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Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program Description

Our Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program was created to meet the growing demand for Yoga Teachers, Senior Fitness Instructors, and Health care professionals who have the passion to teach to Seniors and people with physical limitations.

This Program is based on the award-winning, government-sponsored Senior Chair Yoga Program that is being taught at Yoga Studios, Assisted Living Centers, Community Centers, Hospitals and local libraries since 2007.

In the Course, you’ll receive video lessons and filmed live Yoga classes, downloadable training manuals, worksheets and guides for bringing Chair Yoga into your community. All materials have been rigorously tested with thousands of Chair Yoga students and Yoga Teachers, with glowing reviews! Students often report improved mobility, reduced pain, greater flexibility and increased happiness and peace as they feel more comfortable in their body, mind and spirit through the practice of Chair Yoga! And the best part is, you can do this entire Program at your own pace.

The Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training course incorporates the body of work from lead teacher, Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT, Co-Founder and Director of the Yoga Vista Academy, along with a team of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers who share their passion for Seniors and people with physical limitations. You will also see us all on video teaching live classes where we put our teachings and philosophies to practice! Join us!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why Chair Yoga is important to add to your Yoga Teacher training specialized skills
  • How to develop your own unique Chair Yoga sequences and classes that meet the specific needs of your Students
  • Gain knowledge of proven Teaching Methodologies that provide a framework for safe and effective classes by observing, studying and analyzing photos and videos of real live Chair Yoga students
  • Study therapeutic modifications and precautions for common conditions and issues in the aging population
  • Learn the Anatomy of Aging and how Yoga can be applied specifically to the 50+ Population Health Issues
  • Instill Confidence and Skills to empower you to teach Chair Yoga to Seniors and People with Limited Mobility
  • Validate you have demonstrated the Skill and Knowledge to teach a safe and effective class via online quizzes and tests (and your Optional Teachback class should you decide to pursue the Full Certification)

Who is Chair Yoga For?

Chair Yoga is a wonderful option for anyone with impaired mobility. Elderly care and exercise are growing in demand as our population ages. The practice of Chair Yoga is gentle and accessible to everyone, whether they are recovering from surgery, athletic injury, use a wheelchair, or even just struggling from general stiffness, tight back, or reduced flexibility due to pain and tension. Physical therapists, Yoga Teachers, nurses, eldercare associates and administrators, and senior living communities are all new and growing areas exploring this form of Yoga  and specialized Yoga instruction.

And, did you know? Chair Yoga is also becoming one of the hottest, most popular forms of well-being in the workplace! Many companies are incorporating Yoga, especially Chair Yoga, into their employment packages with workplace well-being as part of their company benefits. Not only does it make the workplace stand out from the crowd, but it facilitates team bonding, creates activities to keep employees healthy and active (bonus for insurance premiums staying down!), and increases productivity through the benefits of Yoga.

Training Materials

All Course materials included upon enrollment! Detailed and Illustrated  Downloadable Training Manual includes:

700+ Page Full Color Training Manual in Downloadable PDF format.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of each Condition
  • Causes and Symptoms of each common Conditions and Issues
  • Movement Guidelines – (do’s and don’ts)
  • Comprehensive Yoga Pose Library: Recommended Yoga Poses/Sequences (with modifications)
  • Learning Lab Video Vignettes: Yoga Pose video vignettes of each Yoga pose in the specific module.
  • Ongoing access to the Course material after graduation.

Create Your Own Training Manual!

An Ongoing Resource you can Use Forever!

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This  program provides you with the most comprehensive Chair Yoga Training Program for Seniors and people with limited mobility.

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Convenient Payment Plans

Convenient Payment Options

Automated payments make enrolling simple and easy and help your bank account. You get FULL access to all the materials as soon as you enroll.

  • 6 Month Payments: $260/month
  • 12 Month Payments: $130/month

Should you cancel your payments, your Program access will be removed.

60 Hours Online Self-Paced Training

Pre-Requisite: Available to Yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, fitness instructors and/or anyone interested in offering safe and effective movements and exercises for Seniors, people with movement limitations as well as the 50+ Demographic.

60 hours of advanced Online Chair Yoga Training

  • Includes in depth Anatomy of Aging module for common conditions, issues and injuries with movement guidelines and Yoga modifications.
  • Detailed discussions on common conditions helped by Chair Yoga including knee and hip surgery recovery, back pain, sciatica, balance disorders, vertigo, osteoarthritis, stress, anxiety, and many more.
  • Reference material in chapter-format for easy study with knowledge checks along the way to ensure you are learning and applying teaching concepts.
  • Videos of full-length live chair Yoga classes as well as short video vignettes that reinforce learning concepts.
  • Self-paced, self-study. No course deadline.

Ongoing access to the Course material after graduation.

Optional Ala Carte Recommendations

The following Courses and Credential Module are optional for those who want to pursue a deeper level of knowledge in targeted areas concerning Senior Health. If you are interested in being Chair Yoga Certified, then the Credential Module will provide you with the instructions on creating a one-hour Teachback class and one Written Assignment.

Time to deepen your expertise in Chair Yoga? These 3 Workshops will take you into a deeper dive with lots of supporting material for these important areas of teaching Yoga to Seniors and people with limited mobility.  You will get a “behind the scenes” perspective of what it is like to teach to this demographic as many of the videos included in these workshops were recorded live with our lovely students.

Ready to Be Certified? For those Teachers who want to pursue full Certification for their Specialty area, this Certification and Credential module provides you with the details for your final teachback class and other required written assignments. An official Certificate is awarded upon passing these assignments which you can share with your employers as well as include in your Yoga Alliance and other professional profiles.


I have learnt so much from doing your Chair Yoga online course, I have been a teacher for 5 yrs now and a student for over 22yrs and I learnt so much than I did in my main teacher training, I would encourage anyone that is interested in teaching not just seniors but any form of chair yoga to invest in this amazing course. A friend asked me why did I choose Yoga Vista Academy and my answer was easy, I felt like Sherry and I taught along the same path, I like to think I teach from my heart and allow people to shine in their own light and that’s how I experienced doing my training during this amazing course. Absolutely LOVED the whole course, thank you for the experience and sharing your love of yoga with me.

Lisa Apeltauer

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I loved this program. It was above and beyond my expectations. What really captured me about this program – beyond the great content – is the integrity with which the program is delivered, the generosity and genuine caring towards the student development in service of preparing good teachers, and the love of seniors/working with seniors. It was so inspiring…and fun…and creative!

Laure Liverman

Chair Yoga Teacher

Yoga Vista Academy inspires me through its newsletters and YouTube videos. However, the impact of working my way through the Chair Yoga Certification program has made a tremendous difference in my growth as a Chair Yoga teacher. Teaching Chair Yoga classes to people with widely differing abilities requires significant knowledge to ensure student safety as well as their progression. Yoga Vista Academy gave me that and so much more as part of their certification program. And I know there’s more to come!!!

Kathleen Siker

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I truly enjoyed doing my Chair Yoga Certification Online Program with the Yoga Vista Academy. The content and the professional manner in which it is presented was excellent. I learnt more in the past months than I ever did from my past 3 year Yoga training here in Australia, and feel I have achieved more, especially with anatomy. Being able to view the many and varied videos was great for me and Sherry’s support throughout the course was always there. A great motivator. I can highly recommend the Course to anyone who is considering undertaking it.

Irene Sunn

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I fell in love with the videos when I would search for new ideas for my chair exercises. I am currently taking the online Chair Yoga course. Before I made the commitment, I spoke to Sherry over the phone. I was so excited to speak to her and hear her voice. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She was so kind, friendly and nice on the phone. I felt an immediate connection. She is someone that you would love as a friend!

I have been taking the course for two months now and I am in awe on how beautifully this course is put together. I am learning so much about anatomy and how yoga ties in to help seniors. The videos come with a wealth of information. I love watching the different styles of the yoga teachers. The ideas on what you can bring to the table are endless!

Joanne Puglia

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher