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Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Program Description

Corporate Yoga is an area of expertise that is personal to Sherry. She has taught in-person seminars, or “Lunch and Learns,” to organizations and HR professionals about the special needs and issues affecting employees who are often sedentary in their workday.

Sherry combines her 25-year corporate High Tech career and her passion for Chair and Gentle Yoga with a creative 5-Week Lunch and Learn “Yoga for the Tech Worker” Series. Designed to educate, empower and bring relief to deskworkers from the common issues and ailments they experience when working at their desks for long periods of time, this Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Program was created purposefully to be replicated by Yoga Teachers to take into their business community in a turnkey, targeted and powerful “Lunch and Learn” format.  

So, if you want to really know what you are talking about when teaching yoga at corporations… then learn the Anatomy of the Deskworker and what Yogic remedies can help. No Vinyasa Flows here, just deep knowledge.

Course Details

Don’t think you will ever teach Yoga in a business or corporate setting?

No matter where you teach Yoga or what kind of Yoga you teach… you will undoubtedly have students who are deskworkers in your classes! Therefore, understanding the aches and pains caused by static positioning and repetitive motions are key to helping them feel better. Learn why particular Yoga asanas and therapeutic modifications will bring relief to your deskworker students and how to weave them into your classes!


What about mental health at work?

Stress and mental fatigue are key challenges when it comes to corporate workers. Sure, it may seem like an easy job when you sit the majority of the day, but did you know that many people report a growing sense of disconnection, lack of purpose, and even feelings of futility, hopelessness, and depression when they think about their day-to-day life? Similarly, stress in the workplace is one of the top-reported reasons why people seek therapy outlets, including Yoga.

While we all know Yoga is great for physical improvements, it’s also highly recommended for mental and emotional well-being. For example, one recent student shared that she discovered yoga because she was suffering from anxiety. She reported chronic headaches, insomnia, outbursts of frustration and anger, and neck pain. During a trip to the doctor, he listened to her issues and recommended… yoga! Subsequently, she tried her first class and found that Yoga helped her stop overthinking about her stresses, taught her about meditative practices and deep breathing exercises, and helped her sleep better because she was less tense. Talk about an amazing transformation!

Learning Objectives

The Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed to educate and empower you to deliver a powerful and practical “Yoga for Tech Workers” Presentation Series and Deskworker Yoga Classes.

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of the Anatomy of the Deskworker with specific focus on common postures that create pain and why
  • How the body compromises and adapts to these unnatural conditions
  • Specific Yoga poses and sequences that counteract and help mitigate the consequences of life behind a desk
  • What you need to know about working with Businesses to find Corporate Yoga Opportunities
  • Validate you have demonstrated the Skill and Knowledge to teach a safe and effective class via online quizzes and tests and in your final Teachback Class should you be interested in the Certification and Credential Module.

Why Take the Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Corporate Yoga is great for anyone who is stationary for long periods of time. In today’s society, we often sit at our desks for 8 or more hours a day. Our Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Program takes you into deep dive discussions on the common issues that arise from this sort of lifestyle. As examples, the most common issues include carpal tunnel syndrome, tight hamstrings, back pain, shoulder pain, “tech neck”, and neck stiffness and pain. Without prevention, compressed discs in our spines, sciatica, forearm and wrist tension, arthritis and hip flexor compression can develop, too!

Many of us drive in our cars for long periods of time, but the same issues also apply to people who fly often, or use public transportation (trains, subways, bus). What they have in common is the habit of not getting up and moving frequently. As a result, chronic pain and discomfort (especially in the back, neck and shoulders) are widely reported by a growing number of people worldwide.

Yoga is proven to be an excellent tool for releasing muscles tension and boosting “feel good” endorphins, particularly in these areas. That’s why we created the Corporate Yoga Teacher training program.

Who Are Your Students?

There are millions of people who suffer from aches and pains related to this sort of sedentary lifestyle–and yoga can help them all! The Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Program is more than just stretches–it incorporates the mind/spirit component that makes us uniquely human. Recent studies have shown than stress is one of the leading factor of a host of health issues. Thankfully, Yoga is one of the premier tools we have to help counteract stress, while also addressing the physical aspects of our well-being, too.

You don’t have to work in a corporate office to learn and teach “Corporate Yoga.” In fact, think about how often you replicate the motions of a “corporate” person: driving, head down looking at your cell phone, working at a computer, sitting for long periods of time… While you or your students may not be working in a 9-5 office environment, poor posture, lack of regular movement, and tense muscles are all common complaints that can be solved through Corporate Yoga Teacher Training.

Businesses Need Your Expertise!

Physical therapists, physicians, teachers, healthcare professionals, senior fitness instructors, human resource administrators, and mental health therapists are all among the top professions that practice, and recommend, Yoga. In fact, many organizations now offer Yoga as part of their employee benefit packages! The growing need for Corporate Yoga Teachers who have specialized training like this is on the rise. Many of our teachers regularly instruct students in an office environment. And guess what, these students report relief of tension, aches, back soreness and feeling better and more energized afterwards! Join us to learn more about this rapidly-developing population of students!

Corporate workers doing Yoga in a Conference Room
Savasana in a Conference room with Sherry Zak Morris
Sherry Zak Morris teaching Corporate Yoga in the Bullpen

During these post-Covid times, you might not be teaching Yoga classes in person in a Corporate setting, but you may via live streaming.  Office workers at home or at work are all in need of Yoga!

Training Materials

All Course materials included upon enrollment! Detailed and Illustrated  Downloadable Training Manual includes:

5-Part “Lunch and Learn” Yoga for Tech Worker Series

Deep Dive Live Video Powerpoint Presentations covering the following topics:

  • Anatomy of the Deskworker – Postures that Lead to Pain
  • Upper Body – Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands
  • Mid Body – Spine and Low Back Issues
  • Lower Body – Hips, Legs and Feet including Sciatica
  • The Mind – Meditation, Insomnia and Stress Reduction
  • BONUS – Bringing Doshas into the Workplace

(All of the above Video Powerpoint Presentations were filmed LIVE during the 5-week Lunch and Learn Series Sherry offered at a High Tech company.  Each week’s presentation comes with original editable Powerpoint slides and text translations for each slide for easy learning and customizing with your brand!)


Associated 30-minute Live Deskworker Yoga classes for every Deep Dive Topic

  • Each Corporate Yoga Class reinforces the anatomy and movement concepts covered in the Powerpoint presentation
  • Classes contain creative uses of Yoga props such as belts, blocks and balls
  • Includes both seated and standing poses using a Chair as well as Gentle Yoga standing and mat poses

Create Your Own Training Manual!

Yoga Vista Academy Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Manual

An Ongoing Resource you can Use Forever!

Additional Learning Modules

  • 3.5 Hour Gentle Yoga for Tech Worker Video Workshop – Video workshop for Yoga Teachers who want to weave Gentle and Chair Yoga poses into their regular Yoga classes specifically for deskbound, sedentary workers. Includes both mat and Chair Yoga poses and sequences.
  • Video Library of additional Live Deskworker Yoga classes and Video Learning Vignettes – Sherry continues to teach and film Corporate Yoga classes which are continually added to this Library of classes.
Sherry Zak Morris teaching Gentle Yoga for the Deskworker Workshop
Sample Corporate Yoga Marketing Flyer

Corporate Yoga Business and Marketing Strategies

  • Sample Marketing Flyers and Marketing Ideas
  • Who to Contact and How to Engage to Find a Corporate Yoga opportunity

Why You Can Use this Program

Smita lives in Santiago, Chile and graduated from the Yoga Vista Academy Online Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Program. She shares why 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training left her with a void that was surprisingly filled by this Academy’s Online Program.

As Technology takes over our every day lives, more and more people are suffering from poor posture, aches and pains, and cardiovascular issues. Let’s help them!

She’s Certified! Why a 500 Hr Trained Yoga Teacher needed Corporate Yoga Training!

20 Hours Online Self-Paced Training

Pre-Requisite: Available to Yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, senior fitness instructors and/or anyone interested in offering safe and effective movements and exercises for Corporate workers.

  • 20 hours of Online Corporate Yoga Training, including:
    • In-depth Anatomy modules by body area, with specific movement guidelines and Yoga modifications focused on deskworker issues
    • Lunch and Learn Videos that reinforce the Anatomy of the Deskworker information
    • Videos of full-length live Deskworker Gentle and Chair classes as well as short video vignettes that reinforce learning concepts.

Ongoing access to the Course material after graduation.

Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Sneak Preview

Why Deskworkers might have Tight Hamstrings with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

I had the privilege of presenting a 5-week Yoga Educational Series to a group of Tech Deskworkers at a local business park. It’s interesting to note that most of the students were men feeling those aches and pains after working long hours at a desk. Sound familiar? One of the most common complaint was tight hamstrings and low back pain. Here is a segment from one of the lectures where I dive into the anatomy of various postures that we sit in. “Sit up nice and tall” really does work! Now you will know why!

Yoga Tips for Working at your Computer for Long Periods of Time with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

We are all spending alot more time on our computers these days. Whether you are working from home, or just staying connected to your friends and family… screen time has increased for many of us. If you are feeling more aches, pains and tiredness after spending time on your computer, you are in need of these helpful tips and tricks to keep your energy up and your body pain free


One thing that I was not expecting from this Program was the effect that it was going to have on me — I benefited a great deal from doing the movements and felt the effects firsthand that my students will experience in my classes. Don’t go thinking that this won’t benefit regular practitioners — you’d be pleasantly surprised to find out just how wonderfully these movements complement an established asana practice. While my faith in online programs has been restored, it wouldn’t have been possible if there weren’t a team of people who not only are truly dedicated to helping others, but make sure that you as the student are learning and make sure to help you if you have any trouble. THANK YOU Sherry and the entire Yoga Vista team for sharing your valuable wisdom and for putting together such a comprehensive program. Definitely going to pursue the Chair Yoga Program next 🙂
Smita Vyas

Academy Certified Chair and Corporate Yoga Teacher

As always your programs and information are filled with great information and ideas. You wanted to know my feedback on how this differed from the Chair Program. It was more concentrated on the specifics of what is happening to desk workers and really anyone who sits at their job where posture and ergonomics are important. The anatomy information in the Chair Program was great and I felt that the anatomy information in the Corporate Yoga Program was then a good addition with specifics to the desk worker vs general chair yoga. It helped me know how to explain and teach more effectively to desk workers with the additional information I learned in the Corporate Yoga Program. The 2 Programs are great together in building my knowledge to offer yoga to more populations in need of yoga.

Kim Stabbe

Academy Certified Chair and Corporate Yoga Teacher

A very comprehensive and educational program. Sherry beautifully put together, and covered the most common problems desk workers face (from physical pains to mental stressors) and shared great insight on how we can positively impact these issues to promote wellbeing through a myriad of therapeutic-yoga approaches. If you are serious about teaching yoga and reaching out to the corporate desk worker world you should definitely check this program out!

Alejandro Ramirez

Academy Certified Corporate Yoga Teacher

I wanted to widen my experience and was really interested in all the anatomy and physiology on your site too. So I registered and undertook the Yoga for Corporate workers and worked my way through the course which I loved. I initially started writing because I was really interested in the Wheelchair Yoga course – and I am, but it has given me the courage to introduce myself and let you know that thousands of miles away there is someone who has learned so much from you, gets daily inspiration from your courage and spirit and lots of warmth and laughter too
Clare McGinley

Academy Certified Corporate Yoga Teacher