Dizziness, Vertigo, Imbalance or Repeated falls in Your Yoga Students

Sometimes practicing lots of Tree poses is still not enough!

Here is more knowledge for your Teaching! Did you know that the onset of these issues often appears around the 50+ year mark?  Starting with menopause, many women begin to complain about dizziness and vertigo.  We have seen quite a few students coming to our classes with just this complaint. And our Senior Citizens often worry about their continued inability to balance or have repeated stumbles and falls.

You will be hearing more from Dr. Kimberley Bell, who is a specialist in Vestibular Rehabilitation. Dr. Bell uses alternative health approaches like Yoga and Music Therapy, as well as innovative diagnostics to get to the root of these problems. We had the pleasure to record a series of videos at the Yoga Vista Studio with Dr. Bell.  Here is one of the many “Frequently Asked Questions” she addresses through her video blog series.

In this video, Dr. Bell discusses why seeking a specialist in this area can help determine if the symptoms can be remedied with vestibular health strategies. Good information to know for the benefit of your students!