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Online Teacher Training & Certification Programs

Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program

The Most Comprehensive Chair Yoga Training Program with Deep Dive into the Anatomy of Aging. Learn they whys, hows and whens of teaching Yoga to Seniors and people with physical limitations.

Online Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Program

A Complete Program to Expand your Knowledge and Skills to Teach Yoga Safe and Effectively. Explore and go deep into many of the health issues, challenges and conditions common to the 50+ population.

Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Training Program

A Successfully Proven Format of Fun, Creativity and Empowerment for Learning and Choreographing Chair Yoga Dances. A repeatable method for easily learning existing dances, or amazing theory for creating your own.

Gentle Yoga for Low Back Teacher Training Program

A Deep Dive Approach to Spinal Issues using Yoga Therapy Concepts and Prescriptive Asanas. Immerse yourself in Structural Anatomy of the common conditions found in the Spine and how to modify Yoga appropriately.

Online Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Program

A Real Life Corporate Approach to Deskworker Yoga Training with an Anatomical Focus. Through a Lunch and Learn format and dozens of sample Gentle & Chair Yoga classes, learn how to bring Yoga into the workplace.

Online Wheelchair Yoga Teacher Training Program

Our Goal is to educate you on the unique dynamics of working with and teaching Yoga to people using Wheelchairs.  This course is therefore designed to give you the knowledge, tools and strategies to offer Yoga to people in wheelchairs who have various physical limitations. By the end of this Program, you will be fluent in the following areas:

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Kay started coming to my Chair Yoga class with a friend who told her about it. She is a delightful woman in her early to mid 70's. She shared with me that she had a bad fall and ended up being in the hospital for months. One thing after another. Shattered this......

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Angie Zuliani Pedote

Angie Zuliani Pedote

Oceanside, California | United States

I highly recommend this course with Sherry Zak Morris. She will give you the support you need and guidance along with the tools to be a dynamic yoga instructor. The information provided gave me the knowledge and teaching skills I needed. This is an online course where you can work at your own pace.

Low Back Certified

Ryan Kuehl, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Instructor at Elim Christian Services

We use these songs and Chair Yoga dances each week where I work. I work with special needs adults and they absolutely love doing these together! Thanks for all that you do in making and sharing these videos!!!!! Elim Christian Services is a special needs school in Crestwood near Chicago and I work in Adult Services.

Anita Whittle

Anita Whittle

Lincoln, Nebraska | United States

I just want you ladies to know how much I have enjoyed this course. You guys have done a fabulous job with organizing and teaching the materials. Thank you, Anita Whittle

Chair Yoga Certified