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Learn to Teach Yoga to people with movement limitations,
chronic conditions and age-related degeneration.

A message from Sherry Zak Morris

C-IAYT and Director of the Yoga Vista Academy

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Serving Others is our Mission

If are feeling a tug in your heart to be of service to others.. why not consider teaching Yoga to the 50+ population in your community or on zoom! Our Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs are completely self-paced to work into your life and schedule.

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Serving Others is our Mission

We are here to serve people with chronic illnesses, disabilities and age-related physical degeneration with Yoga classes that are accessible, pertinent, educational and FUN! We are a Community of Teachers who are here to help people keep moving and feeling better!

Founded by two Certified Yoga Therapists, Sherry Zak Morris and Justine Shelton, our programs provide you with knowledge, skills and confidence to teach Yoga to vulnerable populations.

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Thank you for taking the time to create such a comprehensive program and to share your expertise and experience in such a candid and honest way! The depth of information on the aging body, anatomical issues with each part, combined with yoga poses to help mitigate issues was extremely helpful. Having a manual with diagrams and photos addressing these issues serves as a handy reference guide when preparing classes. I constantly find myself reviewing the manual as students identify their physical limitations. Your program was so extensive and educational!  Thank You! Thank You! Keep doing what your are doing! You are making a difference in so many lives!

Maryannn O'Brien

Academy-Certified Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher

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All Training Programs and Workshops are online and self-paced to work into your lifestyle. No set start or end time. Finish in weeks, months or years!

Every Program comes with a detailed Manual with illustrations, pose library and therapeutic modifications. A Perpetual Valuable Resource!

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