How to Turn a Factoid into a Yoga Class Sequence

How can we continually come up with something “new” every time we teach?  Follow the 70/30 formula.  Which is 70% of what you teach in a Yoga class is familiar to your students and 30% is new (or a new twist on an old thing!)
How can we fill in that 30% that keeps our classes fresh, educational and stimulating for both us and our students?  The tip is “Find a Factoid and Make a Sequence out of It!”  If you are taking or have taken our  Online Chair or Gentle Yoga Teacher Training courses… you know what that means.  If not, simply put – a Factoid is some interesting bit of information that you find somewhere down your learning path.  Maybe you read it in a blog or magazine article, or heard it in a video. Maybe a student or friend said something that sparked your interest and you did a bit of research and found some enlightening tidbit about Health, Yoga, Anatomy or Aging.  That little bit of information now becomes a seed for a teaching moment in your class.
Not sure what I mean… here is a segment I did on the “3 Keys to Good Balance.” I took a few familiar standby sequences and wove them into the Factoid, and then shared a brand new sequence called the “Top Hat!” (Thanks to Helen, a new Chair Yoga Teacher Graduate for the Top Hat sequence which came in handy!)

How to Turn a Factoid into a Yoga Class Sequence
A long time ago in my teaching career I decided to not just focus on asana points (right foot straight, hips squared, shoulders broad, etc…..). I wanted my teaching to be fresh and new every time I taught and to give a “take-away” for my students in every class.  Try it!  Find a Factoid…Create a Sequence…. and always keep learning!
Sherry and Justine