Certification and Credential Module – Low Back Yoga

Do you want to earn advanced credentials and/or a Certification in your Academy Specialty area of study?

Our Credential Module is optional for those who want to go the extra mile and submit a teachback class and final assignment. These additional components are graded by our Mentor Teacher Staff and come complete with a detailed Report Card with personal feedback. If you are a 200+ hr trained Yoga Teacher, you will earn a “Certification” credential upon successfully completing the Credential Module. If you are not a 200-hr trained Yoga Teacher, no worries, you will receive a “Certificate of Competency” in your Academy Specialty.

Yoga for Low Back Care Credential Requirements

  • Sequence Vignettes – Four sequence vignettes of 5-7 poses each for the major spinal conditions covered in the training. These sequences can be drawn out in stick figures with directives and rationale (samples provided), created with sequencing apps like Sequence Wiz or Tummee, OR through a video recording of you teaching.
    1. Spinal Curve Imbalances (Choose one: Excessive Kyphosis, Flattened Thoracic, Scoliosis, Excessive Lordosis)
    2. Sciatica (A safe and effective practice for ‘true’ sciatica as well as for sciatic nerve entrapment at the sciatic notch)
    3. SI Joint Dysfunction
    4. Lumbar Disc Damage
  • One-Hour Teachback class The purpose of the teachback is to demonstrate and incorporate some of the learning and teaching methodologies that are in the Online Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care Teacher Training Program. The review of your one hour class will assess how you share what you have learned from the Program, your grasp of safe sequencing including preparation and compensation for poses and your inclusion of safety issues and concerns important to the students with low back injuries or dysfunction.