Am I Legally Qualified to Teach Yoga after your Online Courses?

After this course, will I be fully qualified legally to teach this at assisted living or any other Yoga venues? I want this to be my future as I progress through life’s phases, wherever I go. I don’t have prior yoga teacher experience. I am unfamiliar with any licensing needed for this, but am hoping this certification is all I need. I intend to do the dual certification program.

Answer from Sherry

Most of the people taking our online training and certification courses are Yoga Teachers and those are the ones who can be officially “certified” to teach Chair and Gentle Yoga. For those who do not have the Yoga teacher training experience, they take the exact same course but get a Certificate of Completion indicating they have x number of hours of Advanced Training in Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga. What that Certificate does for you in getting a job teaching Yoga is dependent on the hiring person/organization. For a Yoga Studio, they will want you to have a minimum of 200 Hours of Yoga teacher training… and perhaps a specialized certification if you are teaching a specialty type of Yoga (which these programs are). For gyms, senior centers, assisted living facilities, etc…. it is up to that organization’s discretion on what level of training they require.

We have many health care professionals, PTs, exercise and fitness teachers and senior care helpers taking our courses to get more indepth information on teaching and serving these special demographics. You ask whether you are qualified legally to teach…. that is a question I cannot answer because each hiring organization has their own criteria. This area of teaching does not have as tightly defined educational requirements as say a Physical Therapist or a High School teacher. So, it is really up to you and the potential places who would employ you. Most Assisted Living centers will welcome you with open arms if you are trained in Chair Yoga… but some Yoga studios might want more training.