Chair Yoga Dance – Online Teacher Training Program

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New Content to Hone your Teaching Skills!

  • (3-Hour) Intro to Teaching Chair Yoga Workshop – Great Basics for Everyone! Senior Anatomy, Teaching Methodologies, Safe Sequencing, Creative Modifications & more!
  • Marketing Module – Not sure how to best promote yourself and your classes? With this new module, you’ll feel confident in marketing Chair Yoga Dance within your community!
  • Flyers and Social Media posts – To help you get the word out on social media and locally.
  • FREE 1-Year Chair Yoga Dance Subscription to YogaVista.TV! – 150+ Dance videos PLUS tutorials to keep you learning!

This Program is for Yoga Teachers, Fitness Instructors, Recreational Therapists, Fitness Group Leaders, Healthcare Professionals or anyone who has passion for Dancing! No prior experience required.

Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Training Program Description

Bring JOY into your Yoga or Fitness Classes with Chair Yoga Dance

This self-paced Online Training Program will teach you the hows, whys and other important details about incorporating Chair Yoga Dances into your Yoga and Fitness classes so that you keep your students safe and engaged. Join us on a FUN, experiential adventure through 8 different Dances with music from different genres and eras.

Benefits of Chair Yoga Dance

Your students will find improvement in key areas:

  • Posture & Flexibility
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Circulation & Hearth Health
  • Bone & Muscular Strength
  • Mental & Emotional Well-Being

A Fun, Creative and Enjoyable Learning Experience!

Online Training can be a bore!  But our Online Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Training Program is purposefully designed to be fun, creative and enjoyable!

Having Chair Yoga Dance training is certain to set you apart from other teachers–all while bringing smiles and lightness to your students. Each of the 8 Program Chair Yoga Dances are intended to be unique experiences that act as learning tutorials to build upon the concepts of teaching this creative movement modality.

I promise you will look forward to every Dance Module with Joy and Eagerness!

Learn to Choreograph your OWN Dances!

By the end of this Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Training Program, you will learn how to confidently teach the 8+ Dances, plus learn the easy methodology of how to choreograph your own dances!

Want an Official Credential to show your prospective Employer? 

Make sure to sign up for the Chair Yoga Dance Credential Module too!

Chair Yoga Dance Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to teach and create safe, effective, fun and accessible seated and standing Chair Yoga Dances
  • Learn the physical, emotional and mental benefits of Chair Yoga Dances and why and how to use them in your Yoga or Fitness classes
  • Gain an understanding of the modular structure for learning and teaching Chair Yoga Dances that is applicable to any style of dance and/or genre of music.
  • Comprehend the components of a song structure and how they relate to movement patterns
  • Get quick and easy ways to remember the Dances and learn how to share the movements with your students in a comprehensive, yet short, way through the Teaching Strategy module available for each Dance.
  • Gain an understanding of video filming and editing to help bring your teachings and Dances into the online video world.
  • Access the creativity of all the Chair Yoga Dance Graduates in our every growing Dance Library.
  • OPTIONAL CREDENTIAL – For those who want an official credential for Chair Yoga Dance, a Teachback class is required. Just include one full originally-choreographed Dance along with one of Sherry’s Chair Yoga Dances in your Final Teachback. 

Why Take the Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Training Program?

Chair Yoga Dance is a wonderful option for anyone with impaired mobility or who needs the support of a chair while doing Yoga or exercise.

Elderly care and exercise are growing in demand as our population ages. The practice of Chair Yoga is gentle and accessible to everyone, whether they are recovering from surgery, athletic injury, use a wheelchair, or even just struggling from general stiffness, tight back, or reduced flexibility due to pain and tension.

Physical therapists, Yoga Teachers, nurses, eldercare associates and administrators, and senior living communities are all new and growing areas exploring adding Chair Yoga Dances to their specialized fitness and recreational programs.

Music and choreography bring fun movements that are gentle, safe, and energizing to your classes.

Sherry Zak Morris from the Yoga Vista Academy teaching Chair Yoga Dance to Seniors
Sherry Zak Morris from the Yoga Vista Academy sharing the I Hope you Dance Chair Yoga Dance

So why would a Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor, “Retired person” want to take this training?

  • Stay healthy yourself! Especially as you age!
  • Serve people in your community! Give back!
  • Make money doing something you love and enjoy!

Are you working in an Assisted Living or Adult Day Care Program?

Are you looking to offer an activity that will promote social bonding while helping to improve their memory, coordination, body functions, agility, strength, balance, and memory all while having fun?

How about offering a new form of physical activity called Chair Yoga DANCE (CYD)! CYD incorporates Chair Yoga and coordinated movements to oldies such as “Que Sera, Sera” and “Catch a Falling Star” as well as popular baby boomer songs like “Stayin’ Alive” and “Locomotion”.

CYD is designed to be fun, creative, and enjoyable while moving the body to the beat of music. These sessions will certainly bring you a smile and happiness to every participant’s day.

I do want to share about today’s Chair Yoga Dance Yoga class. I had about 10 people there and one was the granddaughter of a resident. They had so much fun. I always start with Puff the Magic Dragon because I think it is a nice opener. At the end, we did Sugar Sugar which I love and everyone had such a great time. They all clapped for the class at the end. I am so lucky to have become acquainted with your Program!

Thank you for all you do!!

Colleen Perkins

Life Enrichment Coordinator, Assisted Living Center

Create Your Own Training Manual!

All Course materials included upon enrollment! Detailed and Illustrated  Downloadable Training Manual includes:

  • 3-Hour “Introduction to Teaching Chair Yoga” with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT with detailed handouts and illustrations.
  • Detailed analysis of the “Core 8” Chair Yoga Dances from various genres and styles (more dances are continually added as they are created and developed)
  • 5-Part Instructional and entertaining Online Videos for each Dance to reinforce learning
  • Detailed handouts for each of the Chair Yoga Dances in the Program with detailed Pose Photos, Lyrics and Movement sequences
  • Repeatable Methodologies and Modular Design for creating your own Chair Yoga Dances
  • Detailed Discussions on song selection, movement selection, cueing, designing and sequencing, music and song selection, lyric structure, video filming, etc.

Find out More about the Online Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Training Program

Join me on this fun and amazing ride of becoming a Chair Yoga Dance Teacher. In this video, I cover lots of details about the Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program… how it works, what you will learn… and most importantly, how to take this movement methodology into your Chair Yoga classes or any exercise or fitness classes where you want to add a little zing of FUN!

Get Creative!

I know, I know… many of you don’t want the pressure to create your own dances.  Don’t worry! If you just want to learn the methodology of learning and sharing my Chair Yoga Dances in your classes.. then this program will give you the knowledge to do so.  But, if you are dreaming and scheming of creating your OWN dances… this program will give you all the nuts and bolts to help you create, assemble and deliver your own unique Chair Yoga Dances.


I think it is really brilliant how you lay this out. It makes sense to me, even if sometimes I need to re-watch to make sure I understand, that is just how I need to learn. But this is broken down into all the necessary aspects, lyrics, song structure, movement/choreography, and each builds upon the other allowing for the repetition that is necessary for really learning the dance.

Karen Wexler

Academy Certified Chair and Chair Yoga Dance Teacher

I really needed this class. I am tone deaf. I struggle to find 8 counts ( and I teach low impact aerobics 8 times each week). I took all of your strategies to help me! Your visuals of lyrics were a new helpful approach for me.

Donna Wasneski

Academy Certified Chair, Gentle and Chair Yoga Dance Teache

A teacher called me looking for a sub for her classes. She has been teaching chair dance classes that she copied from YouTube. She knew I taught chair, didn’t know that I teach dance too. We live in a small town and she thought she was the only one. I told her that I did your training, she was surprised that I bothered with the training since she “just copied them and already knows 12 dances”. I’m glad I did the training, it has helped me create my own fun dances.

Sara Howard

Chair Yoga Teacher

I plan on celebrating my completion and certification (your honest and comprehensive feedback is amazing). Really I had an absolute ball last year with this course. Learning the dances, practicing them with my students has completely changed how I approach my chair yoga classes. I always include two yoga dances, and the end of the month culminates in an entire hour of yoga dances. The majority of my students, don’t miss a week and I am finding a significant retention of my students. I know it is due in part, to including yoga dance. But watching your delivery, and learning all the factoids and other bits you add to a class, including naming the postures, has helped to develop my teaching skills. I am a very good teacher because of what I’ve learned from you.

Vicki Salisbury

Academy Certified Chair and Chair Yoga Dance Teacher