FB Live Call 8/26/20

Kathleen asked 4 years ago

So I guess not really a questions, but I just want to thank Kim and Corey and all of you for the great info today! And of course, Karen for last month’s call. I am sooooo Social Media-phobic so this was very helpful and it is great to know I can practice with only myself seeing the video first! I have been very hesitant to get started doing videos, so having this support is so appreciated!

Corey Stiles replied 4 years ago

Hi Kathleen! Thank you for this post! I get it!…I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I REALLY appreciated hearing Kim say she took a break from FB for awhile. I’ve considered that myself. On the flip side FB (and Instagram) are FREE tools that are available to us to use in our teaching/businesses to get the word out, to market, to connect with other people we wouldn’t otherwise reach. AND many seniors are already using FB to stay connected with their friends and family….so it’s familiar to them. Utilizing a platform that is familiar to our teaching demographic is a significant part of the “battle” of teaching online. So FB IS valuable….and it requires discipline and management and privacy/protection. The learning is not shallow….but this is our current reality and so we really have to support and encourage each other to GO FOR IT!!!!