Online Workshop: How to Share Your Yoga Teaching on Video

Course Description

If you have been a Yoga Teacher for awhile, you know that relying solely on our Yoga teaching income can be limiting. Seriously… how many classes do you want to teach every week to bring in an income that you would like or need?
Enter the Online Yoga World. The world of video, the world of YouTube and the world of getting your special Yoga out into the world! There is no limit to where you can share your Yoga… as long as you are willing and ready.
In this Workshop, I will go over the basics of creating a video to share your Yoga classes… or really share anything you feel like sharing via video.   I am a Yoga Teacher and not a high-techy gadget person so when I decided to share my Yoga classes on video, I had to learn from scratch. This Workshop will take you through my learning process where I share some of the basics and gotchas of working with video.  Think of this as a Video 101 class for us who tend to be more right-brained than left-brained!

After this workshop you’ll understand:

  • How to design your Yoga set to be pleasing to the eye
  • How lighting works, both inside and outside
  • Camera positioning and framing
  • Video formats and file sizes – What is the difference between music and video files
  • Video resolution – Why you might shoot in HD or 4K, or in a lower resolution
  • What kinds of cameras work well for shooting what kinds of video
  • Sound – how to get great sound if you are far away from your camera
  • Uploading and sharing your videos
  • YouTube and Video Streaming – options to share your work
  • And lots more!

Sneak Preview

I’m the Founder of Yoga Vista.TV, a streaming Yoga video library and the CEO and Executive Producer of Yoga Journey Productions. I am here to share how I brought my Yoga teachings to video and shared them to a broader audience.

Here is a short preview of what is covered in this online course! I hope to infuse my passion for Yoga and video by giving you some great tips and strategies for sharing your Yoga online! Get ready to learn some new things, and get your creative engine revved up!

Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction and Welcome
Unit 1 Welcome  
Unit 2 Survey - Tell me about you and your desire to Video your Yoga Classes  
Unit 3 Basic Terminology - Streaming vs. Video on Demand  
Module 2 Take your Yoga Teachings Online!
Unit 1 Preview: What You Will Learn  
Module 3 The Basics of Video Filming and Editing
Unit 1 Course - Basics of Video Filming  
Unit 2 Course - Basics of Video Editing  
Module 4 Equipment Overview
Unit 1 Course - Video Equipment Tour  
Module 5 Setting your Stage
Unit 1 Designing your Set  
Unit 2 Lighting  
Unit 3 Green Screen  
Unit 4 What it takes to Set up your Stage for Filming - from Gerry  
Module 6 Teaching Virtual Classes
Unit 1 Online Teaching Guidelines for the 50+ Population with Kim O'Brien  
Unit 2 How to Navigate Teaching online Zoom classes for the 50+ Demographic with Karen Langevin  
Unit 3 Insurance Coverage in this NEW Teaching Environment with Nathan Smith, Alliant Insurance  
Module 7 Monetizing Your Videos
Unit 1 After Streaming.... How to make money with your Yoga Videos  
Module 8 Submitting a Video for our YogaVista.TV Video Library
Unit 1 Video Submission Guidelines