Certification and Credential Module – Chair Yoga Dance

Do you want to earn advanced credentials and/or a Certification in your Academy Specialty area of study?

Our Credential Module is optional for those who want to go the extra mile and submit a teachback class and final assignment. These additional components are graded by our Mentor Teacher Staff and come complete with a detail Report Card with personal feedback. If you are a 200+ hr trained Yoga Teacher, you will earn a Certification credential upon successfully completing the Credential Module.  If you are not a 200-hr trained Yoga Teacher… no worries… you will receive a “Certification of Completion in Advanced Studies”.

Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Training Certification and Credential Requirements:

  • Trained Chair Yoga Dance Teacher – This designation allows you to use the Chair Yoga Dance Teacher title and credential. It is a great choice for teachers who want to continue to learn and share dances in their classes, but do not want the pressure or requirement to create and choreograph their own dances. Your teachback needs to include at least two, but not more than four, of my dances. These can be the dances included in the online Program, or others I share on YouTube and/or YogaJP.TV.
  • Certified Chair Yoga Dance Teacher – This option comes with an additional “Certification” credential to demonstrate that the teacher can teach, create and choreograph their own dances. Your teachback to include the same requirement as the “Trained” designation, as well as include at least one, but not more than three, of your own choreographed dances. Each choreographed dance must include the information on the Back story, lyrics and moves as described throughout the Program.