How to Introduce Chair Yoga to a Group of Seniors

How to Introduce Chair Yoga to a Group of Seniors

I completed the chair yoga on line courses last Spring and have been loving teaching my classes at the senior citizens building for almost a year now. I recently enrolled in the chair yoga dance courses and my students look forward to me sharing the things I learn with them.

I have a little question for you: my director has asked me to introduce chair yoga to a local church widow group and has given me 10-15 minutes. How do I show them everything in that short of time frame? I would appreciate any advice you may have to offer.



Answer from Sherry

So nice to hear that you are teaching and there are great opportunities for you in your community!! I know that 10-15 minutes is such a short time. Here are a few thoughts. Some of these videos are on YogaVista.TV and some are on YouTube. Here is a suggested order.

The main thing is that you want to make it fun, educational and somewhat easy for people to catch on.

  • Patterns – Cactus Opposites – progressive movements that help improve memory and coordination.
  • Arthritis for the Fingers – Finger Play – finger arthritis is very common in the senior population. A few daily moves will help them to become more flexible and reduce pain.
  • Leg strength – Blastoffs – reinforce the importance of our muscles of independence to get us up off the couch, toilet and out of a car!
  • Hips and Balance – Curtsy – Balance and hip flexibility
  • Educational tidbits – Ear Wiggle – discuss the connection between fascia and movement. When you move one area, you free up another because the body is interconnected! That is what Yoga does throughout your whole body!

I hope that helps! Good luck!!!! Let me know how it goes!

Reply Back from Krislyn

Hello and just a quick thank you for your ideas on introducing a group of widows to the senior citizens yoga class. We met yesterday and I had them participate as my little group did a few of your suggestions. I thought they enjoyed it and today the directors said several want to join our class. They must have really enjoyed it! Thanks again for all the encouragement. I practice passing it on to my classes.

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