Online Workshop: Teaching Mat/Chair Yoga Classes

Course Description

“There’s something magical about getting down on the Mat” says Helena Bray, E-RYT, about her Silver Age Yoga students. Many of them are 60, 70, 80 years old and want to maintain their independence and flexibility as long as they can. Some use the Chair and some are on the Mat, which we know as Yoga Teachers, can get quite complicated.

In this Online Workshop, we highlight the work of various Yoga Teachers who are teaching this format to give you ideas and inspiration. Each of them have a different perspective, style and approach to teaching a combo Mat/Chair Class.

Get ready and be prepared for this next wave of teaching Yoga to the 50+ Population!

After this workshop you’ll understand:

  • Why teaching this type of hybrid class is different from Chair Yoga or Gentle Yoga
  • Our Role as a Yoga Teacher – What we are and what we are not
  • Considerations when modifying Floor asanas for Chair
  • Student Safety Concerns
  • How various teachers approach teaching Mat/Chair classes from beginning to end

Course Materials:

Includes multiple Video Workshops and some include follow-along, downloadable hand-outs and a sample class script.

Course Outline

Module 1 Teaching Mat/Chair Yoga Classes with Helena Bray, E-RYT
Unit 1 Video Lecture: Teaching Yoga on the Mat and in the Chair with Helena Bray, E-RYT  
Unit 2 Handouts: Floor and Chair Poses  
Module 2 Full-length Classes: A Perspective from 3 Different Teachers
Unit 1 Video: Mat/Chair Yoga Class with Helena Bray  
Unit 2 Video: Adaptive Yoga Class with Heather Sager, RYT  
Unit 3 Video: Gentle Yoga Mat/Chair Class with Butch Whitmore  

More Information

Helena Bray, E-RYT

Helena is registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 200 level. She offers private and group instruction in classical hatha yoga as well as Silver Age Yoga and Yogazander. She is co-creator of Yogazander which applies the principles of the Alexander Technique to classical yoga poses. She also offers workshops, retreats and yoga parties. She teaches in Scripps Ranch, Poway and La Jolla. View her web site at

Heather Sager, RYT

Heather has worked at Tri-City Medical Center in Women’s & Children’s Health for 30 years and just recently retired. She began exploring Yoga when she was in her late 50’s, taking classes and feeling the call to go further. She found many Yoga concepts to be a wonderful compliment to the teachings of active relaxation, body positioning and strengthening that she already shared with her clients. She completed her courses to teach Yoga through True Nature School of Yoga. Sherry Zak Morris and Justine Shelton have been two of her mentors in which she has studied the power of Yoga, bringing the mind, body and spirit together.

Butch Whitmore, RYT

Butch is a Gentle Yoga and SAYCO Chair Yoga Teacher who became a Yoga Teacher when he turned 70 years old. Determined to help his peers stay healthy, strong and independent, he shares his passion for Yoga. A retired construction manager and surfer, Butch offers combination Mat/Chair Yoga classes at libraries around his neighborhood. His Zen-like, cool surfer personality transports his students on a journey to re-discover movement and exploration. Butch is a graduate of the School of Gentle Yoga and SAYCO-trained Chair Yoga Teacher.


“I used a lot of the material this AM to start a new session @ the Sr Ctr where I teach.  Some were on the floor and the majority were in the chair( they stand too) and one was in a wheelchair! They all are asking if I’d teach another day.” Heidi L., Nashua, NH