For Osteoporosis? Is a Chair or Mat Yoga Class Better?

We get a lot of questions in our email box from teachers who want to ensure they are keeping their students safe in their Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga classes.  Most of our students are 50+ and we all know too well the health issues that can start to manifest around this time of life and beyond.  How do we, as teachers, learn about all these conditions and know what type of Yoga poses will help or not?  It is mind-boggling, intimidating and frightening at times.

Take for instance – Osteoporosis.  We cringe at the thought of doing anything that will cause a bone fracture in our students. We may have students in our group classes with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia (predecessor to Osteoporosis) and we, or they, may not even know it. So, how do we keep our classes safe for everyone?

During one of our “Ask The Yoga Therapist” workshop sessions, the subject of Osteoporosis came up.  A teacher asked whether a Mat class or a Chair class is better for someone with this condition.  Justine addressed this issue… and you may be surprised by her answer.