Getting Off Track and Back on…. A Yoga Teacher Shares His Journey

I would like to share a few lines with you to keep you in the loop of my progress with yoga (specifically) the online chair yoga course.

Three days ago (9/3/16) I celebrated my one year anniversary as a stroke survivor. One year since everything in my (and my wife’s) world changed.

It has been a struggle trying to find the old me.  A struggle that leaves us both knowing that that guy is gone forever.

So stop looking to the past for the future and except the cards and deal with it the best you can.

Easy word to type. Living those words is a tad more difficult.

All that being said,  I know in my soul that this course is a course I must master. Yoga seems to be the only tool that really helps me find peace in my monkey mind these days.

My daily meditation allows me to see a very clear picture of what I need to do, not just for myself but for all the others that I may be able to share this tool with. The one’s that are searching for clarity too. Just like me.

I’m very much on track to completing my online chair yoga course.  I’ve rented a yearly camp site for our travel trailer out in Buxton (Hatteras Island) North Carolina on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The Outer Banks is a chain of islands off the North Carlina coast.

If one is looking for total peace and tranquility, this is a place to find it.   We’re traveling down next week to set things up.  Once I have Internet service I’ll be able to re-start my online course with you.
I’ll be staying out there on the island for most of the fall and early winter by myself. This will allow me the time and moment in my life to get things back on track.