Chair Yoga Dance – Teacher Assessment

Can you be a Chair Yoga Dance Teacher?

Do you have what it takes to become a Chair Yoga Dancer Teacher?

Want to bring Joy and Movement into your Yoga or Fitness classes using dance and music?

This short Assessment process will determine if you have what it takes to become a Chair Yoga Dance Teacher.  It’s a short and easy process… and it is FREE!

You will watch a 15 minute video and answer a handful of questions.

Are you ready to get started?

Module 1 Welcome!
Unit 1 Chair Yoga Dance Assessment Test - Welcome Video  
Module 2 View 15 Minute - Find the Beat Video
Unit 1 Chair Yoga Dance Assessment Video: Find the Beat  
Module 3 Quiz - Can you be a Chair Yoga Dance Teacher?
Unit 1 Chair Yoga Dance Assessment: Get Ready for the Quiz  
Unit 2 Quiz  
Module 4 Assessment
Unit 1 Chair Yoga Dance Assessment: Feedback  
Module 5 Online Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Training Program - What is Covered?
Unit 1 Overview of the Contents of the Online Chair Yoga Dance Training Program  


I think it is really brilliant how you lay this out. It makes sense to me, even if sometimes I need to re-watch to make sure I understand, that is just how I need to learn. But this is broken down into all the necessary aspects, lyrics, song structure, movement/choreography, and each builds upon the other allowing for the repetition that is necessary for really learning the dance.
Karen Wexler

Academy Certified Chair and Chair Yoga Dance Teacher

I really needed this class. I am tone deaf. I struggle to find 8 counts ( and I teach low impact aerobics 8 times each week). I took all of your strategies to help me! Your visuals of lyrics were a new helpful approach for me.
Donna Wasneski

Academy Certified Chair, Gentle and Chair Yoga Dance Teache

A teacher called me looking for a sub for her classes. She has been teaching chair dance classes that she copied from YouTube. She knew I taught chair, didn’t know that I teach dance too. We live in a small town and she thought she was the only one. I told her that I did your training, she was surprised that I bothered with the training since she “just copied them and already knows 12 dances”. I’m glad I did the training, it has helped me create my own fun dances.
Sara Howard

Chair Yoga Teacher

I plan on celebrating my completion and certification (your honest and comprehensive feedback is amazing). Really I had an absolute ball last year with this course. Learning the dances, practicing them with my students has completely changed how I approach my chair yoga classes. I always include two yoga dances, and the end of the month culminates in an entire hour of yoga dances. The majority of my students, don’t miss a week and I am finding a significant retention of my students. I know it is due in part, to including yoga dance. But watching your delivery, and learning all the factoids and other bits you add to a class, including naming the postures, has helped to develop my teaching skills. I am a very good teacher because of what I’ve learned from you.
Vicki Salisbury

Academy Certified Chair and Chair Yoga Dance Teacher