Yoga Teacher, Yoga Educator, Yoga Ambassador… that is YOU!

How important is it to you to have a list of Yoga titles, acronyms and credentials after your name? We will answer this question differently based on our personal experiences. Depending on the type of “Yoga Job” you desire, you may need more titles than less.  Seeking advanced and specialty learning are ways to reinforce that we are getting better at our trade because these titles and acronyms come with evaluations and grades.

Learning comes to us in so many ways… from pursuing these advanced credentials, as well as from taking workshops, reading books and blogs on topics of our interest, and by participating in classes of other Yoga Teachers (online or live). These are all well and good, but remember that learning also comes from doing! That means getting out into your community and teaching. You don’t need a list of titles after your name to start practicing the art of teaching.  Because it is an art, and not just a science!

All of the knowledge and experience we accumulate gets processed by our hearts and our minds, and gets distilled into our OWN teaching style.  That is why you are a one-of-a-kind Yoga Teacher! You will never be like any other Yoga Teacher … and that is great news! As a Teacher, you educate others. That’s the ultimate purpose in what we do.  So, whether you have a long list of credentials or a short list … know that you are good enough NOW to teach someone that needs your special light!