Online Workshop: Teaching Yoga at Senior Care Facilities

Course Description

Thousands of Seniors transition into Senior Care Facilities each week in the United States. Some because of repeated falls, some because of dementia or Alzheimer’s some because of strokes, and of course some because they have no other support system to rely on. Bringing the joy of movement and community through Chair Yoga is a gift we as Yoga Teachers can give to this often forgotten demographic.

Sherry has been teaching in various Senior Care facilities in her community for many years. She candidly shares her mistakes, assumptions and creative approaches to bringing Yoga into these special student populations. From Memory care, to board-and-care, to step-up living environments, learn how Chair Yoga can be modified and adjusted to include everyone!

After this workshop you’ll understand:

  • The common scenarios you might encounter in teaching to this population
  • Why and how to modify Chair Yoga movements to keep your students safe and engaged
  • Different types of Senior Care Facilities and the various health profiles of the Senior residents
  • How to work with the Administrative staff to find opportunities in your community to serve

This workshop ends with a full Chair Yoga class that incorporates the workshop concepts as well as a detailed Workshop Hand-out of all the poses and modifications we discuss.

Course Outline

Module 1 Workshop Handout
Unit 1 Senior Care Facilities: Workshop Handout  
Module 2 Video: Part 1 - Teaching Yoga at Senior Care Facilities
Unit 1 Video: Part 1 - Teaching Yoga at Senior Care Facilities  
Module 3 Video: Part 2 - Teaching Yoga at Senior Care Facilities
Unit 1 Video: Part 2 - Teaching Yoga at Senior Care Facilities  
Module 4 Video: Part 3 - Teaching Yoga at Senior Care Facilities
Unit 1 Video: Part 3 - Teaching Yoga at Senior Care Facilities  
Module 5 Introducing Chair Yoga Dance
Unit 1 Teaching Chair Yoga Dance at Senior Care Facilities  
Module 6 Videos: Learning Vignettes
Unit 1 Videos: Live Wheelchair Yoga Classes  
Unit 2 Videos: Learning Vignettes  

Sneak Preview

The Silver Tsunami is here! Be a part of the Creative Senior Healthcare Solution and learn to Teach Chair Yoga To Seniors in your community. Senior & Community Centers, Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing facilities, Parks and Recs, etc… the opportunities are endless to share the health benefits of Yoga. Open to Yoga Teachers and anyone with a Passion for Serving their Senior Community! Online and Live Teacher Training Programs available at

Bonus Materials

Bonus: LIVE Wheelchair Yoga Class Videos

Filmed at an Assisted Living Center, Sherry leads Wheelchair Yoga classes that are accessible and fun for all.


I taught at my first nursing home, and it was very challenging! They could only do a fraction of the movements. I found myself with a one-hour class and 15 minutes worth of material. Made it through okay, but realized I have a lot to learn 🙂 you have a really great program, and I’m continuing to watch your YouTube videos for more info. Thank you for your Compassionate Heart!

Jeanine Faith

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I am happy to say that because of your course I am able to teach people with confidence at nursing homes, offices, yoga studios and memory care facilities.

Julie Hamilton

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I have been asked to teach at a Nursing Care Home for the Elderly and was feeling very nervous about it. Your course, however has reassured me and I found lots of points useful. For example- starting the class by checking which joints are moving, instead of starting with a quiet meditation. I loved the video showing how you do the shoulder and neck massage. Its something that I do not normally do in my yoga class, but will now be added as I feel much more confident with it. I also like the idea of greeting every student prior to commencing the class. I loved the course!

Jo Willis

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher