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Course Details

Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

60 hours self-paced

Downloadable PDF Handouts


Video and Handout


60 YACEP CEUs with Optional Certification

“I love this training program! There truly is NOTHING I would change. I could work at my own pace, study offline (handouts), study online (videos) watching as the material was discussed/practiced and real, live class instruction demonstrated, then take the tests when I was ready… There were plenty of real examples provided and lots of bonus extra videos to supplement my learning… After course completion, I felt well prepared to teach classes on my own.”

Patty Scheibmeir

Frisco, Texas | United States

All-Inclusive Course Materials!

Access our 700+ Page Vibrant and Engaging Full-Color Training Manual, downloadable in convenient PDF Format!

The Training Manual includes:
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Common Conditions
  • Causes and Symptoms of each Condition and Issue
  • Movement Guidelines (do’s and don’ts)
  • Comprehensive Yoga Pose Library: recommended Yoga Poses/Sequences (with modifications)
  • Learning Lab Video Vignettes: illustrations of each Yoga Pose in the specific module

This is a Goldmine for Chair Yoga Teaching...

A Resource You'll Treasure Forever, Beyond Graduation!

Optional Credential Module

Become a Certified Chair & Senior Yoga Teacher with ease! For aspiring teachers, our Certification and Credential Module offers a clear path to success. Impress your employers and stand out from the crowd with an official certificate, awarded upon completion of your graded final teachback class and written assignment.

Boost your credibility and enhance your Yoga Alliance and professional profiles today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program?

It can take anywhere between 3-12 months to complete, but truly the Program was designed to be self-paced -- no pressure, no deadlines. Let it fit into your schedule and your lifestyle. Be quick or take your time, as needed.

During the course, if you find that you need extra motivation and accountability to “get ‘er done!”, then you might benefit from our one-on-one Coaching Program.

Do I have to be a Yoga Teacher to take your courses and/or workshops?

No, it is not mandatory to be a Yoga teacher, but it is recommended. Our courses cover advanced concepts and practices that often assume you have a basic knowledge of Yoga. However, we have many mind-body and healthcare professionals who study with us to gain a deeper knowledge of teaching to these special demographics in order to serve their physical needs more compassionately and knowledgeably.

What type of accreditation is available for the Training Program?

We offer a separate Credential Module for anyone who wants accreditation for the Chair Yoga Training Program. This module requires the submission of a one-hour Chair Yoga teachback class along with a written assignment. The purpose of the teachback is to determine if you have incorporated most of the learning and teaching methodologies presented in the Program.

Upon successful completion of the Credential Module, you'll receive a Report Card (filled with valuable feedback) along with one of these accreditations:

  • Chair Yoga Certificate of Competency – for non-Yoga teachers
  • Chair Yoga Certification – for Yoga teachers who have a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga training

Both of the credentials are recognized by many hiring organizations across the globe such as Assisted Living Centers, Senior Centers, Community Centers, etc. And we have many graduates offering classes over Zoom.

If I'm not a Yoga teacher, where can I teach Chair Yoga after receiving the accreditation?

Although many Yoga teachers take our Training and Certification Programs, there are plenty who don't have any Yoga teaching background. Many are health care professionals, PTs, exercise and fitness teachers, and senior care helpers who take our courses to get more in-depth information on teaching and serving these special demographics.

Our Chair Yoga Certificate of Competency, awarded to non-Yoga teachers, indicates that you have completed 60 hours of Teaching Methodology and Practicum in the Advanced Chair Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Program. What the Certificate does for you in getting a job teaching Yoga is dependent upon the hiring person/organization. Many senior centers, assisted living facilities, and community centers accept our Certificate of Competency as adequate background education. However, Yoga Studios will usually require you to have a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga teacher training… and perhaps a specialized certification if you are teaching a specialty type of Yoga (which these programs are).

We suggest you reach out to several organizations where you are interested in teaching, so you are aware of the hiring criteria. This should help you understand if accreditation is encouraged or required.

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