Zoom Yoga Room

Cynthia Willis asked 4 years ago

The presentation sounds wonderful. Will it be available to us if we missed it?

Corey Stiles replied 4 years ago

Hi Cynthia! It IS available right now!! It’s here in the forum under the announcement for Zoom Call. It’s titled: July 29th Zoom Connection Call. Scroll down to the end of that page and the recording is listed there! Good Luck! Let me know what speaks to you in the presentation.

Cynthia replied 4 years ago

Thank you Corey for pointing me in the right direction. I just completed viewing the recording and it was great! Karen did an excellent job with the presentation. I liked that she kept on point and answered a lot of questions in the time she had. I would love to be able to print her presentation when available. I have been teaching chair yoga at the Y via Zoom for the past couple of months. However, due to pandemic, they have had to cut expenses and as an adjunct instructor, I’m an expense. Now I’m exploring going out on my own, offering Zoom classes to my students. I’m comfortable with Zoom and even though I prefer in person teaching, Zoom has it’s definite advantages even when the pandemic is over. This is an exciting new opportunity I believe. Thank you for opening up the forum again.