Balancing Letting Go and Holding On

This month of August 2018 is a month of letting go for both Justine and I. And it’s scary and exciting at the same time.

I always recall this phrase when I am going through changes that require letting go…..

We can either live with clenched fists or open hands. What do you need to let go of to embrace life?

I am letting go of one of my decade-long Gentle Yoga classes. This bi-weekly class has filled me up in so many ways, but it is time to let it go and pass it on to a new Gentle Yoga Teacher Graduate! (Go Lori!)

I always knew when that energy shift was happening to a teacher on my staff when I owned my Yoga studio. I could see it in their numbers and feel it in their energy. And I was feeling that same dynamic in my life every time I drove the long commute to this class. So, I decided to honor it and not fight it. Yes, the money pays well, the students are the BEST, but it no longer serves me. I let go!

And speaking of truly letting go of EVERYTHING you know … Justine is moving to Hawaii on September 1st! Check out her story in this video.

Let Go and Open your arms to what comes next!

Sherry (and Justine)

Here’s an update on truly “going with the lava flow” of life as Justine prepares her move to Hawaii.

For those of you who live vicariously through other people’s crazy life adventures, here is an update on Justine’s upcoming move to the Big Island of Hawaii.