share and use some information in teaching.”

Evelyn, California, USA

Yoga Teacher

During my 25+ year teaching career, I’ve loved the challenge of discovering creative postural modifications to help students. I was inspired to be in the company of you 2 yoginis who are committed to sharing yoga knowledge and positive energy on a large scale with instructors and students. Your Light-Bearing service is a gift to the community!

Sabine Rivière Barrière, FRANCE

Yoga Teacher

What I like best with Yoga Vista Academy? So many things!! First and most of all, they teach a form of yoga that doesn’t hurt your body (ahimsa). From France, I can download valuable videos and workshops (last one on pelvic floor-amazing). I discovered chair yoga with Sherry’s Videos. It was new for me because we don’t have this approach here, so a great source of inspiration. I love Justine’s work too, with this bio-mechanics aspect, so brilliant!! And for sure, I will take time to discover the other teachers who seem so interesting too! Thank you Sherry to answer so kindly to my mails! Your personality and opening heart is a delight and an inspiration!

Margaret Johnson

Yoga Teacher

The course was marvelous! The information and presentation was organized but not at all dry (no pun intended!)…Viki displays lots of spontaneity, sensitivity and humor which kept me engaged. In addition, I was amazed by the prevalence of the problem of urinary incontinence and since completing, have been on a quest to learn more. (As it turns out, the more people I talk to about this training, the more are coming forth to share their own struggles with stress or urgency incontinence.). Needless to say, my personal bathroom habits have begun to evolve in an effort to maintain my pelvic floor health. (I know this sounds odd, but every time I pee, I can’t help but think of Viki!) Thank you for hosting this very informative workshop. Kegel on!

Evelyn T., San Diego, California, USA

SAYCO Chair Yoga Teacher

Your handout is well organized, well written and easy to understand. The photos and anatomy charts are very helpful. I appreciate that you included suggested modifications of poses and sample class sequences for our study. Justine, I admired your personal mix of ‘gravitas’ and humor, command of the subject, and skill in giving clear instruction for poses.

Pat P., Vienna, Virginia, USA

Yoga Teacher

I subbed a beginner class yesterday and when i checked in with everyone – one man told me he couldn’t do very much as he had spinal stenosis. Told him i had just done a workshop with you and i guess i asked him all the right questions. He did everything in the class with no pain. Thank you – sometimes you never know where your ripples lead. He left saying his back felt so much better – Thank you!!!

Paul Reavis, Vienna, Virginia, USA

Chair Yoga Teacher

A combination of experience, peer reviewed knowledge and a desire to spread the word. One of, if not the best trainings I have ever attended.

Kay Jensen, Pt. Townsend, Washington, USA

Yoga Teacher

How JAZZED I am to have met so many folks committed to the true Path that is the Yoga Vista “way”!

And, as I said in my evaluation, each presentation, all by itself, was TOTALLY worth the price of admission, on so many levels. Thank you, Justine and Sherry, for your incredible modeling of leadership, mentorship, and friendship, and gratitude as well for encouraging all of us to push through the challenges (mostly self-imposed!) as guides on this Path. It’s exciting, and VERY fun.

What an honor to have spent time sharing The Practice with you!

Cheryl W., Vienna, Virginia, USA

Gentle and Chair Yoga Teacher

I really enjoyed your workshop and I learned a lot. At this time in my yoga teaching life I am very picky who I study with. I want to learn something for my students, learn something for me, and get a good ROI (return on investment) of time and money. You both hit all of these requirements and much more. Also I really appreciated your extensive handouts. Being a former tech head in my past life who had to attend a lot of technical training classes, I really value a comprehensive handout.

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Love! More please! I didn’t even remember this was part of the line-up. Thank you!”

“OMG! Kat! I LOVE! BEST restorative class … Ever! Let’s stay in touch – even though I said “Don’t ask!” I’d love to learn more about your Oregon retreat… xoxox”

“Very nice overview of restorative and the fundamentals. Helpful, useful and enjoyable. Kat is very knowledgeable and it was rewarding to learn many variations.”

“Best restorative practice I’ve ever attended!”

“A beautiful, healing practice. Kat placed much needed tender stitches in my newly broken heart.”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Loved Kat and her presentation. She gave me confidence that I can now offer a restorative class to my students, something they want and I want to do. Just have to convince them to buy some props! Her love and compassion is evident. She has a beautiful heart, and a great sense of humor.”

“Gentle Kat – so easy to trust. I melted into all her beautiful restorative poses. Great balance between explanations, answering questions, yet plenty of time to completely surrender in the poses – she was wonderful.”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“The demonstration of poses was especially eye-opening as you explained, not just what you were doing, but why it mattered for Seniors.”

“Love the energy and playful approach! Yoga is meant to be fun and playful!”

“Very helpful! Learned more about the realities of working in these facilities.”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Exciting material and inspiring teaching. Nice to end with workshop with a blending of the practical and spiritual. Enjoyed the mythical art very much.”

“A beautiful end to a beautiful workshop. The depth of knowledge and thoughtful presentation were magical.”

“Teresa is extremely knowledgeable and I very much enjoyed hearing the stories, something I’ve wanted to know more about. I look forward to incorporating some of the stories into my class.”

“Magnificent presentation! Generous and loving presence, sharing her knowledge of the Hindu gods and goddesses and myths. Inspires me to want to read them in-depth and has given new meaning to the poses and their names. Beautiful Teresa!”

“I love story telling. Teresa did a great job fostering class discussions. I learned a lot from students experiences/ideas in this class. I loved honoring the gods and goddesses!”

Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Pertinent, energized presentation of LOTS of material in an understandable, ‘digestible’ manner. Especially appreciated thoughts about accessing your corporate wellness possibilities. Sherry, you absolutely walk your joyful talk.”

“Always fresh, creative and inspiring! This is such a relevant concern in today’s world. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t present with tech based pain issues.”

“Loved it! Very thorough, fun, enjoyed the stretching exercises. Really appreciate the sample flyers to use for my own marketing.”

“So much useful information! This is such an important topic that is useful not just on a teaching level, but for family, friends and myself. It is always wonderful to practice while learning.”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Delightful! So sweet! Loved the yoga nidra. I was not expecting restorative Yoga. I think this was my favorite part of the weekend.”

“Kat seems to have the perfect personality for Restorative Yoga. Enjoyed her presentation and her poses were very relaxing.”

“A beautiful practice and I learned a lot about the physiological conditions necessary for relaxation.”

Pat P., Vienna, Virginia, USA

Yoga Teacher

I really loved the weekend with you and Sherry. About 5 years ago I was hired to bring yoga into a wellness center run by 4 orthopedic surgeons. They wanted to have a place for their patients to transition to after PT. I was asked to work with a lot of people with joint replacements and back issues. So my google search lead me to yoga vista academy. I learned so much from your newsletters and videos and was able to take that into the center. When Dawn said you were coming – I was so excited and grateful. That was the most inspiring weekend. Thank you for all the good work you do and your overwhelming generosity!!!

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Lovely practice and beautiful presentation.”

“Nice sequence and presentation. I felt so refreshed.”

“Fabulous! Her sweet soft voice is PERFECT for Restorative. Great new ideas for my classes. I loved her guided meditation…. Wonderful journey.”

Live Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Very comprehensive information and fun! The research and statistics were eye-opening. I’ve found seniors love fact-based information about yoga. Can’t wait to share.

“Love, love, LOVE the posture project!!! Can’t wait to do this with my students. Thank you gazillions for sharing this with us. You are so gracious!”

“Sherry’s work with senior posture issues presented a wealth of knowledge that provided a comprehensive education on the issue. Her expertise, enthusiasm and love of what she does made her presentation extremely enjoyable and informative.”

Joy J., Vienna, Virginia, USA

Yoga Teacher

I can’t recommend this course enough for people who are working with the aging population. It is a must! Their expertise in the aging population and their slides and explanation and demos as well as experiencing for ourselves, helped bring the understanding to a maximum potential.

Melissa W., Strongsville, Ohio, USA

Yoga Teacher

Sherry was so knowledgeable in chair yoga and how to teach a yoga class to seniors or people with physical limitations. I learn many poses/techniques to incorporate in my chair class that could really benefit my students range of motion and make their daily routines smoother.

Workshop Attendees

Yoga Teachers

“Fabulous presentation and info as ALWAYS. I really liked the focus on desk workers as I plan to offer Yoga to desk workers…..SOON! I SO appreciate the detail in the manual as I refer back to them again and again and again!”

“Sherry did an awesome job. I feel like I am confident to help technology age workers.”

“Very energetic and engaging. Content is SO applicable to weekly teaching, to personal life, to people to people I know.”