Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

I’ve had a few ah-ha moments as a Yoga Teacher than totally changed my perspective on teaching. When I understood that there is no cookie-cutter approach to teaching Yoga to the Gentle and Senior Yoga community – I gave myself permission to explore a wide range of Yoga practices and healing modalities to weave into my classes. I pick and choose what works for me and my students… and thus we are always learning together!

Swadhisthana: The Chakra of Creativity!
What this strategy means as a Yoga Teacher is that you are the recipe-maker!  A little bit of Viniyoga, a little dab of Tai Chi, and how about a sprinkle of Chair Yoga Dance!  Yes, dancing and music are healing modalities and they can be part of your Yoga classes.  Why not?

I felt in LOVE with the Chair Yoga Dance idea after spending some time with Olga Danilevich, a Senior and Chair Yoga Dance Teacher from Toronto, Canada. At first, I only taught and shared the dances that she created (Stay Strong is her magnificent creation!)… but then my creative juices started flowing and I began to create my own!

This timely comment came through my email this week from a woman in charge of her Senior Community Exercise Program where they use our Chair Yoga DVDs.

Being a singer myself, I absolutely LOVED singing (& exercising) along with the “STAY STRONG” song!  I know it  will go over extremely well in my Yoga Class!

You should do more of these “singing & exercising” videos.  Music always inspires people!
Bobby in Florida.

And I sure listened to Bobby and glad I did!
Give it a try!