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Dual: Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Program Description

Our Online Dual Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Programs were created to meet the growing demand for Yoga Teachers and Health care professionals who have the passion to teach to Seniors and people with physical limitations.

Just because we get older or experience limited mobility doesn’t mean Yoga isn’t for us! In fact, Yoga is one of the best forms of gentle, yet effective, exercises available. With online access, you’re able to learn more about helping this special group of students experience the benefits of Yoga.

This Dual Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Program is based on the award-winning, government-sponsored Senior Chair and Gentle Yoga Programs that are being taught at Yoga Studios, Assisted Living Centers, Community Centers, Hospitals and local libraries since 2007.

The Dual Training Program is the specifically designed to educate instructors on the two most popular, and effective, styles of instruction: Chair and Gentle Yoga. It incorporates the body of work from lead teacher, Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT, Co-Founder and Director of the Yoga Vista Academy, along with a team of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers who share their passion for Seniors and people with physical limitations. You will also see us all on video teaching live classes where we put our teachings and philosophies to practice — Join us!

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This  program provides you with the most comprehensive Gentle and Chair Yoga Training Program for Seniors and people with limited mobility.

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Dual: Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Program Learning Objectives

  • How to develop your own unique Chair Yoga and Gentle Yoga sequences and classes that meet the specific needs of your Students
  • Master proven Teaching Methodologies that provide a framework for safe and effective classes by observing, studying and analyzing photos and videos of real live Chair and Gentle Yoga students
  • Study therapeutic modifications and precautions for common conditions and issues in the aging population
  • Learn the Anatomy of Aging and how Yoga can be applied specifically to the 50+ Population Health Issues
  • Instill Confidence and Skills to empower you to teach Yoga to Seniors and People with Limited Mobility and/or Physical Limitations
  • Validate you have demonstrated the Skill and Knowledge to teach a safe and effective class via online quizzes and tests and in your final Teachback Class (should you pursue the Credential Optional Module)

Who is Gentle/Chair Yoga For?

More than purely physical exercise, Yoga has proven benefits for improving mental conditions, such as anxiety, depression, sleep issues, stress, and emotional imbalances. Plus, Yoga goes beyond just stretching. It builds strength and stability inside and out–even with gentle practice!

Many students report improvement to ailments such as arthritis, low back pain, spinal conditions, sciatica, pelvic floor dysfunction, rotator cuff injuries, sports injuries, insomnia, and panic attacks. Yoga is also recommended as a preventative practice, working to alleviate risks for conditions like osteopenia, tendonitis, bursitis, incontinence and fall-related injuries.

Some students even credit yoga with weight loss, not only because of the physical exercise but also improvement to their mental health, lifestyle changes and healthier habits that often coincide with taking up the practice of Yoga.

Seniors are particularly impacted by Gentle and Chair Yoga. The practice gives them useful, doable ways to bring fitness into their daily lives, with modifications and options based upon any particular health conditions or physical limitations they may be experiencing.

Seeing a student transform from a place of pain, stiffness and discomfort to one of freedom, balance and mobility due to Yoga is the greatest benefit our Certified and Trained Yoga Teachers report as a result of our Online Program.

Sherry Zak Morris teaching Warrior 1 in a Gentle Yoga Class

Training Materials

All Course materials included upon enrollment! Detailed and Illustrated Downloadable Training Manual includes:

1,000+ Page Full Color Training Manual in Downloadable PDF format.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of each Condition
  • Causes and Symptoms of each common Conditions and Issues
  • Movement Guidelines – (do’s and don’ts)
  • Comprehensive Yoga Pose Library: Recommended Yoga Poses/Sequences (with modifications )
  • Learning Lab Video Vignettes: Yoga Pose video vignettes of each Yoga pose in the specific module.
  • Ongoing access to the Course material after graduation.
Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Teacher Training Manual with Sherry Zak Morris

Create Your Own Training Manual!

Yoga Vista Academy Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Manual with Sherry Zak Morris

An Ongoing Resource you can Use Forever!

100 Hours Online Self-Paced Training

Pre-Requisite: Available to Yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, fitness instructors and/or anyone interested in offering safe and effective movements and exercises for Seniors, people with movement limitations as well as the 50+ Demographic.

100 hours of advanced Online Chair Yoga Training

  • Includes 20 hours of in depth Anatomy of Aging module for common conditions, issues and injuries with movement guidelines and Yoga modifications.
  • Reference material in chapter-format for easy study with knowledge checks along the way to ensure you are learning and applying teaching concepts.
  • Videos of full-length live Gentle and Chair Yoga classes as well as short video vignettes that reinforce learning concepts.
  • Self-paced, self-study. No course deadline.

Ongoing access to the Course material after graduation.


Someone asked me recently if I thought my Chair Yoga training through Yoga Vista Academy was worth the price. Let me explain it this way: I always wanted to teach yoga for seniors (and disabled veterans) but I was always afraid to even approach it, afraid of accidentally hurting a senior, afraid of senior anatomy and health issues…until I saw some of Sherry’s videos and thought, ‘THAT is the kind of senior yoga class I want to teach.’ I developed a level of confidence with designing classes and teaching seniors that I truly hadn’t expected.

Lynda Sandoval

Fredonia, New York

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying this course so far. I have been teaching Seniors exercise to music for about 7 years for a nationwide UK Seniors charity (Age UK) as well as open Yoga classes and have always wanted to bridge the two. I found you on YouTube and I find your classes so much more fun and interesting than most of the more sombre classes I see online!! There are not many chair yoga courses in the UK as it’s not a very popular area at present so it’s great that I can get certified through your course. I’m finding it really useful and learning a lot!

Susie D.

United Kingdom

Yoga Vista Academy has a way about making you feel like you are a part of the yoga family. I couldn’t get enough of the videos and information. I am a visual person so having the videos were essential to my learning. Not only are they informational, they are enjoyable to watch and see the different personalities of each teacher. One day I called Yoga Vista to ask a question and I was thinking I would get an answering machine or something like that. Low and behold Sherry picked up!! I was so impressed and a little shocked. I can not say enough about the Academy. Well done from start to finish!!

Jennifer Hilton

Woodstock, Georgia

I was concerned about taking an online course because of my need to ask questions. It’s not like you can just raise your hand and say, “excuse me, I don’t understand”, if that’s you, don’t let that hold you back. Whenever I had questions, I emailed Sherry and she responded within a couple of hours, and often even sooner. Her accessibility is remarkable and made me feel as though I had someone right next to me the whole time.

This course really fit my learning style perfectly. My teaching confidence in both chair and gentle yoga has soared since taking this course. I would highly recommend it.

Christie Hill

Orlando, Florida