Go Forth Into Your Community! Ways to Spread Yoga!

Do you want to grow your class?  Do you want to reach more people with the healing gifts of Yoga?  Do you want to educate and empower people to take good care of their health?  Then going out into your Community is important. As we know not everyone will find us where we teach – we need to go out and find them where they are!

There are always civic groups, senior programs, 50+ communities and government organizations that offer services or venues that attract the 50+ community – and they want Guest Speakers!  Just this week I spoke at two such events and my topic was “3 Things the Body Loses with Age… And How Yoga Can Get them Back!”

Over the years, I have created a selection of topics that discusses the benefits of Yoga without having to teach a Yoga class (because some people are eating lunch!). After my talk, I give out business cards with a FREE class pass on the back, and a brochure I created entitled “Yoga as Complementary Medicine” which was written for the 50+ audience. If you are interested in these materials, check out our Free Document Download Library!