What is the difference between this ‘Foundations’ course and the full ‘Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care Specialty Teacher Certification Program’?

Answer from Sherry

As a recognized back care specialist, Justine was invited to teach the Foundations Course in the prestigious Soul Institute’s Yoga Therapy Program. The students in attendance were studying to become Certified Yoga Therapists and needed quality training on the basic considerations and contraindications for people with low back injuries and conditions. The Foundations Course is a 7.5 hour program with a “fire hose” approach trying to get as much of that information shared in a shorter period of time.

The Certification Program has a 40 hour in-depth training curriculum where Justine provides deeper detail on therapeutic applications of Yoga Therapy for each condition. The Foundations course targets individual therapeutic poses and modifications, while the Certification Program builds in therapeutic asana sequencing principles. Sequencing is the holy grail to applying Yoga that can heal, and not harm. You will learn which poses to do for each condition, and which order to ensure maximum benefit to your students. Additionally, the Certification Program includes 100’s of pages of deeper, more detailed handouts, along with more detailed Power Point handouts. Therapeutic modifications, pose illustrations and specific cueing are included for each condition. Each chapter also has videos with asana practices geared toward each condition so that you can practice and feel the benefits and nuances of the therapeutic poses and modifications.

Lastly, if you are interested in specializing in this area of Yoga, the Certification program gives you a higher level of knowledge and credibility in the Yoga teaching world and with the organizations that hire you.