Functional Fitness vs. Physical Acrobatic Fitness

“Functional Fitness”. This phrase keeps popping up all around me. And I think it is a good one when we talk about teaching to the over 50 Yoga student community. A student handed me an article from our local newspaper entitled “Functional Fitness should be Big for 65-and-Older Set”.

The article defines what this means….

“Functional Fitness is a way to improve balance and proprioception, or spatial awareness and the ability to move effectively and efficiently. Those are key in preventing falls and being injury free. The focus is more on endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.”

I like this definition, but it got me thinking about my personal Yoga practice and how it has changed over the decades now that I am approaching 63. I no longer go for the full hanumanasana pose (aka “the splits”) or halasana (feet by my ears) like “back in the day”.

But, now I rather choose to stretch my hamstrings, adductors and back muscles in other ways. I find I am kinder and less judgmental with myself when…. what I “used to be able to do!” … no longer serves me.

Now, I think I’m getting it!

Functional fitness vs. physical/acrobatic fitness. Hmmmm… I see some wisdom kicking in.