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Justine Shelton teaching Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care

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Online Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care Teacher Training Program Description

Our Online Yoga for Low Back Teacher Training Program was crafted to help address and resolve common back issues through Yoga! Teaching Yoga to the 50+ population offers challenges and opportunities for Yoga Teachers. By the time a person is in midlife and/or into their “senior” years, chronic health conditions, structural misalignments and pain are common. One of the top reasons the 50+ student comes to Yoga is for low back pain. 

Low back pain can be caused by a myriad of structural issues and/or spinal injuries and therefore, not all Yoga Poses are appropriate or therapeutic. Thus, it is imperative a Yoga Teacher be educated on the proper bio-mechanics needed to support and not aggravate these conditions when teaching to these populations in group classes or private sessions.

Led by Yoga Vista Academy’s co-founder, Justine Shelton C-IAYT, E-RYT500, the Online Yoga for Low Back training includes curriculum to support those with current back challenges and education towards the prevention of future injury. Justine’s in-depth studies in Viniyoga Therapy as well as her own Low Back issues has given her a wealth of knowledge which she graciously and entertainingly shares with you in this Gentle Yoga for Low Back Teacher Training Program. Each Low Back Condition in this Program comes with a large variety of recommended Yoga asanas and sequences to help you create your own Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care class.

Learning Objectives

  • Educate and empower you to teach with confidence to students who have low back issues whether they come to your Group Yoga classes, or for private sessions.
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Anatomy of the low back so that you can better understand and guide your students in a safe and effective manner.
  • Dive deep into common maladies and issues of the low back, as we cannot separate the low back from the rest of the spine….so the anatomy of the entire spine, including spinal curvatures and misalignments throughout the spine is covered.
  • Study the anatomy of the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs – whether they be in the low back, upper back or neck, and learn how the same Yogic principles apply to working with disc damage.

Why Take the Gentle Yoga for Low Back Teacher Training Program?

Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care is ideal for students who have current or past issues with their low back. Conditions often include inflammation, muscle strain, generalized pain, low back stiffness, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, stenosis, spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, even scoliosis. While this Gentle Yoga for Low Back Teacher Training Program is suitable for all ages, the most common people who experience recurring low back pain are those who are over the age of 50. Often the cause of low back pain is lifestyle, including athletes who have suffered injury, desk workers, people who drive frequently or those who have hobbies that impact the back, such as gardening, weight-lifting or activities that involve bending or twisting.

Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care is more than just for those who are trying to recover when you “throw your back out”, although our methodologies help alleviate and prevent that from happening as well. Our Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care Teacher Training Program is truly meant to offer therapeutic and anatomy-based methods for using Yoga as means to repair and prevent injury. And thus we provide a complete, sequenced therapeutic Gentle Yoga Class for many of the common low back conditions covered in the Program.

Justine Shelton teaching Gentle Yoga for Low Back
Justine Shelton using a block to modify a Yoga pose for Low Back health

Training Materials

All Course materials included upon enrollment! Detailed and Illustrated Downloadable Training Manual includes:

250+ Page Full Color Training Manual in Downloadable PDF format.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of each Condition
  • Causes and Symptoms of each common Conditions and Issues
  • Movement Guidelines – (do’s and don’ts)
  • Comprehensive Yoga Pose Library: Recommended Yoga Poses/Sequences (with modifications)
  • Detailed Reference material PDF handouts for each condition with illustrations of Yoga poses and recommendation modifications.
  • Deep Dive Video Intensive Workshops covering each of the Low Back Issues and Conditions
  • Online Videos – Full 1-hr Gentle Yoga for the Low Back classes

Create Your Own Training Manual!

Gentle Yoga for Low  Back Care Teacher Training Manual

An Ongoing Resource you can Use Forever!

In this video, Justine discusses how she believes her low back issues began and why some of the things she tried were hurting more so than helping.

Sherry Zak Morris, Co-Founder of the Yoga Vista Academy is also the videographer and editor for all the Academy’s online training programs. She is intimately involved in the contents of the Low Back Care Training Program and sat down with Justine to discuss her Journey of healing her low back pain through the practice of Yoga. And most importantly, how this knowledge has evolved into this in-depth Training program so that others can be empowered with her knowledge and her journey. Enjoy!

My Low Back Journey by Justine Shelton


I recently took Justine’s Low Back Teacher Certification Program. I have been teaching yoga since 1974. I started my career as a physio therapist and I am also a Qigong Instructor. I’m giving some background information on myself so you know Justine, how deeply and sincerely I mean this compliment. In my humble opinion, every yoga teacher should take this course. I have been studying in one form or another most of my life, but this class was a great blessing for me. Your teaching method and your knowledge of the subject matter, not to mention your sense of humour made this course a joy to participate in but more than that, taught me a great deal. I feel that I will be a better teacher for it. What a blessing it was to find you!

Pam Chin

Academy Certified Low Back Care Gentle Yoga Teacher

Great program, videos and pdf-handouts. Important knowledge for all yoga teachers. Even as a former nurse and with a previous therapeutic yoga teacher background, I learned a lot from this program and would highly recommend it to others. I’m very happy that I found it, and signed up!

The downloadable handouts are very informative with a lot of detailed pictures. The videos and Justine’s teaching are great. She shares a lot of knowledge and is easy to follow. I also liked the quiz following each chapter, a good way to check your progress.

I wanted to learn more about yoga adapted to common back problems. I teach regular classes and smaller groups for people with different health problems. Back problems are very common, and something every teacher at some point will meet. Knowing what postures to choose and which ones to avoid, and individual adaptation is the key to a safe yoga practise.

Elisabeth Sherine Ahlby

Academy Certified Low Back Care Gentle Yoga Teacher

I LEARNED SO MUCH from this course! Justine beautifully presents high quality information here that is particularly special because it is infused with her own personal experiences with herself as well as her clients. I am truly inspired and cannot wait to get out there and work with and help people with back pain. I have chronic back pain as well so that was my first motivation for taking the course; to use it for myself. It has made me so much more aware and present in my own body and has definitely helped strengthen my core. Often after a course I might still feel not very confident with the material to start using it, but the homework assignments and teachback final really make sure you are ready with at least a good amount of the material. I am sure I will refer back to it over the years and will always find something new and useful. Thank you Justine, for sharing your knowledge, your humor, and your heart!

Karen Wexler

Academy Certified Chair Yoga, Chair Yoga Dance, and Low Back Care Gentle Yoga Teacher