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Teaching Chair Yoga

The Joys of Teaching Chair Yoga

  • Encourage Positivity: Chair Yoga teaching empowers individuals to reclaim body awareness and control.
  • Inspire Others: Guide and mentor students, fostering a supportive community where everyone can participate
  • Challenge Limits: Help individuals to overcome self-beliefs, grow, and redefine their personal potential.
  • Advocacy Impact: Spread awareness, advocate for inclusivity, and drive positive change in your community

Take a look at what our graduates have to say…

I had no idea how successful my chair yoga classes would be! I started a class in January as a volunteer at our senior center. From that I have grown exponentially via word of mouth. I am now teaching 6 classes a week, and am being asked to do more. Thank you from the center of my heart for your patience and kindness. I am SO grateful that you, your amazing team, and chair yoga has come into my life!!

Lee Terryberry
Round Hill, Virginia | United States

The course has really helped me to gain confidence in teaching seated yoga, by basing it so strongly in the context of the physiology of ageing. The depth of information about anatomy, injuries, philosophies and yoga modifications to work alongside everyone’s particular body issues, is really exceptional. I’ve found it so helpful and I know that it will continue to provide endless stimulation and ideas.

Alison Partridge
Oxford | United Kingdom

Now having a different perspective after breaking my wrist, I began to investigate chair yoga online. I found the Yoga Vista Academy. Making the decision to sign up for Chair Yoga Certification has been life changing for me and my husband! I have learned so much about the anatomy of seniors, [which I am One], and how chair yoga can help seniors…

Dana Thiele
Rabun Gap, Georgia | United States

The course is wonderful, the mix of videos and reading is a great way to study no matter what learning style someone prefers.

Helen Rigby
Vista, California | United States


I have been so blessed to learn about Sherry Zak Morris and Vista Yoga Academy with the online curriculum for Chair Yoga certification! She is a phenomenal teacher and explains everything clearly and with joy and a great positive attitude, which is contagious!!!… I have confidence, through her knowledge and detailed understanding of the body, to be able to help so many hurting people and give them Hope!

Serene Silverman
Las Vegas, Nevada | United States


Your wonderful training has helped my career progress tremendously, because with the training and experience I have the confidence to charge what I’m worth. I have become a Chair Yoga “expert” in the area, and turn down or refer so many offers to other teachers. My hourly rate has gone from about $40 to a range of $60 – 90!

Eva Montalvo
West Palm Beach, Florida | United States

I could never have completed this course in an in-person class situation. Both my husband and I are lucky enough to have our 90+ year old mothers alive and living on their own. Most of our weekends get spent with one or the other; they are a fabulous focus group on what works and what doesn’t for some of my classes! They love all I’ve learned as much as I do.

Kristine Amey
Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania | United States

To me there is nothing like this that I have come across. Teachers need this kind of calm and clear format and the video visuals and reassurance! It’s at the same time detailed and comprehensive but fun!

Carol Daly
Jackson Heights, New York | United States

I want you to know how much I enjoyed completing the Chair Yoga Certification course. I learned so much more anatomy than in any of my other Yoga trainings… The course tied together the anatomy portion with injuries and conditions, and then illustrated specific poses to be used for various conditions affecting seniors.

Sandra Price
Hobe Sound, Florida | United States

I’m so proud to be part of the Yoga Vista community and achieve my certification. It has shaped my direction and knowledge in profound ways! I’m so grateful for the supportive environment, your inspirational knowledge and energy. I will now take steps toward the gentle certification.

Kristi Bryan
New Albany, Ohio | United States

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Becoming a Chair Yoga Teacher Made Simple

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Our dedicated instructors bring joy, vitality, and community to every class. Watch as they lead with passion, inspire with inclusivity, and show that Chair Yoga is for everyone.

The Benefits of Chair Yoga

Yoga that Everyone can do!

  • Inclusive and Accessible Yoga for All Skill Levels
  • Experience the Fun and Empowerment of Chair Yoga
  • Ideal for Yoga Beginners and Beyond
  • Gentle Pace for Injury Recovery and Surgical Healing
  • Adaptable Yoga for Movement Limitations

Why you should start teaching Chair Yoga

  • Reach diverse individuals, promoting physical and mental well-being through Accessible Yoga practices.
  • Empower others to find strength and vitality, fostering a sense of purpose and impact.
  • Deepen your practice, gain new skills, and inspire positive change within your community.
  • Experience the gratification of helping students thrive, while enhancing your own life satisfaction.

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