FB Live Call 8/26/20

Kathy asked 4 years ago

Corey, thank you for your reply and yes, you make some very good points about the benefits of social media and measures we need to take re privacy. I agree, it is a great free and probably necessary tool especially in these times for our business. Also, is there a way to just reply to a response? Or do we just submit a new question when we want to post?

Corey Stiles replied 4 years ago

GREAT question Kathy!!! I had the SAME experience….I couldn’t reply, but could only post an additional question. The way to offer a reply is to sign in! Lol. I know, so simple! I was laughing at myself when I realized my error. Sigh…..So login to your YVA account and you will be able to participate by offering replies to questions AND adding additional questions. Do let me know if you keep have troubles. 😉

Kathleen replied 4 years ago

Haha too funny! I thought I saw the option to do this before. Thanks again!