Accessible Combo: Chair & Wheelchair Yoga plus Chair Yoga Dance – Online Teacher Training Program

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Want to teach Accessible Yoga that is Pertinent, Effective, Safe, Engaging and Creative?

Yoga Vista Academy has Longstanding Successful Training Programs

Yoga Vista Academy has been training Yoga Teachers and Healthcare Professionals for over a decade with specialized online Yoga Training programs based on the real world! We have graduates from around the world that use their Yoga Vista Academy skills and knowledge to bring Yoga to seniors, baby boomers, wheelchair users and those with movement limitations, chronic conditions and/or age-related degeneration.

We specialize in the anatomical and physiological effects of aging and limited ambulation. In addition, we train teachers on how to make Yoga accessible and inclusive with adaptive and therapeutic modifications that are safe and proven.

Program Description

Are you ready to take your Yoga Teaching Skills to a Higher Level and serve more People?

This Accessible Yoga Combo Training Program includes 3 Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Programs. They will empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach to seniors, baby boomers, wheelchair users and those with movement limitations, chronic conditions and/or age-related degeneration.

Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program – A Comprehensive 60-hour deep dive learning adventure. You will learn about the Anatomy of Aging and how Yoga can be utilized to bring health and mobility into the lives of your students. Ideal for seniors, baby boomers and those with physical limitations.

Online Chair Yoga Dance Program – A 20-hour Fun Learning Adventure. It will put that additional element of JOY and creativity into your classes that your students will appreciate! Perfect for Senior-care facilities and those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Online Wheelchair Yoga Teacher Training Program – An in-depth 35-hour multi-national collaboration of Yoga Teachers and mobility specialists. It will teach you the methodology to make Yoga accessible and inclusive for all levels of abilities. Serve Wheelchair users in Rehab and Assisted Living facilities to Paraplegics, Quadriplegics and Amputees, as well as those with MS, Parkinson’s, and other neurological conditions.

Why are the Yoga Vista Academy Training Programs different from others?

This is not your typical college anatomy course or theory from volumes of Yoga books, most of which do not address the specific needs of the aging body and the myriad of health conditions that come with age. Nor does the typical Yoga Training program address the needs of wheelchair users who have specific anatomical issues that need to be addressed by prolonged sitting.

Real Students and Real Classes! No Ivory Tower Theories

Our program curriculum was developed by a team of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists. They bring the teachings to life via videos from live classes and workshops — giving you a front row seat into the real world of teaching to this demographic. 

Throughout the programs, you will see a large variety of students through case studies and observations to help hone your skills so that you teach with confidence and compassion.


The course was so helpful and appropriate for teaching seniors yoga.

I felt very supported and have enjoyed my teaching so much more. The library of asanas, I’m sure is every yoga teachers dream. I understand the aging body so much better. Helping to understand the asanas and why we do them. I also feel that the people who attend my classes are benefiting from that knowledge.

Kathleen Paton

Chair Yoga Teacher

The anatomy of aging body is amazing!

I watch your videos over and over. Your programs are so thorough there is nothing else out there!! I’m just preparing for my class and looking over some of your videos and I’m so happy to have them as a resource. Thank you again both so much for everything!!. I don’t think people say thank you enough to other people so thank you again for bringing your knowledge to us! I no longer have to go back to nursing and I feel so good that although I’m not a nurse, I’m still helping people.

Karen Naids

Nurse and Chair Yoga Teacher

Just had to share the great news.

After one Chair Yoga Dance class at the senior center, I had so many seniors that wanted to come to the 2nd class that they have started a waiting list!  They want me there twice a week (the seniors) and want to know what other senior centers I teach at.  I’m so happy they like me this much!  THANK YOU!  For so much!  Giving me an exercise class that I love!  Coaching me!  Telling me the songs will come to me.  Now I’m a believer!  I owe you so much.

Jan Spillane

Chair Yoga Dance Teacher

I finally found at Yoga Vista what I was looking for at least 7 years: Training for Wheelchair Yoga.

A lot of information about possible clinical pictures of wheelchair users and what opportunities these students have to do yoga. The training offers so much information in text form and the videos show an impression of how and what is possible in a wheelchair.

If you’re worried about Wheelchair Yoga: stop thinking! Book this training! You will never regret it! Although I wasn’t entirely convinced that I had the courage to really teach yoga classes for wheelchair users after completing my training, my certification teachback made me confident and happy. I found my dharma! Blessed love to Sherry and the team for this experience.

Edit Mildner

Chair Yoga, Chair Yoga Dance and Wheelchair Yoga Teacher