Online Workshop: Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Health

Course Description

Are you looking to enhance your understanding of shoulder health through the transformative power of yoga? Join us for a comprehensive 3-hour online workshop where you’ll delve deep into the anatomy of the shoulder joint, explore common shoulder conditions and injuries, and master therapeutic yoga techniques to optimize shoulder function.

Course Description:

In this immersive workshop, Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist and shoulder health advocate, will guide you through a journey of discovery aimed at equipping you with the knowledge and skills to support shoulder health in yourself and your students. You’ll explore:

  • Anatomy Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the shoulder joint and learn how to evaluate shoulder mobility effectively.
  • Common Issues & Solutions: Explore prevalent shoulder conditions and injuries such as impingement, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, and post-replacement surgery care. Discover how Yoga can be utilized to delay or prepare for surgery, facilitate rehabilitation, and enhance range of motion.
  • Adapting Yoga Poses: Learn how to modify traditional yoga poses to accommodate shoulder injuries and instability, ensuring a safe and supportive practice for all participants.
  • Gentle Yoga Sequences: Delve into the art of crafting Gentle Yoga Sequences specifically designed to promote shoulder health. Understand the principles behind sequence design, alignment emphasis, and muscle strengthening to optimize joint stability and function.

What You’ll Gain:

By the end of this workshop, you’ll emerge with a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, including:

  • Enhanced understanding of shoulder anatomy and mobility assessment techniques.
  • Proficiency in adapting Yoga poses to accommodate shoulder injuries and limitations.
  • Mastery of Gentle Yoga sequencing techniques aimed at promoting range of motion, alignment, and structural integrity.
  • Strategies for supporting clients and students in their journey towards improved shoulder health and function.

This Workshop ends with a Gentle Yoga class video which will tie together all the concepts presented in the Workshop.


This online workshop combines engaging lectures, case studies, and practical Yoga demonstrations to provide a holistic learning experience. Accessible via video format, you’ll benefit from Sherry’s candid “Behind the Scenes” discussions, offering invaluable insights into the design and delivery of Yoga classes tailored to shoulder health.

Who Can Benefit:

  • Yoga Instructors seeking to deepen their knowledge of therapeutic Yoga for shoulder health.
  • Fitness Professionals interested in incorporating Yoga-based approaches into their shoulder rehabilitation programs.
  • Individuals with shoulder injuries or limitations looking to explore safe and effective Yoga practices.

Don’t Miss Out!

Join us for this illuminating journey into the realm of Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Health and empower yourself to make a positive impact on the well-being of yourself and others. Enroll now and embark on a path towards greater understanding, healing, and vitality!

Course Outline

Module 1 Welcome to Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Health
Unit 1 Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Health Workshop  
Module 2 Course Materials
Unit 1 Anatomy of the Shoulders  
Unit 2 Common Issues and Conditions of the Shoulder Joint  
Module 3 Course Training Videos
Unit 1 Video: Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Health: Deep Dive Intensive Workshop  
Unit 2 Shoulder Deep Dive Teaching Strategies - Video Vignettes  
Unit 3 Shoulder Deep Dive: Pose Library  
Unit 4 Video: Sample Class - Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Health  
Module 4 Test: Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Health
Unit 1 Test: Deep Dive - Shoulder Health  

More Information

Sneak Preview

This video shows the “pickle” I got myself into with improper body mechanics that led to a misalignment in one of my joints…. and some pain and discomfort that came with it. (There is a happy ending to this pickle story so watch to the end!). You are never too old to mend with Yoga!

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I am into 4 weeks recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Kudos to you for your incredible great Academy! I’ve learned more about my shoulder from the info videos with Yoga Vista Academy than from the surgeon, PT and the PA.
Beverly Leighton

Chair Yoga Teacher

Sherry, your exercises are helping to correct 30 years of computer abuse.  Your Gentle Yoga stretches are helping my rounded shoulders. I can now get the back of my hands to touch the floor when I am in Cactus pose!

Anna Wagner

Academy-Certified Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher