Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy

What is Your Refund Policy?

Live Workshop and Event Refund Policy

  • A partial tuition refund of 75% (plus a $25 administrative fee) is available up until the Workshop or Event begins.
  • No refunds are granted after the Workshop or Event begins.
  • If Workshop or Event is cancelled, full refunds will be given.

Online Courses Refund Policy

  • No refunds are granted after the student begins the course.
  • If there is a cancellation in the Install payments, then the access to the course will end and there won’t be a course completion or certification provided. And heaven forbid there is a cancellation of the remaining balance due after certification, the certification would be rescinded.

Certification Programs

What is the difference between this ‘Foundations’ course and the full ‘Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care Specialty Teacher Certification Program’?

As a recognized back care specialist, Justine was invited to teach the Foundations Course in the prestigious Soul Institute’s Yoga Therapy Program. The students in attendance were studying to become Certified Yoga Therapists and needed quality training on the basic considerations and contraindications for people with low back injuries and conditions. The Foundations Course is a 7.5 hour program with a “fire hose” approach trying to get as much of that information shared in a shorter period of time.

The Certification Program has a 40 hour in-depth training curriculum where Justine provides deeper detail on therapeutic applications of Yoga Therapy for each condition. The Foundations course targets individual therapeutic poses and modifications, while the Certification Program builds in therapeutic asana sequencing principles. Sequencing is the holy grail to applying Yoga that can heal, and not harm. You will learn which poses to do for each condition, and which order to ensure maximum benefit to your students. Additionally, the Certification Program includes 100’s of pages of deeper, more detailed handouts, along with more detailed Power Point handouts. Therapeutic modifications, pose illustrations and specific cueing are included for each condition. Each chapter also has videos with asana practices geared toward each condition so that you can practice and feel the benefits and nuances of the therapeutic poses and modifications.

Lastly, if you are interested in specializing in this area of Yoga, the Certification program gives you a higher level of knowledge and credibility in the Yoga teaching world and with the organizations that hire you.

How Can I get my Name listed in the Yoga Vista Academy Teacher Directory

This Directory highlights the great work of our Yoga Vista Academy Trained and Certified teachers. Once you graduate from any of our Specialty Certification Programs, your name will be added to the directory and available for everyone to search for and find you!

How long does it take to complete the Dual Chair and Gentle Yoga Certification Programs?


If dedicated, how long to complete these courses? i.e. the 100 hours Dual Chair and Gentle Yoga Certification consists of recorded teaching hours, or recorded study hours or what?

Answer from Sherry

The 100 hours in the Dual Certification Program is total study hours which includes preparing for your final teachback class which is a one hour class for each Training Program. (For the Dual Program, that would be one hour Chair Yoga and a one hour Gentle Yoga class.) Online studies, chapter tests and viewing videos would take around 80 or so hours of the 100 for the dual program.

Most people complete the 60 hour program in 3-12 months, and the dual in 6-18 months. The Dual Program shares a common Anatomy module, so it doesn’t take as long to complete the second one. I always encourage everyone to start with the Senior and Chair Yoga Program first.

Am I Legally Qualified to Teach Yoga after your Online Courses?


After this course, will I be fully qualified legally to teach this at assisted living or any other yoga venues? I want this to be my future as I progress through life’s phases, wherever I go. I don’t have prior yoga teacher experience. I am unfamiliar with any licensing needed for this, but am hoping this certification is all I need. I intend to do the dual certification program.

Answer from Sherry

Most of the people taking our online training and certification courses are Yoga Teachers and those are the ones who can be officially “certified” to teach Chair and Gentle Yoga. For those who do not have the Yoga teacher training experience, they take the exact same course but get a Certificate of Completion indicating they have x number of hours of Advanced Training in Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga. What that Certificate does for you in getting a job teaching Yoga is dependent on the hiring person/organization. For a Yoga Studio, they will want you to have a minimum of 200 Hours of Yoga teacher training… and perhaps a specialized certification if you are teaching a specialty type of Yoga (which these programs are). For gyms, senior centers, assisted living facilities, etc…. it is up to that organization’s discretion on what level of training they require.

We have many health care professionals, PTs, exercise and fitness teachers and senior care helpers taking our courses to get more indepth information on teaching and serving these special demographics. You ask whether you are qualified legally to teach…. that is a question I cannot answer because each hiring organization has their own criteria. This area of teaching does not have as tightly defined educational requirements as say a Physical Therapist or a High School teacher. So, it is really up to you and the potential places who would employ you. Most Assisted Living centers will welcome you with open arms if you are trained in Chair Yoga… but some Yoga studios might want more training.

Do I really have to know all this Anatomy Stuff in the Course?


I have a question about the Anatomy section of the course. I am not familiar lot of terms of anatomy and reading them more than once to understand and get familiar. Is this something I am expected to know in detail to complete this course and to teach as well?

Answer from Sherry

I know that the Anatomy can feel overwhelming and I want to assure you that it is NOT about memorizing muscles, bones and anatomical pieces and parts.

My intent is to peak your curiosity and to guide you into the workings of the body so that you understand when and why things go wrong when we age. I hope that this is an area of interest to you because we learn much better when we are interested and curious. If you approach it with fear of memorizing rather than wanting to understand…..then it will feel daunting and challenging.

So, for instance, if you know how the shoulder joint is supposed to move, then you will understand why certain yoga poses encourage those particular joint movements and bring health and mobility to the shoulder. And then you will begin to see which poses provide a specific movement direction and then as a teacher, you can offer up a larger variety of poses to your class to give them those health benefits.

And also important is to understand what can go wrong. If a student cannot do those poses comfortably, then it can be because they are injured in some part of that area of the body. You will just be more knowledgeable about speaking to them and understanding why they might not be able to lift their arm over their head and you can give them an alternative (like cactus arms).

There is a test after each anatomy chapter and they are not that hard. You can take them as many times as you want to get the 70% passing grade. There is no final exam… just the chapter tests.

Every Yoga teacher teaches differently. You may choose NOT to use any anatomy references when you teach, which is totally up to you. But, the more you educate your students on their body and their anatomy, the more they will love coming to your classes. They are looking to use for guidance and knowledge. Don’t be afraid of that knowledge. We can learn ANYTHING we set our minds to! Be curious! Experiment with the movements when you see the photos or watch the videos. Get to know your body and its mechanics and you will truly be amazed and awed rather than intimated by it all.

I hope that helps explain why I put the course together the way I did. We want to empower our students to take care of themselves and their bodies. And that is what this program does…. educates YOU so you can empower others to feel better!

Who grades my finals and when will I get a response?

Depending on which online Certification Course you are taking, the Lead Instructor for that Course will be the person who grades your final.  You can expect a detailed Evaluation and Feedback Report along with the review of any final assignments within several weeks (hopefully sooner!) upon your transmission of your materials.

We take our roles as Mentors and Teachers seriously and thus give your final and assignments are utmost attention and energy.  Sometimes the queue is longer than other times.  We appreciate your patience.

What is the suggested completion time for the Online Chair Certification Course?

3-12 months – but truly the course was designed to be self-paced.  No pressure, no deadlines. Let it fit into your schedule and your lifestyle. Take more time if you need it.

However, if you need that extra motivation and accountability to “get ‘er done!”, then you might like to Fast Track through the program and consider joining the next Mentor Program.

Can I enroll in the Mentor Program if I’ve been in the course for a few months already?

Absolutely! The Mentor Program runs a few times a year and its purpose is to give you a structure and the accountability to graduate within a certain timeframe. You will join other teachers in this virtual online community led by a Mentor Teacher.

For more info.

How do the Online and Live Teacher Training and Certification Programs work?

Our Online Certification programs offer deep-dive, intensive studies in a particular area of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga.  Upon passing the required class assignments and final exam, you will receive a credential that you can take to your prospective employers to demonstrate your depth of knowledge in the area of your chosen specialty.

Format of the Online Programs:

  • Self-paced, no specific start or end date (unless you sign up for the FastTrack Mentor Program or the LIVE Chair Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Comprehensive Program)
  • Downloadable Reference Materials in PDF Format. You can choose to save and print these Workshop Manuals, or view them on your computer.
  • Online quizzes and tests to ensure you are absorbing the material
  • Teachback – 30 to 60 min class to ensure you have absorbed the concepts of the Program. Graded by the Lead Program Teacher.
  • You will continue to have access to the Online Reference Materials after you graduate

Format of the Hybrid Live/Online Programs:

  • These programs offer the convenience of online studies along with group learning sessions. The duration of the program varies by location and Mentor Teacher.
  • Downloadable Reference Materials in PDF Format. You can choose to save and print these Workshop Manuals, or view them on your computer.
  • Online quizzes and tests to ensure you are absorbing the material
  • Teachback – 30 to 60 min class to ensure you have absorbed the concepts of the Program. Graded by the Lead Program Teacher.
  • You will continue to have access to the Online Reference Materials after you graduate

Continuing Education

How do I log my CEUs from the Academy with the Yoga Alliance

For instructions on how to log your contact and non-contact Yoga Vista Academy CEU hours on the Yoga Alliance website, click here.

What kind of training is required in order to be a Chair Yoga Teacher in these Senior Care Facilities

We get this question quite often and always recommend that specific training in age-related issues, conditions and injuries is needed. It is also recommend that the Yoga Teacher have a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and/or training in a Healthcare profession that educates them on age-related issues. I know of quite a few occupational, recreational and physical therapists teaching Chair Yoga classes at Senior Care facilities after taking our Chair Yoga Training and Certification Course.

The hiring organization will most likely determine the qualifications they need, but having advanced Senior-specific health and Yoga training will benefit you when you are applying for these positions.

Do I have to be a Yoga Teacher to attend or take your courses, workshops or Certification Programs?

No, it is not mandatory that you are a Yoga teacher, but it is recommended. Our courses cover advanced concepts and practices that often assume you have a level of knowledge of Yoga and teaching Yoga. However, we have many mind-body and healthcare professionals that attend our courses to gain a deeper knowledge of this demographic in order to serve their physical needs more compassionately and knowledgeably.