Academy Connection

We are a community! Just like you and your Yoga students are a community…. we are a band of Yoga Teachers who share a common interest in teaching Yoga to the 50+ population and those with movement limitations.
Teaching Yoga to these vulnerable communities is more complicated these days. We are all navigating this new Yoga Teaching world in our own unique ways and why not share what we are learning with each other? If there is one thing about our Academy community… it is that we share, support and cheer each other on!

Are you craving a connection with a like-minded Yoga Teacher Community? Join Us!

Academy Connection Zoom calls are open to Academy Grads and anyone currently enrolled in our Online Training Programs. If you are eligible, you will receive an email with information about the monthly Zoom calls.

Two-time Grad and FastTrack Mentor Teacher, Corey Stiles, will be leading these monthly Zoom calls to share ideas and host the Pioneers who are paving new ways to continue teaching and bringing in revenue!

Our first few Academy Connection Zoom topics will be focused on using technology in this new era as technology is a major hurdle for many of us. These presenters will share with you their step-by-step guide for using platforms like: Zoom, Facebook Live, Vimeo, YouTube Live and more. In the Q&A portion of the call, they’ll try answer your questions based on their own trial and error journeys.

Interested in being an Academy Connection Presenter?

Everyone is looking for ways to keep their Yoga revenue coming in. Our presenters are compensated for their contributions. If you have something to share that could benefit other Teachers…. let us know! Contact us for more details.

Let’s support each other! We are requesting contributions for each Zoom connection. It takes time and resources to offer these types of informative sessions. 

Please support the Academy Connection by making a small contribution for each Zoom session. It is greatly appreciated!

Navigating a new Way to Teach Yoga and Bring in Income

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