A Biz Idea for Yoga Teachers! Balancing Cost to Students vs. Income for You

The “second act”, passion careers, part-time pensioners… these are terms we hear from a lot of Yoga Teachers who are exploring ways to earn some income doing what they love … teaching Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga!

Looking at a roomful of Yoga Teachers at our recent CEU Workshop in Cary, North Carolina – the spectrum of ages was awesome!  From mid 30’s to mid 70’s, all wanting to learn more on how to meet the needs of their students who need that special care Yoga!

One teacher in attendance was Shelly, a Chair Yoga Teacher in Florida, who told me she grew her Yoga class from a handful of students to a full house! When we finally met up last week in North Carolina, I had my camera in hand to tell her story! I wanted to share Shelly’s idea because I thought it could be a useful way Yoga Teachers could make their classes affordable for their students, while still receiving a good income for themselves. Let us know what you think!