Gentle Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Manual – 1st Edition


Illustrated and Annotated for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners. 400 Pages and 100’s of therapeutic asanas! This Manual is a compilation of six of Justine’s unique and different Weekend Workshops on various Gentle Yoga Therapy topics.

Do you have students with one or more of the following issues? Joint injuries or replacements, chronic back pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, shoulder or knee injuries, cancer and/or other chronic conditions…? Learn therapeutic modifications that will help them stay safe while effectively supporting their condition. Justine has thousands of Viniyoga Therapy training hours and shares her expertise from her teachings, trainings, studies and private practice in this detailed, illustrated and annotated Training Manual Set.

Table of Contents

If you love Justine’s work, this is the Manual for you.  Contained in this huge Manual is all the detailed workshop handouts that Justine has offered over several years.  Lots of photos, lots of modifications and lots of teaching tips for those interested in keeping their students safe and Yoga accessible to all.
  • Gentle Yoga Therapy for the Low Back, Knees and Hips
  • Structural Anatomy – Form, Function, Dysfunction and Contraindications
  • Body Reading: Philosophy and Tools for Self and Student Assessment
  • Gentle Yoga Therapy for Cancer Recovery
  • Gentle Yoga Therapy for the Low Back
  • Gentle and Chair Yoga for Osteoporosis
  • Gentle Yoga for Osteopenia
  • Gentle Yoga Therapy for Joint Health
  • Gentle Yoga Therapy for Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis

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Here are some sample pages of this Manual so you can see the level of detail provided in each and every one of our Teacher Training Manuals.  No need to take notes… we do that for you!

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